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What is Ecommerce? How the online trading is sustainable to the environment by reducing paper. Sale of eco friendly products, ecommerce forwards to go green trend. Traditional shopping verses Online shopping. Points to keep in mind when doing online shopping-Site selection, check for delivery time, hidden charges, reviews etc. How to buy products online? Things we need to do online shopping. Types of ecommerce – B2C, B2B, C2C, C2B, B2A and C2A. List of ecommerce companies in India and worldwide.

How to start a business in online? How to buy something in online? The Advantages and disadvantages of online business. Nowadays ecommerce is a growing trend.


In this digital world ecommerce become a trending business. Ecommerce also known as electronic commerce is a method of buying or selling of goods or services online using internet. Online shopping means any form of sale that is carried through internet. Ecommerce allows customers to purchase any products anytime and from anywhere.

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We can buy mobile phones, sarees, toys, shoes, books, gift items, accessories, electronic items etc. from online by sitting from one place.

Why Ecommerce is sustainability?

Because ecommerce completely depend on internet as everything involved in online business. The internet can be force for sustainability if powered by renewable resources such as wind energy and solar energy. By estimates worldwide the internet uses 2% of the world’s electricity. Some companies like Google, Apple and Face book have committed to powering their internet operations with 100% renewable energy.

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As we are using internet for all our transactions, reports, documents etc. there is very less need of paper. Already number of trees are reducing for various purpose, at least we can reduce the cut down of trees for making papers. In offices, schools, colleges and universities also they stopped sending circulars by paper to each person. Nowadays they send messages. So that there will be reduce in wastage of paper.

Ecommerce is good for environment also. As we are not driving to shops to purchase we are actually saving fuel. So less people will be driving around so minimize the use of fuels. In shopping there is paperless billing which saves trees. In traditional shopping we use paper for bills, receipts, coupons etc. Because of ecommerce we reduce the usage of paper. Through this ecommerce people are much aware about eco-friendly products. Customers can come to know new products through online advertisements, reviews etc. itself. There is no need to issue paper advertisements to door to door steps. Ecommerce, they are using sustainable packaging, they eliminate the use of unnecessary paper, shipping materials and shipping. They use flexible sustainable packaging. So it is not much harm to environment. They are stamping the packaging with a guide by explaining ways about how the materials can be recycled etc.

Differentiate between traditional shopping and online shopping

In traditional shopping you have to go to shop personally. Where as in ecommerce you can sit with a computer having internet you can shop. If you want to compare the cost of a product you have to go shop to shop but in online shopping it shows different cost of same product of different retailers. In traditional shopping they have less products because of shelf space occupies. In online you can view more product of items with different price, quality, color etc. easily. In online marketing you need not go to shop physically. There is no tension to carry purchased items.

Points to keep in mind when doing online shopping:

  1. Site selection - We need to be very careful while selecting shopping websites. Check out the copyright information. Compare the image the product and description.
  2. Delivery Time – Don’t try to shop to get at the last minute. Make sure your delivery date should be maximum before two days.
  3. Hidden charges – It is common that the same product shown is lesser in some sites compared to some other sites. They are doing like this to attract more customers. But they increased the cost in delivery charges that also too high.
  4. Reviews – This is the most important and easy source of information about the product. You can get reviews through social media like face book, twitter etc. Online review have great impact on business. Most of the customers read online reviews and choose the products based on the reviews. Most of the customers read online reviews before visiting a business.
  5. Return and Refund – You must check for the refund and return policy. If you are not sure about the color and size of a product, you can return the product.

How to buy products online?

If you want to buy a particular brand or from particular store you can straight away go to their websites. There are so many online websites are there for shopping online. Example Amazon, eBay, money supermarket, flip kart etc.

Things you need to do online shopping:

  1. A computer /mobile with internet connection
  2. A credit or debit card

Steps to buy online

  1. Search for a product using Google Shopping search. For example type ‘Christmas décor items’, you will see a wide range of websites.
  2. Find the products which you like to buy. If you click the item further then you will see the product details as well details of sellers, size of the product, different color, reviews of the customers etc.
  3. Once you like an item to buy you just add in to basket. You can select number of quantities, color etc. and click ‘Add to Basket’ .This will save the details of item until you are ready to buy.
  4. Continue shopping if you want to buy some more everything will be added in basket. Once you ready to buy click ‘Go to cart’ and pay for the items you have chosen.
  5. Checkout and pay – some websites ask you to create an account where as some allow you to buy without creating an account.
  6. It will ask for credit card and debit card details.

Types of ecommerce

  1. B2C (Business to Consumer) - It is the most widely used sales model. This type of ecommerce is happened between businesses and the end user. It is the retail section of ecommerce as how the normal traditional trade system works. In this you can buy any items like bags, dresses, shoes, make up accessories, home décor items etc.
  2. B2B (Business to Business) – Relates to business (sale) between business entities. That means the sale between manufacturers and a wholesaler or retailer. You will find software companies, office furniture and supply companies and many more comes under this. In this mode of business, bulk amount of cash is needed.
  3. C2C(Consumer to Consumer) – In this sale of product or services are made between customers to customers. This site allows consumer to trade, buy and sell items in exchange of small commission amount should be paid to the site.
  4. C2B(Consumer to Business) – In this individual customers can sale their products for business buyers. A Large number of individuals market their products available for purchase for companies. E.g. Dress from designers, logo designers, I stock photo in which stock photos are available online for purchase directly from different photographers.
  5. B2A(Business to Administration) – It is done between companies and public administration, involves variety of services. Products related to legal documents, social security’s, legal documents and registrars etc.
  6. C2A(Consumer to Administration) – Customers selling their products or services to Administration.

