Mobile Computing for E-Commerce

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C.R. Swethaa

Msc.ssDepartment of Software Systems

Sri Krishna College of Arts and Science,


Abstract - Mobile computing of Electronic Commerce are useful in ionic framework(iOS, Android)platforms(M-Commerce). Mobile computing, advanced features are useful for all online sales transactions, as they use wireless electronic devices such as cell phones, hand-held computers, laptops or personal computers. Wireless computer is interactive for all type of communicators. They conduct merchandise purchases. Cash exchange on frameworks will refer all cash transactions.

It is an environmental background to all websites. Another important factor in designing m-commerce applications is for identifying their users' requirements. Major two classifications are directory & transaction-oriented, which are based on functionality provided by their users. This paper gives more suggestions on approaches, performed by electronic commerce platforms in mobiles, m-commerce services, interactions in u-commerce. The consumers, providers are waiting for the advanced opportunities in e-commerce. In the paper, we mention the difference between electronic & cloud computing and their more advanced features.

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Cloud-based structure are used for developing effective electronic commerce to solve their problems.


Electronic & Mobile Commerce sponsors a new opportunity for all upcoming shopping and business transactions. E-commerce provide APIs infrastructures for all apps. All wireless technology sorts are used to transmit data over air, which also transmits communication from one device to another device. Communication data which are transferred to m-commerce services are profitable for all users. Computing services are conducted by wireless gateways, which use a tele method to perform communication with e-commerce.

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For designing an e-commerce website, they use WordPress and Woo-commerce platform. It acts as a website app for users.

Most of peoples use mobiles for advanced future enhancement daily. Projected no of stationary

R. Surya PrabhaAssistant Professor Department of Software Systems

Sri Krishna College of Arts and Science,


terminals, which continuously increase the world with few modern technologies for the next few years.

Three resulting features are:

Information value boots up by end-users.

Time-sensitivity security, personalization.

Leads Locational awareness.

Mobility supports e-commerce systems to provide solutions for online shopping via internet more easily. Many issues are occurred by performing various computing systems in e-commerce platforms, they also need to consider both design & performance in electronic commerce, m-commerce applications. So, they have trendy appearances on their applications and websites.

E-Commerce, M-Commerce websites are designed based on user ideas and identify their requirements. Classifications used in electronic, mobile devices are unique for all the properties performed. The technologies are useful for all transactions of m-commerce constraints.


All mobile user provide a single way classification for m-Commerce, which is based on their functionality. M-Commerce application is a combination of two classes. Two main class are directory-oriented, transaction-oriented. Mobile users perform only read requests of the directory devices. All users will perform both read and write requests in the transaction-oriented server class.

Transaction-oriented class acts as service provider, which enables users to sell, buy goods or services over the world through their computing transaction methods such as mobiles, universal PC's & tablets. For example, in net banking process, they transfer money through mobile computing.

Directory-oriented class applications are more modernized by their information's. The personalization of the transaction orientations are from the users. Example, being away from home, need up-to-date information regarding his/her current locations, as well as user's, local facilities use direct communication from centralized networks and broadcasting their directory orientation of m-Commerce.

These Classes is fixed-wired applications. Uses IP address for hiding their problems, constraints. Internet protocol addresses of m-commerce are secured with security keys, passwords. Application provider moves its responsible mobile usages with specially designed m-commerce intercept agents.

-5715025400000Table 1.

Constraints & Requirements


In future, m-computing networks become powerful by their more advanced features. Commonly used networks are LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) large computer network and 3G, 5G waves act as visual radio resemblance. Information is transferred by wireless devices, which consume a lot of energy.

Over the last two decades, the evolution of radio wave receives radio tuner and convert the vibrations of speakers as sound waves. Developed features in artificial intelligence are computer technologies. Radio waves are the best-known technology with electromagnetic radiation type. User mostly communicates through voice messages, data messages, multimedia(audios, videos) at any time in any place. Fairly, inexpensive networks are within various combinations of various wireless networks, which include LAN, private, public radio.

Wireless communication networks powerfully transfers data without connecting any electrical circuits and electronic devices. Radio wave distance is short as compared to Bluetooth, far almost millions of deep-space radio waves. All user networking are more advanced by developing Application Protocol (WAP) as they use two-layer support devices TCP/IP (Transfer Control Internet Protocol), (HyperText Transfer Protocol). Popular wireless devices are cellular telephones, waves, mouse, cordless, keyboards, headsets, satellite, broadcast televisions & personal digital assistants.

