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Android Bidding Application for Mobile Phohe

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 11 (2568 words)
Categories: Mobile Phone, Phone, Technology
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There has been a recent rapid increase in access and use of mobile phones in the world. The ubiquitous accessibility of communication networks, variously selectable mobile applications, and increasing computing capability of mobile devices have jointly enabled the new generation of mobile financial investment services – mobile algorithmic trading. and have reinforced the era of mobile commerce (m-commerce), defined as e- commerce for users on the move.

One of the most important applications in m-commerce is mobile bidding application which allows customers who are the willing buyers to tender bids on available products using their mobile phones.

While the challenge of creating meaningful services for these platforms is constantly being addressed by various simple applications, the communication between these systems is most often scaled down to local exchanges of information, typically over a unique, homogeneous type of a wireless environment. This study involved the design and implementation of an bidding based application that takes full use of mobile computing resources. It took into consideration the existing frameworks and middleware in order to come up with a better design.

Problem Identification

At the end of every auction, you would receive an email (if your bid is the highest at that point of time) with your seller’s contact details. You would then need to contact your seller to arrange for the delivery and complete the deal offline. A bidder can know about the item he/she won in an auction once the auction of an item you have bid on has ended. You will receive an auto-generated email if your bid was the highest and the reserve price (if any) had been met. The mail will include item details and the seller’s contact details. The seller too will receive an email providing them with your contact details. You will need to contact your seller to inspect the goods and arranged delivery and payment.Once the auction is ended, both the seller and the buyer are notified through email and given each other’s contact details. They need to contact each other and work out payment as per the terms of payment mentioned by the seller on the item page.

Preliminary Planning


Previously live auction app is already been developed by many android developers. It is kept secret among treasure seekers, it offers access to sometimes that have been in private collections for decades. Live auctioneers brings as an international audience of millions of hearts of bidding action in art, antique jeweler and collectibles auctions across the globe.By hosting thousands of auctions in real time via internet the site allows unprecedented access to remote sales, and savvy hider’s can often land desired items t very desirable prices. All bidding takes place via the Secure Bidder Network(SBN), which keeps absentee bids for upcoming sales private until the item is opened on the day of sale. Live auction app limits the buyer/user to buy does not allows the buyer to buy electronic gadgets like mobile ,phones, computers, etc.

Key points of Existing System

  • They are normally used only with the help of personal computers.
  • It is difficult for buyer to interact with the seller because the bidding process might be done from two different countries.
  • In existing system the user is facilated only with antiques, jewelry, and other historic items, etc.
  • In the existing system, the auctioneer will be the organization or the companies.
  • Charges will be applied for the registration to users.


  1. I-Auction app is a useful Android app which permits buyer to buy the mobile phone, refrigerators, flat screens, LCD’s, etc.
  2. User can buy or sell the electronic gadgets by bidding in live auction at any time & anywhere within the same locality.
  3. Buyer can buy his/her desired electronic gadgets at an affordable price.
  4. I-Auction app also provides the buyer & seller to directly interact with each other.

With this app you can

  • Browse all upcoming auctions and search for particular mobile phones user wants
  • View mobile phones images and descriptions
  • Leave a bid on any item in advance
  • Join the bidding competitive live in real time.

Leave a Bid or Bid live in mobile phones auction anywhere in the world. You will discover most handsets from auctioneers in Mumbai and all available for purchase using this Auction app. We can do remote access through mobile phones for live auction. We can get the information about the item for auction and can bid for that auction.

Key Points of Propose System

  1. I-Auction app can be used remotely from anywhere and at any time.
  2. Buyer and seller can interact with each other easily because the bidding process is done in the same locality.
  3. I-Auction app provides the user to buy only electronics gadgets like mobile phones, LCDs etc.
  4. In I-Auction app, the auctioneer can be any normal user.
  5. Registration in this app is free for any user.


