An Indian Perspective On Mobile Commerce Computer Science Essay

In the last few old ages, Mobile commercialism has attracted considerable attending in India. It will enable 1000000s of people around the universe to entree web information services easy. It is believed to be driving significant alterations in the manner concern is conducted in many industries, particularly in information engineering, telecommunications, and fiscal services. In this paper the importance of nomadic commercialism is argued because the m-commerce represents the extension of the Internet beyond the inactive terminus of the personal computing machines, or even the Television, into a more agile, anytime, anyplace and anyplace context.

We attempt to fix a deep overview on Mobile and nomadic commercialism in the Indian context. In this work we try to place several most of import Classs of M-commerce Applications amongst assorted subdivisions society in last few old ages. This paper besides explain the basic issue of nomadic commercialism to assist concern directors, specially those without IT background, to understand the impacts of nomadic commercialism on current concerns every bit good as to place new concern chances in future.

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Finally, we 'll look into the state of affairss of the Mobile Telephony Market both in the universe and India.

Cardinal words: Mobile commercialism, Mobile VAS, Business organisations, radio engineerings, India


Nowadays communication-centric and computing-centric devices are going a individual intelligent radio device. Peopless around the universe are doing use progressively of electronic communications installations in their day-to-day lives. This largely involves interactions between parties who have ne'er once met. Consequently, communications webs of all sorts are being exploited in new way to behavior concern, to ease distant working and to make other `` practical '' shared environments.

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Mobile is going the dominant agencies for accessing communications chiefly because deploying nomadic web is non merely more cost-effective but besides nomadic provides greater flexibleness and convenience to its endorsers than landline telephone. ( Sanjay, 2007 ) Mobile Commerce is the subset of e-commerce, which includes all e-commerce minutess, carried out utilizing a Mobile ( manus held ) device. ( Sharma, 2009 )

The flourishing popularity has forced the corporate universe to develop a new commercialism platform that can make to multitudes. M-commerce has attracted monolithic traffic because of its alone features. The user can alter the service of any fiscal institute or Bankss if gets better merchandise and service or user is unsatisfied with the service of the subscribing company. Mobile has played a elephantine function in communicating engineering through its versatility and high quality. The ubiquitousness and easy use has farther made it highly popular across the Earth. It has already surpassed the fixed phone in the universe. Software platform is indispensable for runing any nomadic and this tool has revolutionized the communicating universe because of its operation as a little computing machine. ( Kumar, 2009 ) Despite of monolithic popularity of m-commerce, it is yet in the crude phase and can be farther expand in to all the Fieldss, which affect the human life. Besides, Lack of trust is a singular factor act uponing the consumption of m-commerce. Trust is important during state of affairss that are perceived to be hazardous, and Mobile commercialism exposes consumers to new exposures and hazards.

Aim of survey:

This paper aims to:

Supply an overview of the basicss about Mobile and nomadic commercialism.

Show the Perspective of Mobile Value- Added Service ( MVAS ) in India

Aid concerns to specify what benefits they could deduce from nomadic radio engineerings.

Show what are the classs of nomadic commercialism applications

understand the state of affairs of the Indian nomadic telephone market and nomadic commercialism

Research Approach

We have done a deepness research to obtain every bit much as possible necessary informations about the Mobile and Mobile Commerce. In this work, it has been used secondary beginnings of informations aggregation such as the web sites, Internet, magazines and books etc. by analysing of historical informations analysis, house revelation informations, sector studies, and company instance surveies, it has been obtained so of import information related to our research.

Concept of nomadic commercialism and nomadic radio engineerings

Harmonizing to the Gartner Group, consumer to concern e-commerce will shortly come from smart phones utilizing nomadic commercialism engineering. Many research workers suggested that following stage of electronic concern growing will be in wireless and M-commerce ( Ngai and Gunasekaran, 2007, Smith, 2006, O'Connell, 2005, Matthew, et Al, 2004, Urbaczewskj,

et Al, 2003 ) . To better understand the possible Effectss of m-commerce on concerns, a speedy reappraisal of definition and background information about it would be good.

