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Have you noticed some of Instagram, Facebook, and other social media celebrities post some snaps with lens flare with an antique touch, where we used to see those type of effects when we use instant and disposable cameras. The secret behind those snaps is Huji cam which is a new mobile application which you get on iOS and Android devices. Huji cam ensures the users to get that vintage feeling they used to feel in disposal cameras. And even now 35mm photography is known as the best medium of photography.

Even though we rarely use those cameras these days Huji cam developers wanted to give that awesome feeling to their application users.

From Where Huji Cam Come?

We know that Fuji is the name that directly hits when we hear the word camera but Huji cam was not a product of them. Huji cam is developed by Manhole, Inc. genius developers from the Republic of Korea. They initially developed mobile games.

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They have been able to give the users a ticket back to 90’s and experience the good time they had with analog cameras. We all know that antique nostalgic feelings have a great value and these developers have tackled it well. It can be seen by having the Huji cam in the top 10 search results for free photo editing mobile application on the app stores of iOS and Android.

Is Huji Cam Going to Be the Next Big Thing?

After launching the Instagram lite application, they boost an app called ‘Another photo’ which was really trending those days and then last year celebrities were covered with glitter effects and lens flare using the app called ‘KiraKira’ it was all over the Instagram.

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This year Huji cam able to secure the place by having over 16+ million downloads on iTunes app store and play store. So, without a doubt, Huji cam become the next big thing on mobile photo editing world. #hujicam was trending on Instagram and it hits over 300,000 posts by now.

Facts About Huji Cam Mobile Application

Huji cam is available on both Android and iOS platforms. When looking at the size it takes from the storage is just 19 MB in size. So, it won’t fill up your internal memory as other camera applications in the app stores.

To have the Huji cam the awesome snap capturing mobile application on your mobile devices, it should have to be at least Android 5.0 or higher and those who use the iOS platform they need to have iOS 7 or above to use this mobile application.

  1. Open the app store and search for Huji cam there are many fake apps who like to be like Huji. Just go for the app with the greatest number of downloads and to be confirmed look if it's developed by Manhole, Inc. It got a free version which allows you to take photos and develop the image in real time. And it also got a paid version for the small amount as LKR 175.00 which enables you to hujify your images on your camera roll.
  2. Open up the incredible Huji cam application. This app is designed in a Horizontal orientation where you get the feeling of holding your disposable camera. And you also can see an on-screen viewfinder with a similar user interface to a normal disposable camera. You also have the basic options you had like the Flash ON and OFF button.
  3. After making your settings you just have to point and click as you did earlier with disposable cameras. After taking the shot, on the screen it will show that Huji cam is Developing the image with the necessary modifications to the image. The constructed image will be saved to your phone’s camera roll.
  4. If you find it hard to point and shoot from looking through the small viewfinder, Huji cam developers have made adjustments to make the Huji cam more user-friendly. for that you need to go into settings, in there you can find an option called ‘Touch mode’. By turning that ON that you can have a larger full-screen viewfinder as in a normal smartphone stock camera application.

If Huji cam app didn’t get to your mobile phone smoothly which rarely happen please try the following steps:

  • Go to phone settings and select applications. Then select Huji cam from the list of application.
  • In there find the Permission Menu and turn OFF the camera permission.
  • The open the Huji cam mobile application normal way and you’ll get a camera permission notice in that select ‘Resolve Problem’. After going through those simple steps, you are good to use Huji cam without any issues.

What’s New About Huji Cam?

Huji cam application developers always think about the customer satisfaction of their mobile app users. And with the latest update developers have included language support to new 13 languages so that many users can use the Huji cam mobile application in their native language which makes the Huji cam mobile application more user-friendly. The developers seek customer feedbacks about language issues Huji cam users face. Other than the normal Retro look given in the previous version of Huji cam developers have added a new beautiful light effects to have a more awesome experience. Developers always fix Bugs that users experience around the world.

For the users who are unsatisfied with the free version of Huji cam, they can switch premium version of Huji cam which is price tagged around $ 0.99 (LKR 175). A premium user gets more special features such as zero trouble from Advertisements, import snaps directly from the camera roll, Autosave a copy of photos that have been taken from the mobile application and many more. And there is a new option to drag-select in the Lab area.

Final Verdict

Even though we are in long time after film cameras Huji cam was able to give the experience of using one of that through modern day smartphones. Huji cam also develop amazing photos with its own unique filters.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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