The Effect of Modern Technology on the Social Well-Being of Youth Essay

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The Effect of Modern Technology on the Social Well-Being of Youth

In the 21st century, Modern Technology played a very important role in the lives of people especially with the youth. Nowadays, according to some research, students of this generation are one of the major users of the inventions created by great minds with the help of modern technology. Most of the students depended all their works may it be related to school or not to this technology and as a result they forgot to do things in their own way and using their own thinking and they even let themselves be manipulated by all the comfort the new technology brings them. The researchers decided to conduct the study to determine the effects such as its advantages and disadvantages this issue might create to the social lifestyle of the youngsters nowadays.

The researchers also want to identify factors that lead to the youth’s uncontrollable addiction to modern technology and its wonders. Statement of the Problem This study intends to identify the effects as well as the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology to the social well-being of youth in accordance to the use of gadgets as tool that helped in deteriorating their social lifestyle. Specifically this study aims to: 1.Determine the effects of Modern Technology a. Advantages to the Youth’s Social Lifestyle b. Disadvantages to the Youth’s Social Lifestyle 2.Enumerate factors that caused the Addiction to Modern Technology Significance of the Study Filipino teenagers are now fond of using gadgets.

Mobile phones here, iPad there, gadgets everywhere. They don’t know that excessive usage of these modern technologies decreases their ability to socialize with other people or other teenagers. It is very important to conduct a study to let the youth be aware of the effects of modern technology specifically on their social life and its potential effect to manipulate their way of living.

It will let them realize that they should control or limit the use of these things as to prevent further bad effects that might occur to them. Statement of the Problem The study will be conducted inside the school campus as the students who were involved with the issue were commonly found inside the area. The students will be given questionnaires and follow-up questions in order for the researchers to obtain the results needed for the study. The researchers needed 100 respondents to obtain possible results from the study conducted.

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