In general M-commerce is a natural replacement to electronic commercialism. ( Au, 2007 & A ; Mahil, 2008 ) Ting ( 2004 ) believes that with the rapid proliferation of nomadic devices, including hand-held computing machines, nomadic phones and PDAs[ 1 ], nomadic commercialism is widely considered to be a impulsive force for next-generation electronic commercialism. M-commerce should non be viewed as e-commerce with restrictions, but instead as a alone signifier of e-commerce with its ain alone benefits. ( Scornavacca et, al. , 2006 ) Additionally, m-commerce is non a replacement for Personal computing machines. Rather ; it is a new and a much more powerful manner to pass on with clients.

Time sensitiveness, Intimacy, location consciousness and ubiquitousness are cardinal constructs that make m-commerce so different from 'traditional electronic commercialism ' . ( Paavilainen, 2002 ) The other difference between m-commerce and e-commerce is the chance to link information with objects in a more direct manner than has been possible until now. ( Mobile Commerce, 2008 )

There is seemingly no standard definition of the term `` Mobile commercialism '' . Harmonizing to Lyytinen ( 2001 ) , M-commerce, a subset of electronic commercialism thatA involves the usage of nomadic calculating devices in transporting out different types of economic minutess ( selling, purchasing and merchandising merchandises and services ) or enabling them to take topographic point over infinite and clip. The nomadic commercialism includes usage of such engineerings as Bluetooth applications, SMS[ 2 ]services over a figure of bearers ( IS95[ 3 ], Global System for Mobile Communications ( GSM ) , 3G[ 4 ], W-CDMA[ 5 ]and CDMA[ 6 ]) , and the integrating of low-level digital bearers to IP based services through Wireless Application Protocol or Compact HTML[ 7 ]like the Nipponese I-Mode service. This integrating is one of the fastest turning markets of E-business and it will affect the development and design of a host of new applications, services, concern theoretical accounts and technological solutions.

On the other manus, Malladi et Al. ( 2002 ) claimed that nomadic radio engineerings including of 2 facets ( 1 ) computer science and ( 2 ) mobility. They believe that 'mobile calculating represents users ' uninterrupted entree to web resources without restriction of location and clip. Wireless means that transmittal of any signifier of informations such as picture text, image, or voice- is conducted through infrared moving ridges, microwaves or wireless moving ridges instead than utilizing wires ( Dubendorf, 2003 ) . Therefore, nomadic radio engineerings is defined as any radio engineering that uses wireless frequence spectrum in any set to ease transmittal of picture, voice, text informations, or multimedia services to mobile devices with freedom of location and clip restriction.

The freedom of location and clip is related to the construct of anyplace and anytime entree that represents the two chief features of nomadic radio engineerings: range ability and mobility. ( Camponovo and Pigneur, 2003 ; Turban, et Al. 2002 ; Ng-Kruelle et al. , 2002 and BenMoussa, 2005 )

Position of Mobile Value- Added Service ( MVAS ) in India

Mobile phones have profoundly transformed the telecommunication industry and they have been proclaimed to be the new service frontier. Mobile value-added services ( MVAS ) are those services that offer distinction and the ability for Mobile operators to bear down a premium monetary value.

By and large, Value Added Service ( VAS ) in telecommunication industry refers to non-core services, the nucleus or basic services being standard voice calls and fax transmittal including carrier services. The value added services are characterized as under:

Stands entirely in footings of profitableness and besides stimulates incremental demand for nucleus or basic services

Not a signifier of nucleus or basic service but adds value in entire service offering.

Can be add-on to core or basic service and as such can be sold at premium monetary value.

Can sometimes be provided as base entirely.

May supply operational synergism with nucleus or basic services. ( IAMAI, 2008 )

A MVAS may exemplify one or more of these features and non needfully all of them. All the 'value added services ' reference some demand of the terminal consumer whether it is pecuniary, convenience or psychological. Based on the demand fulfilment of the terminal user, we have grouped Mobile value added services into seven stages severally. Although, there are many services that could be called `` value-added '' . But for better understand, we show briefly a few of these services below.

