Developing Mobile Enterprise Application Computer Science Essay

Enterprise Mobility is the ability of an endeavor to link to people and command assets from any location. Enterprise mobility includes engineerings like radio webs, nomadic applications, middleware, devices, and security and direction package. It encompasses everything from the integrating of cell phones into an endeavor system to vertically orientated solutions affecting the speedy bringing of productiveness, heightening information to people in the field, the mill, the warehouse, at hard currency registries and at patients ' bedsides.

With Enterprise Mobility in manus, an organisation can profit from improved productiveness, increased client satisfaction, fastened communicating and coaction between employee, client and provider.

The ability to work off from the office and on the move is a defining characteristic of modern concern. No endeavor trusting to stay competitory can disregard the fact that people live in an progressively nomadic universe. From the globetrotting CEO to the nomadic field applied scientist, portable devices such as nomadic phones, laptops and personal digital helpers ( PDAs ) have radically changed the manner people work.

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Enterprise Mobility will ensue in significant addition in productiveness ; will supply entree to concern critical information. It is a manner to provide to the work force demands and wants to interact with clients, employees, information, assets and other concerns as and when it chooses.

Enterprise Mobility is deriving credence in Europe, US, Japan, etc.

Apart from basic electronic mail, contact and calendar services being mobilized earlier, the tendency has been changed towards mobilising enterprise assets like CRM, ERP, SCM, and BI etc. More than 80 % of endeavors in the U.

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S. , U.K. , France and Germany surveyed by Gartner in 2010 have remote workers, numbering to 50 million nomadic workers worldwide.

Enterprise Mobile Application Development comprises of three development attacks viz. Native Development, Cross Platform Development and Mobile Web Development. Native Development Approach contains nomadic application development for a individual platform like Android, Io, Nokia Qt etc. and is characterized by full device integrating and support. However, with multiple nomadic platforms available today, it is non executable for a SMB to host different squads for each nomadic OS platform. Thus Cross Platform Development plays a important function today, utilizing which a developer could do application and cross compile it into several platform supported application. Mobile Web Application is characterized as an entry-level attack into an organisation 's mobility scheme with restriction of no offline entree.

Examples for different development platforms are enlisted below:

Native Development: Android SDK, Io SDK, Windows Phone 7, Nokia Qt SDK

Cross Platform Development: Rhomobile, Phonegap, Titanium Appcelerator

Mobile Web Development: HTML 5, Doodads, WebKit, Sencha Framework

Given three attacks for application development, it is wholly dependent upon undertaking being developed and on developer 's context. However an organisation can non overlook the benefits of developing natively, upon which it can accomplish high public presentation delivering and bester incorporating application to user 's device.

Unlike Native Development Approach, Cross Platform and Mobile Web Development fail to embrace several critical characteristics of independent development platforms like device 's contact, camera or geo location entree or leveraging each device 's alone set of UI tools and doodads. They besides suffer terrible public presentation hit, unlike native development therefore taking the organisation 's development attack compromised.

Using Native Development Approach, an organisation can drive deep down to the thread degree scheduling, capableness to manage application life rhythm activity, handiness of local storage mechanism and several other benefits. In context to my undertaking for developing, comparing and measuring two humanoids based development platforms, it is imperative that I will utilize native development attack which will offer me greater flexibleness to function the demands and thorough device integrating


In early start of twelvemonth 2010, Google announced debut of a DIY tool called Google AppInventor, utilizing which users can make native humanoid applications utilizing Drag & A ; Drop functionality. Based on Scratch ( graphical programming concept of MIT Labs ) , Google AppInventor has become a Ocular Basic of Android Development Platform.

Google AppInventor is poised to be the game Turner in the nomadic application development field with capablenesss of leveraging endeavor development tools with its broad set of available constituents like Web Service Integration, local SQL Lite informations storage, remote destruction and locking etc..


The undertaking is centric to rating of native application development method for android utilizing Android SDK and Google AppInventor with the aid of a instance survey based on endeavor degree context. The exclusive intent of comparing the application development utilizing GAI and Android SDK is to measure the capableness of Google AppInventor in developing nomadic endeavor application. This will assist mobile developer squads at Patni Computers to calculate the capableness of GAI in doing endeavor nomadic application by leveraging Google AppInventor for fast paced development.

Google AppInventor non merely helps developer to utilize ocular scheduling manner and drag-drop manner but besides helps to minimise clip spent on larning each and every concept that native humanoid SDK offers. The constituents available ease the attempt of developing complex and characteristic rich application.

