Puppy Love

Every day there are animals that are abused and neglected by heartless individuals. We live by the quote, “A dog is a man’s best friend”. But how is it that one can do such horrid things to a best friend? Puppy mills, animal hoarders, and careless owners are only a few of the biggest contributors to this horrifically criminal act. It breaks my heart to drive to school everyday and be greeted by an animal out on the road flatter than a pancake, or just roaming around looking for scraps of food and darting away anytime a little kid sticks its head out and shouts, “Oh, what a cute doggy!” And around where I live it is, sadly, an everyday scene.

My next door neighbors, whom I classify to be careless pet owners, exemplify what I see everywhere. Their house is falling apart on top of them. The sewer tank leaks and feeds the steroid-like pricker plants that cover most of the backyard.

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They have 3 puppies of different breeds, from the same mother. I know, it sounds improbable, but I had seen the mother a few times before, when I drove past their house. Let me tell you, she was not the cutest dog on the planet! Anyhow, after discovering my neighbors had puppies in their backyard, it came to mind that I had not seen the mother dog running around for the last few days. I asked with concern, “Where is their mother?” My neighbor replied with, “She died”.

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I found that statement hard to believe. She was so protective that I found that statement very hard to believe. That claim seemed to be vastly illogical.

So anyway, for the past 3 months; give or take; my family and I have been setting out fresh water everyday, because we know that they hop the wall either to explore or leave us “little presents” all over the front yard. Two of the puppies have long fur, which has become matted in several places around their bodies. In addition, on a regular basis; my mom has to cut the prickers that have become entangled in their little paws, around their lips, and buried in their belly. It is very traumatizing to have to see them live in this… well I guess you could consider it to be a sewer pit.

Over the summer I had volunteered over at the community animal shelter out of my desire to help out with the animals. Upon my arrival to Pet Guardian Angel, what I thought was going to be a very rewarding experience; where I felt that I was contributing to a good cause, became to be very disheartening. There were so many animals stuck in cages, in their own filth, terrified of human contact and so needy of the human contact they were afraid of. The smell of ammonia made my eyes water and made me feel slightly unwell for several hours after I left the premises. I wondered what the chances were that these helpless beings would find a loving home out here, where the bulk of their peers lived in the same ugly circumstances. Not very good. I left depressed and uncertain if I wanted to come back, but feeling guilty for considering not going back.

I feel a great passion for dogs, in particular, who, through no fault of their own, live in filth and know no human kindness for their entire lives. I also feel a great sense of futility. This won’t change until people change their hearts and stop thinking of just themselves, and start unselfishly putting the welfare of the helpless first.

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Puppy Love

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