Graph 1: complexness of nomadic value added services

Samarium: bases for 'short message service ' . It 's besides largely referred to as text messaging or directing text messages. The service allows for short text messages to be sent from one cell phone to another cell phone and late from the Web to another cell phone.

American indians use this service for all kinds of grounds from look intoing on flight position to asking about exam consequences to having gags. ( sinha, 2009 ) It 's effectual for acquiring the message out to possible clients or retaining bing 1s. SMS is a powerful medium for acquiring in touch with people without beging a recoil as seen on phone calls. The graph below shows the figure of SMS Usage in India - Gender Difference

Graph 2- SMS Usage in India - Gender Difference

It can be deciphered from the graph 2 that the Males are by and large more active users of SMS value added services compared to their opposite numbers. While males are more interested in acquiring athleticss ; stocks/finance/business and love tips, on the other manus females are interested in religious and star divination.

Information service: Mobile information services are considered 'value-added ' because they depict many of the features such as:

Can be offered at a premium monetary value

Does non cannibalise bing services

Can supply synergism with basic service.

Provides distinction ( Singh, 2009 )

Ringtones, Wallpaper and Graphic Download: Indian Mobile Network Operators ( MNOs ) are partnering with content suppliers to present information services on the spell and downloadable services like ringtones, artworks, and wallpapers.

The market size in India of basic 'value added services ' like wall documents and pealing tones was around US $ 155 million in 2005. ( kakani & A ; Jackson, 2007 )

Contest engagement: Another popular service in Mobile VAS is Contest engagement. For illustration, 30 % of Urban Indians have participated in a SMS competition with Males being the more participative gender. ( Vitalanalytics 's, 2009 ) 59.5 % of Females have participated in 1 to 3 SMS competitions and though this is higher than their male opposite numbers ( merely 49 % ) , in frequence of engagement males outshine. Around 25 % of male and 19 % of Female have participated in 4 to 5 SMS competitions. This is as per Mobile users in April 2009.

Graph 3: Samarium competition engagement - Work force and Women in urban India

Color pealing back tone: It 's one of the most successful enhanced services for radio, and now wire line, service suppliers in India. Color pealing back tone is a extremely viral, self-propagating application that uses readily available content and can easy turn from $ 0 to 1000000s in gross in a few old ages. Since it is wholly controlled and delivered by network-based signaling waiters, CRBT has the advantage of leting complete operator control with minimum client and French telephone interaction.

Alternatively of hearing `` the familiar ring tone '' when naming person, CRBT lets wireless service endorser 's play their favourite sound, jangle, melody, or phrase to incoming companies. ( Dialogic, 2007 ) With the ability to take the pealing tone a company will hear, endorsers have an instant manner to show their ain individualism and endeavors have the option to supply a customized message to the naming party.

Mobile commercialism:

M-commerce, which in India has been limited chiefly to basic banking minutess, purchase of travel tickets and payment of some public-service corporation measures, is eventually taking off with Bankss, cellular operators and payment service suppliers coming together to happen solutions that comply with regulative guidelines. India is traveling through a telecom revolution, particularly in the radio telephone section.

The acceptance of nomadic telephone remains unparallel in range, as users from diverse sections progressively choose to exert the option of personal mobility. ( IAMAI, 2006 )

The growing of an substructure sector such as telecom has a multiplier-effect on the full economic system of the state. Fortunately the telecom sector in India, since its liberalisation in 1991, has registered an unprecedented growing and is hence valued at $ 100bn today, lending significantly ( 13 % ) to the GDP. Globally in footings of nomadic subscriptions, India is the universe 's 2nd largest radio market after China. The undermentioned graph clearly shows the figure of India mobile telephone endorser base from 2004 to 2010.