The objective of this study is to design, develop and implement Mobile auction agent technology that can be used in both low end and high end mobile devices. These will be achieved as outlined in the following categories of specific objectives.

Research Objectives

  • Test and evaluate mobile auction system in mobile phones.
  • Evaluate the performance of the mobile auction system in phones.

Project Objectives

Collect the initial requirements of the system.

Describe the system model

  • Design the implementation model for each involved in the auction process.
  • Develop the agents using JADE Android framework.
  • Develop the auction market model for auction agents with well-defined auction protocols, ontology, communication and roles.
  • Conduct system testing and evaluation.
  • Deploy the prototype agent system in a mobile phone.

Brief literature review and Prior Art Search (PAS)

We went through various websites and forums and noted the various problems faced by users and their needs and requirements for our problem domain. We also got feedback from a few users. We also performed patent search and analysis. We went through a large number of patents and came up with many patents that were related to our area. We shall attach the PSAR reports at the end for reference. We studied patents regarding bidding system.


The development and testing of the proposed design will be based on the android platform. This might not reflect the challenges in a heterogeneous environment. More time will be required to test it in other platforms.



  • Operating System         Android v2.3 and up.
  • Front End                      Android java
  • Scripts                            XML JavaScript
  • Database                        SQLite
  • Tools                              Android SDK, Eclipse, Android Emulator

Plan of our work

Project planning process was divided into two phases. The first phase included requirement gathering and analysis, design and modeling. In the next phase, system development would begin. This would include the user interface design, coding and testing of our admin app.


AEIOU Summary

  • Activities: Activities are goal-directed actions, including the specific actions and processes that people use before, during and after accomplishing their personal goals.
  • Environment: It includes the entire arena where activities take place. Include the atmosphere, physical space and function of the context in which an activity takes place.
  • Interaction: These are between a person and someone or something else; they are the building blocks of activities. What is the nature of routine and special interactions between people and objects in their environment, and across distances?
  • Object: These are building blocks of the environment, key elements sometimes put to complex or unintended uses (thus changing their function, meaning and context).What are the objects and devices people have in their environments and how do they relate to their activities ?
  • Users: Users are the people whose behaviors, preferences, and needs are being observed.

Ideation Canvas

An ideation canvas is a rough whiteboard/sheet where ideas can be stretched to any limits or dimensions. Its aim is to define the best possible problem and stretch out its possible scope.

The Ideation Canvas contains four main sections. These are discussed as follows:

  • People: This system is used by ordinary people, businessman, painters etc.
  • Activities: The activities carried out by our projected users are log in procedure, registration, search for item, post an item, bidding, check item for auction, payment gateway, log out procedure.
  • Situation/Context/Location: Every above mentioned activity can be done in a different situation, location or context. The users could use the application in various type of areas.

Emphathy Mapping Canvas

It consists of four main sections. These are discussed as follows.

  • Users: In this section we have mentioned that what kind of customers can use this application.
  • Stakeholders: A person, group, or organization that is actively involved in a project. The term stakeholder is used to refer to any person or group who will be affected by the system, directly or indirectly.
  • Activities: The activities carried out by our projected users are log in procedure, registration, search for item, post an item, bidding, check item for auction, payment gateway, log out procedure.
  • Story-boarding: It contains a happy story and sad story.

Sad Story 1

There is one person who is travelling from one city to another, and want to be part of antique collection auction, but he can’t because he can’t be at that place of auction, and can’t carry laptop for website auction. So if there would a application that can be operate from anywhere so anybody can be part of auction.

Sad Story 2

There is one lady ,she is Indian, but live in foreign country, but very much interested in Antique jeweler of India , and its history products. But she can’t be part of as she lives in foreign country.

Happy Story 1

If an application is there, then if the bidding is at midnight then we can set to automatic bidding system that can bid on behalf of us and we can win that thing which we want.