The attempt while developing precisely same instance survey utilizing native android SDK escalates exponentially, if the developer is naif in the field humanoid nomadic application development. It involves covering with each and every facet of the application being developed which was implicitly managed in GAI.

To develop the comparing between GAI and Android SDK, we have taken instance survey of Employee Directory which encapsulates every facets of a typical nomadic endeavor application like distant entree utilizing web service, offline manner, greater public presentation, security etc.

Employee Directory is an application being developed for the employees of Patni Computers, utilizing which they can seek for any internal forces or group of employee in a Standard Business Unit, anyplace and whenever to eliminate manual storing of each contact of their needed co-workers into their Mobile 's Phone Book and assist them seek the contact inside informations of the needed co-workers on the move. These will assist non merely easier hunt and happen options to the employees but besides render them helpful for non holding to hive away immense sum of members and their contact inside informations which are required merely at given point of clip, given the dynamic nature of an organisation 's work processes.

The user would be able to seek for an employee in an organisation with his name along with options to shop employee register utilizing SBU or Designation. Along with seeking for an employee, a user can besides name, electronic mail, SMS from within the application.

To understand huge Numberss of employees in peculiar organisation, a concept to hive away inside informations of the employee late searched and accessed via the app, in local MySQL Lite database for the easiness of accessing rapidly those who were queried late and often.

Along with this, the undertaking deliverable will besides embrace a characteristic to users to update their nomadic Numberss ( in instance of alterations ) , profile and other contact inside informations which is a most normally encountered state of affairs in any endeavor today. Care would besides be taken to synchronise changed or updated contact inside informations of an employee into the locally stored Recent Logs Database of a user.


The intent of the undertaking is to happen out if Google AppInventor can be used in endeavor development infinite to provide to mobility demands of the organisations and stand for the competitory and complex side of the nomadic application development universe.


The system will ease enterprise-wide employee register which will enable to entree to Enterprise Address Book

The system will heighten the mobility resource of the organisation supplying the nomadic fleet of the organisation an excess border in the signifier of public presentation and handiness.

Study Impact of Mobility on Business Procedures

The propose system will besides integrate method for locking and pass overing out informations from unbarred nomadic client and therefore guarantee security to the organisation over Mobility issues

The System will besides function as medium to acquire the latest or updated alterations in the contact information of an employee

The futuristic ends may embrace Enterprise Chat Service or IM client to ease unrecorded interaction between employees whenever and wherever.


Following are the deliverables at the completion of the undertaking:

Comparative Evaluation of Android SDK and Google AppInventor as Mobile Enterprise Application Development Platform ( MEAP )

PatniTacts ( Employee Directory ) Android Mobile Application utilizing Google AppInventor

PatniTacts ( Employee Directory ) Mobile Application utilizing Android SDK

RESTful Web service utilizing Java JAX_RS Jersey model, to function to client Mobile applications


The range of our Undertaking is bounded by developing a nomadic endeavor app which encompasses the likely complexness associated with developing an existent hardcore endeavor app utilizing two different engineerings with one being sophisticated, user-friendly and easy-go development technique affecting capableness of developing nomadic apps without acquiring into the know-how 's and larning confounding programming constructs.

Following are the enlisted undertaking objectives followed throughout the undertaking continuance:

A Android App holding capablenesss of retrieving, hive awaying, updating Employee Contact Details via Remote Enterprise Server

It should consists of same degree of complexnesss as of that associated in developing a Mobile Enterprise Application

Implementing Agile Software Development Methodology throughout the undertaking procedure.

Comparing the differences in planing, developing, proving, and deploying the above described app utilizing Google AppInventor and Standard Android Development Kit.

Measuring the comparing between couple.

Documenting POCs for researching the ability of AppInventor to make or widen its capablenesss encountered while developing the described App.

Futuristic Scope and Increments possible to enrich AppInventor capablenesss for replacing wholly ADK ( doing it disused ) used in an IT organisation today.

Generalize the Application at most as possible to link to most of the web services or database like Sybase, Oracle DB2 or SQL connexions, Google Spreadsheet to be able to deploy efficaciously to other organisations.


The Proposed System will virtualizes Enterprise-like Work Environment picturing same type of Database Semantics and Web Services which will assist us to work the capablenesss of Google AppInventor to its fullest, tackling each and every possibility every bit maximally as possible. Hence, being the system evolved, we will non be linking it to the bing organisation 's database engines.

Value Proposition

With the aid of this application, organisations can anticipate a return of several times their on-going investing, depending on the size of the web or employees, the figure of users in the directory, and the figure of directories being integrated with the endeavor directory. Organizations can recognize that return in cost nest eggs in the 1000000s of dollars, chiefly in the countries of disposal and support.

