Berkman and Syme (1979) Weiss proposed six social functions or provisions, which may be obtained from social interactions: attachment (emotional support), social integration (network support), reassurance of worth (esteem support), reliable alliance (tangible aid), guidance (informational support), and opportunity for nurturance. Close relationships provide support, which encourages people to have faith in their own abilities, allowing a person to become more positive and confident. Positive emotional support allows people to feel secure in making decisions.

Therefore social support influences a person’s behaviour by enhancing self-confidence and esteem.

The importance of relationships to happiness and well-being is applicable to almost everyone. Close relationship success is the best predictor of life satisfaction. The quality of people’s relationships is the best factor in determining people’s life satisfaction. The line of reasoning that brings about the view that a person’s close relationships benefits their wellbeing and allows them to be content is that to be deprived of close relationships, attachment and a social support network can be damaging to one’s welfare.

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The costs of not having a close relationship involve damaging effects to a person’s health, happiness and adjustment in society. Social integration, health, and personal well-being. Social integration and affiliation play an important part in the maintenance of both physical and mental well-being (e. g. , Cohen & Wills, 1985; Schwartzer & Leppin, 1992; Stroebe & Stroebe, 1996). It has long been known that social support from and affiliation with others reduce stress (Amoroso & Walters, 1967; Schachter, 1959), and that stress is a major source of physical illness and psychological problems (Friedman & Rosenman, 1974; Rahe & Arthur, 1978).

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Individuals lacking social support and integration appear vulnerable to stress-related physical and emotional problems (e. g. , heart disease, depression, loneliness) because they lack the essentials that are available only through interpersonal transactions and relationships (Stroebe & Stroebe, 1996; Schwartzer & Leppin, 1992). Indeed, there is a greater chance of early death due to stress-related illnesses among those who lack community and social ties than among those who do not (Berkman & Syme, 1979; House, Robbins, & Metzner, 1982).


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