Graph 4 shows the figure of India mobile telephone endorser base from 2004 to 2010

Datas beginnings: ( IAMAI, 2008 ; Telecom regulative authorization of India, 2010 & A ; Afshar, et Al, 2010 )

The Mobile telecommunications system in India is the 2nd largest in the universe after China, with a subscriber base of more than 670 million and it was thrown unfastened to private participants in the 1990s. Government and several private participants run local and long distance telephone services. Competition has caused monetary values to drop and calls across India are one of the cheapest in the world.A The rates are supposed to travel down farther with new steps to be taken by the Information Ministry.A The nomadic endorser base has grown from 33.69 million endorsers in 2004 to over 670 million endorsers as of August 2010A ( a period of less than 6 old ages ) . ( Telecom regulative authorization of India, 2010 )

However in India, Mobile Commerce is still in the development stage as the usage of nomadic phones for transporting out minutess is really limited. However, the development is taking topographic point at a nice velocity and in the coming old ages, Mobile Commerce is most likely to do its presence feel as companies and concerns have started understanding the benefits of Mobile Commerce. Some of the companies have even incorporated this engineering. Airtel, Vodaphone, ICICI and Reliance are some of the companies/businesses that are utilizing this engineering as their users are allowed to do limited purchases from their phones. For now, the users are chiefly allowed to pay phone measures, public-service corporation measures, book film tickets, book travel tickets with their cell phones. However, more services will be introduced in approaching old ages.

Security is one of the major concerns of M-Commerce as it 's really of import to offer unafraid minutess and this is the ground why M-Commerce is still in theA development stage in India. For now, users are chiefly allowed to make Mobile Banking i.e. to entree the bank history with a cell phone in order to pay the public-service corporation measures. With the current rate of development, users will be shortly allowed to buy merchandises, advertise, to take portion in auctions and pay measures with the aid of a cell phone, while they are on the move.

Classs of Mobile Commerce Applications

Most of people have entree to a nomadic phone that to a computing machines and this means that Mobile commercialism has the chance to link non merely large concerns but besides medium and little concern, consumer 's and provider 's on a huge graduated table. In this sense, nomadic phones have the possible to bridge the digital divide and let organisations and persons to make out to one another more easy than of all time before. ( Mobile Commerce, 2008 )

In last few old ages, M-commerce has gained increasing credence amongst assorted subdivisions society. The grounds for its growing can be traced back to technological and demographical developments that have influenced many facets of the socio-cultural behaviour in today 's universe. Mobile phone and services have registered impressive growing in predating old ages and M-commerce is easy but certainly demoing marks of a healthy growing. ( Hu, 2005 ; Gordon & A ; Gebauer, 2001 and Sadeh, 2002 ) The major nomadic commercialism applications are briefly showed along with inside informations of each in below Diagram.

Enterprise resource planning

( Resource direction )

Travel and fining

( Travel direction )


( Music/video downloads and online gambling )

Health attention

( Accessing and updating patient records )


( GPS and traffic advisories )


( Mobile schoolrooms and labs )


( Mobile minutess and payments )

Major nomadic commercialism applications

Diagram 1: Major nomadic commercialism applications


Commerce refers to the purchasing and merchandising of merchandises and services between persons and organisations, normally on a scale big plenty to necessitate transit from topographic point to topographic point or across metropolis, province, or national boundaries.

It is boosted by the convenience and ubiquitousness conveyed by nomadic commercialism engineering. ( Hu, 2005 ) There are many illustrations exposing how m-commerce is utile for commercialism. For case, nomadic users can look into their bank history balance without necessitating to travel to a bank or consumers can purchase merchandises from a peddling machine and book a ticket by utilizing their nomadic phones.


Similar to other wired engineerings, nomadic radio engineerings have foremost been used in industry sectors such as concern. The motion of nomadic radio engineerings in instruction is a recent tendency, and it is now going the hottest engineering in higher instruction ( Levine, 2002 ; McGhee & A ; Kozma, 2001 ; McKenzie, 2005 ) .

Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) :

In the coming nomadic commercialism epoch, users will desire to be able to hold entree to the right resources and work every bit expeditiously as possible- whether they are going, seeing a client or working at other distant locations- with their ERP systems ( Siau et al. , 2001 ) . Many ERP sellers are presently researching for agencies to supply mobility to ERP users. They attempt to link employees to their work more efficaciously than of all time before by enabling nomadic phones and other radio devices to go a new sort of tool to seamlessly interchange information, automate informations entry and execute a scope of minutess anytime, anyplace ( Siau and Shen, 2003 ) .


Harmonizing to Leavitt ( 2003 ) Entertainment has ever played a important function in Internet applications and is likely the most popular application for the younger coevals. M-commerce makes it possible to download image, game, music and picture files at anyplace, anyplace and anytime, and it besides makes online games and chancing much easier to entree and drama. It is projected that by 2005, 80 per centum of all nomadic users in the United States and Western Europe will play nomadic games at least on occasion.

Health Care:

In most of societies the cost of wellness attention is really high and m-commerce can assist to cut down it. By utilizing the engineering of nomadic commercialism, nurses and doctors can remotely entree and update patient records instantly, a map which has frequently incurred a considerable hold in the yesteryear. This reduces administrative operating expenses, enhances overall service quality, and improves efficiency and productiveness. Mobile engineerings like Laptops, Tablet PCs or PDAs can be of great value in infirmaries and health care installations by leting better entree to critical information - e.g. patient position, staff and patient location and installations handiness ( Banitsas, 2002 ; Larkin 2001 ; Chau et Al. 2004 ; Rowley 2005 and Varshney 2004 ) . Healthcare installations that choose to follow such engineerings may be able to non merely execute better but finally supply more efficient and better quality of attention for patients ( Bahlman et al. 2005 ) .

Travel and Ticketing:

Travel disbursals can be dearly-won for a concern. Mobile commercialism could assist cut down operational costs by supplying nomadic travel direction services to concern travellers. It can be used to supply aid to clients by utilizing the nomadic channels to turn up a coveted hotel nearby, purchase tickets, make transit agreements, and so on. It besides extends the range of relationship-oriented companies beyond their current channels and helps the nomadic users to place, pull, function, and retain valuable clients. ( Hu, 2005 )


Traffic is the motion of vehicles or walkers through an country or along a path. The riders in the vehicles and the walkers are all nomadic objects, ideal clients of nomadic commercialism. Besides, traffic control is normally a major concern for many metropolitan countries. Using the engineering of nomadic commercialism can easy better the flow of traffic in many ways. For illustration, a nomadic hand-held device can hold the capablenesss of a GPS[ 1 ], such as finding the driver 's exact place, giving waies, and reding on the current position of traffic in the country. A traffic control centre could besides supervise and command the traffic harmonizing to the signals sent from nomadic devices in the vehicles.

Specific Advantages of Mobile Commerce to consumers

M-commerce is an effectual and convenient manner to present electronic commercialism to consumers from anyplace and at anytime. Recognizing the advantages to be gained from nomadic commercialism, many major companies have begun to offer nomadic commercialism options for their consumers in add-on to the electronic commercialism they already provide. ( Yankee group, 2002 ) By and large, M-commerce has several major advantages to consumers:

Advantages of Mobile Commerce

Spontaneous determinations and demand

Context-specific services

Efficiency addition

Time-critical state of affairss

Graph 5: Specific Advantages of Mobile Commerce to consumers

Time-critical state of affairss: The immediateness and ubiquitousness of M-Commerce allows user to execute pressing undertakings in an efficient mode, irrespective of his current geographic location.

Context-specific services: M-Commerce makes it possible to offer location based services, which are specific to a given context ( e.g. clip of the twenty-four hours, location and the involvements of the user ) . ( Rajnish & A ; Stephan, 2007 )

Spontaneous determinations and need- Spontaneous demands are non externally triggered and by and large affect determinations that do non necessitate a really careful consideration, e.g. purchase determinations affecting little sums of money.