The effectual consequence of this application would minimization of hold in communicating apparatus between different members of the organisation. Thus the intended system will profit by increasing professional handiness and reactivity.

Proposed Methodology

The nomadic application development is frequently encountered with multiple happenings of cases like quickly emerging criterions, volatile platforms, varied devices and inconsistent user interfaces and input engineering. Therefore developing nomadic applications consists of several hazardous properties of handiness, security.

Besides, it takes a great length of clip to develop a dependable nomadic solution, frequently developer making battalions of platform or device specific customizations and one-off solutions, ensuing changeless bombardment of spots and updates which is hard to manage in nomadic paradigm.

Therefore, to maintain development cost down and guarantee high quality application, we have approached iterative and incremental bringing methods to maintain up with the rapid gait and changeless alteration inherent in the Enterprise Mobility Industry.

Therefore to maintain up with demands in stage, we have implemented Agile Methodology based Feature Based Development Strategy to plan, construct, trial and document the development of the proposed undertaking.

The undertaking work is divided into different dashs each stipulating development about each characteristic holding the demands, design, physique and trial stages in each of these.


Following are the primary demands of the nomadic application being developed:

Users are non required to remain connected to the web or cellular informations web while they are accessing the Personnel Information and Contact Details.

Attempts to be taken to minimise dependence on the Data Network every bit low as possible because of the frequent and inconsistent web informations handiness.

A mechanism to hive away locally the contact inside informations of those who were accessed old and past times.

Advanced Search features which will enable users to seek members by function or SBU or instead hunt every one of them in a peculiar SBU or function.

Users should besides be able to update their contact information and profile information utilizing the application which should be applied to the employee database or register.

Design and Development

The designing and development of:


The assorted dashs of the undertaking are:

Dash 1: Login & A ; Authentication

Dash 2: Question Faculty

Dash 3: Advanced Query Faculty

Dash 4: Consequence Screen Module

Dash 5: Recent Logs Module

Dash 6: Profile


The Database engine implemented here in will be MySQL 5.0 Engine based on PHPMyAdmin GUI tool. The Database will be situated at distant waiter at sphere

Web Servicess

The Web Service would be based on PHP Script which will implement a alone API Key which will protect it from being exploited from external universe. The Web Service will dwell of several POST variables as required while planing different dashs.

Backend HR Admin:

To retroflex the functionalities of PeopleSoft Admin Module and to supply employees a installation to alter, add, cancel their profile. HR Admins will besides be provided a characteristic to chair and tag the employees who have left the organisations.

To show these functionalities, we have used Joomla CMS to immediately develop a portal for above activities.


User Interface of the application will experience same as that of, when a user runs a native humanoid application, with same UI elements.

Web Interface will be utilizing Joomla Front-End Website for administrative plants and for employees to modify, add or cancel functionalities.


Internal Unit Testing: Testing of the different faculty login, question, profile etc. independently.

Integration Testing: Testing of the compatibility of different faculty working decently when integrated together like login faculty registering the Sessionss and airting it to the question faculty.

System Testing: Testing of the whole system from the user logging into the application to user logging out of the application after all faculties of the system integrated.

User Accepted Testing ( UAT ) : Testing of the whole undertaking after completion and integrating of the units together as accepted by the user.


Herein, the developed app will be signed and submitted to the android market place for reappraisal and posting the app to the Android Market.

Further, if any updates, so it will update Over the Air utilizing Android Market.

Undertaking Agenda

The first two hebdomad on fall ining the company was utilized in understanding the Enterprise Mobility Standpoint, Ramp Study, Knowledge Transition and Induction Process. Considerable clip of which was besides spent on larning JAVA programming linguistic communication following with Lab Works and Assignments which was pre-requisite beginning with Android Software Development Kit.

Thereafter, a hebdomad was dedicated to the survey of Different Mobile Application Platforms ( MEAPs ) and larning tutorials to get down up with the Google AppInventor Application Development.

The Following chart depicts the agenda for developing the application for Employee Directory utilizing Google AppInventor:

Underneath charts shows the agenda for Second Phase viz. , Native development utilizing Android Software Development Kit:

The Remaining Time period will be utilized while measuring and comparing development utilizing Google AppInventor and Android Software Development Kit. Much of it will besides be spent in heightening the application to include more characteristics viz. , Enterprise Messenger Services and Email.

A generous sum of clip will besides be required to be bestowed upon polishs of the Application to do it more inactive and dependable.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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