Happy Story 2

Lady travelling from home to work placein bus can’t go to Auction place, So with the application can be part and make bid for that thing and she can pay online and get deliver at home by services.

Product Development Canvas

The Product Development contains the following sections:

  • People: We could segment them into various groups on the basis of their profession, their age, and other characteristics. The people in our Ideation Canvas categorize ordinary people, businessman, painters etc.
  • Purpose: The main goals of this system are to sell and bid different types of products to the customers living anywhere. The website will show all products in categorized manner.

Customers can browse any product and their details and can bid on the products.

  • Product Experience: This will be more useful for those people who cannot travel far for bidding. This application is also beneficial for to save time.
  • Product Function: This system has product function like product bidding, update product, notify product, check product, search product.
  • Product features: The features of this system include time saver, notification message, payment gateway.
  • Components: Components of our product include a computer, mobile, tablet, laptop, electronic device.
  • Customer Revalidation: The customer can revalidate the search functions and filters, the internet speed and response time and the ease of use of the application.
  • Reject/Retain/Redesign : We can redesign the User Interface so that it matches the customer’s needs for ease of use. We retain the functions as they are all required by the users.


This application will be divided in two phases, first for seller and second for buyers. It has several modules few are discussed here and others are in discussion.

  1. Splash: a small welcome splash is added for couple of seconds
  2. Login screen: This screen helps valid users access the application. New users can navigate to the Signup screen to create new account for themselves and there by start using the application.
  3. Signup screen: User can create a new account to start using the application. User needs to enter fullname, email, username (unique), password to create an account. The password is stored in md5 encrypted form.
  4. Home screen (Auctioning now!): This is landing screen after successful login. Auctions submitted by other which are available for bidding at time user logs into the app are shown on this screen. User can select any item from list and move to Item details screen to bid.
  5. Create Auction screen: Second option in navigation drawer takes user to this screen. From this screen, user can submit new Auction items. Auction item has title, description, bid start time, bidding open duration, option to submit item images using Camera, Item Base Amount input fields. User can fill in all the details and submit the auction item for bidding by other users.
  6. My Auctions screen: This is third option on the navigation menu. User can view all the Auction Items submitted into system by him/her. On clicking any item, a screen with all the bids on that item are shown in a new screen.
  7. Auction Won screen: 4th option on the navigation menu. Here all the auctions won by user shown. On clicking any the item, the corresponding seller details are shown in a popup menu.
  8. Auction Item screen: clicking on an item from Auctioning now list of items, a screen with Auction details is shown to user. User can view the item details like title, description, base price, item image (if any), and the time remaining before bidding closes for that item. There is also a button to open the dialog to submit a bid for this item.
  9. Submit Bid Dialog: This is where user submits a new bid by entering a higher amount than the existing bids. Base amount and highest bid amount are shown on this dialog with 2 input fields to enter bid amount and some bid notes (optional). On submitting a bid, the ‘Bid now!’ freezes for the current user. User can submit only one bid for an item. Now, user waits for the bidding to close. The highest amount bidder wins when the bidding closes for an item.
  10. Seller details dialog: On Auctions Won screen, user can click on the item to view the seller details. Username, email, name are show in a dialog.


Android mobile AUCTION app is the best way to buy and sell ‘on the go’ and in your local area. You can meet the buyers of mobile phones in your own locality. Our main objective to develop this app is to provide the user to buy and sell mobile handsets by bidding for the available mobile phones he/she may need through this application in a very easy way.

The user can bid for the mobile handsets from anywhere and anytime at his/her price. It will also provide you with millions of buyers and sellers to connect to and all for free! The final stage is clearance and settlement. Our skilled project managers will arrange for successful buyers to pay for and then collect their lots.

Once payment and collection has occurred, our accounts department settles the funds, less any fees and charges, direct to the client. The auction then opens for bidding; bids are accepted and processed; and lots are sold to the highest bidder. When the last lot closes, the auction event closes.

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