Efficiency addition: Mobile Commerce helps increase the productiveness of the work force by increasing the efficiency of their day-to-day modus operandis. Time ( employees ) can utilize 'dead musca volitanss ' in the twenty-four hours, e.g. during the day-to-day travel to and from workplace, more efficaciously.

Situation of Mobile Telephony Market in the universe

Mobile phones are no longer merely a agencies of naming another individual. In several states, nomadic devices are used to pay for ware, receive clip sensitive information and direct e-mail messages. ( Paavilainen, 2002 ) There is no uncertainty that nomadic engineerings have the possible to convey alterations to concerns and industries. ( Gordon, 2001 ) Despite the recent economic downswing, the usage of ICT services, such as nomadic phones and the Internet, continues to turn worldwide. By the terminal of 2009, there were an estimated 4.6 billion nomadic cellular subscriptions, matching to 67 per 100 dwellers globally. ( International Telecommunication Union, 2010 )

Table 2: List of states by figure of nomadic phones in usage


State or part

Number of Mobiles


% of population

-- -
















United States





Soviet union










Dutch east indies






























United Kingdom




Resource: ( Afshar et al, 2010 )

Harmonizing to above tabular array, China 's communications houses added a combined 9.255 million Mobile clients in July ( 2010 ) , stoping the month with a sum of 794.779 million nomadic users. ( Telecompaper, 2010 ) In India, Wireless subscriber base increased from 635.51 Million in June-2010 to 652.42 Million at the terminal of July-2010 registering a growing of 2.66 % . Wireless Tel denseness stands at 55.14. ( Telecom regulative of India, 2010 )

The figure of nomadic phone users in Brazil grew to 187 million in July ( 2010 ) , harmonizing to the telecommunications regulator Anatel. In July, 1.89 million new users were added, an addition of 1.02 per centum over June. In the first seven months of 2010 Brazil recorded 13.06 million new users, the 2nd best consequence for this period in history, behind merely the same period in 2008 ( 14.35 million ) . With the consequence in July, Brazil now has 97.6 nomadic phone users for every 100 dwellers. ( Telecompaper, 2010 )

The UK added over 3million new nomadic connexions during 2008, to take the entire base to 75.75million, tantamount to 123 % penetration.A ( Vodafone, 2008 )

Status of the Indian Mobile Telephony Market

Mobile telephone was introduced in Indian markets in mid- 1990s. In the last few old ages, the sector has witnessed enormous growing. The subscriber base is adding more and more clients every twelvemonth. Both Public Players and Private Players are viing difficult to capture more and more market portion. It can be deciphered from the graph 6 that Private sector gaining control 78 % of the market portion in Indian Mobile section and public sector gaining control merely 22 % . The private sector has done more than expected.

Graph 6: portion of Public and Private sector in Indian Mobile section


While e-commerce continues to see phenomenal growing in India, nomadic commercialism is still in its babyhood. But, both the concern universe and the telecommunications industry are get downing to see m-commerce as a major focal point for the hereafter. Indian Private and Public subdivisions in telecommunications industry are viing difficult to capture more and more nomadic market portion. As wireless web grows, it is expected that emerging radio and nomadic webs will make new trade theoretical accounts for nomadic operators and supply new avenues for growing in m-commerce, offer new applications to consumers and concern in India.

Mobile Commerce participants need to better the user interface shortly and implement advanced pricing constructions. Despite the initial defeats of the users, consumers envision that one time the bugs are worked out, nomadic applications will go a common portion of their day-to-day lives. Most nomadic commercialism applications in India is in subdivisions such as purchasing and merchandising of merchandises and services, download image, game, music and picture files, book and purchase tickets, GPS and traffic advisories.

Besides there are possible hazards in m-commerce Investment and applications in India. Geting a return on m-commerce investing can take a long clip, and organisations or persons are n't ever prepared to remain afloat until they recoup that money. Lack of trust is besides a singular factor act uponing the consumption of m-commerce in India.

By and large, in India Mobile phone have registered important growing in last few old ages ( over 670 million in 2010 ) and nomadic commercialism is bit by bit but certainly demoing marks of a healthy recovery.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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