Many technologies of networks support 3rd region(3G)devices provide 2Mbit/sec uplink as well downlink directions, GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) 2.5G network device offering up to 114 Kbit/sec, GSM 900 & 1800 MHz (2G) networks, UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) based on GSM standards which provide greater spectral radio wave bandwidth to networks, EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates (Global System of Mobile) Evolutions) offers up to 560 Kbit/sec GSM built as they transmit 3 times more bits in same time length than GPRR, this rates about 300 Kbit/sec device which supports e-commerce telecommunications.

Networking major issues are:

Table 2.

333375013398500E-Commerce Networks


Developed u-commerce maintain three challenges of opportunities, that every company face many arising and defining four fundamental constructs:

Uniqueness is used to identify their user's uniqueness only in terms of their identity and preferences that they associated uniquely, but also in their geographical position terms.

Unison gives an idea for integrated data, across their various u-commerce, users have their consistent view on their irrespective valuable data.

Ubiquity users access their networks from everywhere and anywhere at any time, as it should be reachable at any place and at any time.

University users are a part of u-commerce which universally usable in multi-functionality, as all cellular android phones have universal different standards in network frequencies.

Promising uses of U-Commerce are:

Search Engine of internet-connected mobile device


Instant Messaging




Health Monitoring

Money Transfer




Today's technology is maintained as well performed in two ways, one is online retail and another one is offline retail sales which are closely intertwined with crucial retailers. The two retails efficiently take place in all organization. World statistics understands, that the IP address are almost within third region quarter (60.8%) of mobile devices. All type mobile computing boost electronic sales with strategies and structures as they adopt all network computing. These e- business sales are informative as important as mobile computing. Nowadays, network payments is more secured with their advanced features. Exclusively developed internet payments that can be paid from any of the net bank resources. Also, prevent fraudulent within end-to-end encryptions as they pay via credit as well debit cards, net banking, UPI & EMI payments, wallets.

A. Advantages

Improving capabilities in mobile computing networks

High efficiency

Productivity is higher towards staff

Good Quality

Mobility access produced to modern apps

They accept payments wirelessly

Increase in & out communication workplace in-network computing

Place an online order

Set up new customer accounts

Check prices of availability stocks

Access existing industry records

Improved ability in accepting payments wirelessly

B. Disadvantages

Costly to purchase

It security risks are increasable

New technology additional training

Workplace distractions

Workflow in business

Disrupt productivity


Term "CLOUD COMPUTING" refers to centralized network, which is hosted from an internet server as they process with the remote pay-as-you-goo contract. Cloud built upon intel as faster as hybrid computing. It reduces complexity, which simultaneously allow companies to additionally add services "on-demand".

Five features in cloud activities are:

Customers of electronic commerce companies

Suppliers of e-commerce companies

Net banking of companies

Electronic business transaction for companies

Electronic mobile providers

Cloud computing is a popular server hosting environment, is cost-effective. All organizations move forwards to gain positive opportunities from e-commerce. Before adopting cloud computing in all organizations, they should maintain a trade-off, which may focus on interesting computing.

A. Benefits Of Cloud Computing Providers And Consumers

Cloud services, which become a platform for the providers and consumers

Companies resources attack is an incumbent

Money making and profit is always the most attracting for business one's

Enterprise application begin to use cloud computing to provide vendors to defend a franchise

Company pay as used in all infrastructure

Leverage existing investment and customer relationship

Cloud consumers can reduce operation costs

B. Advantages

Open cloud and easily moved without being locked or closed

Flexible and scalable

It's virtual

It has the greatest cost savings in the public cloud

Easily secured

VII. CONCLUSIONIn this paper, we conclude e-commerce, m-commerce, u-commerce are mobile computing application models based on cloud computing mass data storage, high space networks, as well they too share allocations to all type resources. All mobile applications open up a new space for developing a smooth e-commerce computing. In early-stage of e-commerce they used to explore the electronic applications for their advanced features. Cloud increasingly become a widespread in computing fields. The problems faced by electronic mobile computing platforms are security disables, irregularity issues, unstable computing standards, as well all other internet technologies that are not used for pending future researches. Explored communications of e-computing devices are used for producing more trending technologies.


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Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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