Prospects of Future Development of India in 2020

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It should be Unique In 2020 we will see a new face of India, it's developing rapidly and reaching new milestones. If we see behind till 2014, they're not major changes or new things being developed in India. But after 2014, when Mr. Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India, we have seen a new phase of developing India. In every sector, he contributed his valuable thoughts and set new goals for India. He worked very hard for India, still, he is doing lot's of researches and building new plans to make Incredible India in 2020.

India seems to be making quick advancement in every field. Some of the areas that will make all the difference are listed below:

Unique Identification (Adhar Card): With known sources, it has crossed a worldwide record of 1 billion enrolments till date, and apart from serving as a unique identity card. Now only using, one Identification method you can do lots of things i.e. money transfer, gas subsidies, education scholarships etc.

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It also breaks down the corruption in India. With Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana(PMJDY) already more than 20 crore bank accounts opened in India.

Plastic Money: Now you can travel, the whole world using plastic money, which never get spoil and you can keep it, in your pocket and used for all services you acquired. The hassle of keeping paper money is out of scenario now.

Railways: The drastic change, we have seen till now is the railway department. Lots of new amendments and facilities launch after 2014. The railway now becoming modernized, as we can see the government is focusing on launching a new bullet train Ahmedabad to Mumbai which, will break the speed record of the well known Japanese train known as Shinkansen runs with speeds of up to 320kmph.

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Cash Transfers: Now India is more focusing on online money transfer after 2014 lots of payment wallet and banks were introduced, which makes our life easier and made banking hassle-free. The first Virtual bank in India named as "PAYTM" is introduced and now you can same small mobile application, in mobile of every Indian to full-fill basic needs. The government also introduced an online money transfer interface known as "BHIM", which makes banking like playing a game at your fingertips. "A developed India by 2020 is a not a dream, it's a reality on which government and citizens should focus on, as India is the 2nd populated county in global ranking, some issues might be arises, but we need to solve problems with best solutions to make Super Power India.

Updated: Feb 20, 2024
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