Example: Online consulting for education

Online tax preparation

Health appointments, information about health issues and payment of health services etc. comes in this category.

List of companies in ecommerce, in India

  1. Flip kart Internet Pvt Ltd – It is one of the best ecommerce companies in India. It is founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. The head quarter is in Bangalore. This company initially focused on online book sales throughout the country. Later on they are proceeding with electronic goods, fashions, life style products etc.
  2. Amazon Development Centre India Pvt. Ltd – It is the largest Internet based retailers in the world. It started selling books, CDs online and later started to sell DVDs, downloads video/streaming etc. and all the items. This site give you a column to post your reviews which helps the customers to select a product.
  3. FSN Ecommerce Ventures Pvt. Ltd (Nykaa.com) – It is Mumbai based beauty retailer selling cosmetic and wellness products.
  4. IndiaMARTInterMESH Ltd- It is found on 1999, headquarters in Noida. It is mainly focused on B2B type of business.
  5. Make My Trip India Pvt. Ltd – This ecommerce site provides travel services including flight details, holiday packages, tickets, hotel booking etc.
  6. Myntra – Online fashion store offering for both men and women. It’s headquarter is in Bengaluru.
  7. There are so many online websites are available Justdial, Yatra Online Pvt Ltd, Bookmyshow, 99Acres.com etc.

Largest eCommerce companies in the world

Amazon (US), Jingdong (Beijing), Alibaba Group (China), ebay (America), Rakenten (Japanese), B2W (Brazilian)

How to start a business in online:

  1. Start with your business name: The first step you have to do is choose a fabulous name for your business. Make ensure that name is not using by any others. Register your company name.
  2. Secure your domain name and website: Ideally you will get your business name same as your domain name or else give something close to that. The design of your ecommerce site is the biggest expense you have to do. The designing part is more important
  3. Register your business: You must register your company under any one of the following. .
  4. Get your Employees Identification number: You will need and Employee Identification number (EIN) to open a business bank account and file your business taxes next April. This EIN will be your social security number. It is an unique number that identifies your business. This number is very important.
  5. Apply for business licenses and permits
  6. Find the right vendor: There will be lot of competition for selling your products online, so it is very important to find the best quality and best prices for the products you sell or materials you use to create your products. Search for shopping websites until you will find a vendor which suits to your business with long term.
  7. Start Marketing Early: It is a good idea to set up to give some form of advertisement such us ‘coming soon’ page in social media. For this LaunchRock tool is helpful.
  8. Stock your Inventory: You should have enough products somewhere in your garage to launch. Make sure you have adequate amount.
  9. Make sure your business should have positive reviews: Once you launch your ecommerce business, things are moving so fast. So plan your stocks and other process.

How to buy something online

Shopping online is an easy and fun way to buy items. And this is the great way to find the product exactly how you want. You need not go to shop to shop in search of a product. No need to carry the bags after you purchase.

  1. Many search engines have a shopping search. You can search any product such as ‘size 40 shoes’, ’32 inch TV’ and ‘Kurtis’ etc…
  2. Shopping searches show you many online stores with information such as cost of product, delivery charges etc.
  3. A customer can go through different websites. Different websites shows many products.
  4. Reading description is important. Make sure you have chosen the right product by reading the descriptin details. Many websites have given their own product review too.
  5. If you want to buy a product you can add the items to ‘Add on Cart’ and it saves the details of what are all the products you choose to buy.
  6. Once you finish your shopping you can go to ‘Checkout’ to pay for your products. There you can get a chance to recheck what are all the items you choose and quantity etc. This checkout page allows you to choose your delivery option such as slower, cheaper delivery method or faster but expensive delivery charges. Check for the delivery date and time details. Many deliveries will need signature.
  7. Once you finalize your purchases you can go for Bill Payment. In this you have choices to choose the mode of payment. Online customers usually use a Credit card or a PayPal account to make their payments.
  8. Enter your card details carefully when you pay.
  9. When you register or pay, make sure the site is a secured web page. You can check this with the address bar. Look for ‘https’ and ‘padlock symbol’.
  10.  You will be asking for your email id for the confirmation. It’s a good idea to take a print out of your order confirmation page. You will receive an email when your order is sent.
  11. It is not a good idea to shop online using public computers. Close your browser when you finish shopping on a shared or public computer. If you have registered with the shopping website, make sure you sign out before you close the browser.

Advantages and Disadvantages of online shopping

The internet is the great source for online shoppers. Online stores not only competitive with other online stores, but also with brick-and-martar competitors. Due to the rapid growth of technology, business organizations have switched from traditional method of selling goods to online method. Unlike traditional shopping in ecommerce men customers are more. They feel online shopping is more comfortable, saving time, energy by not going unnecessarily, saving money etc.


  1. The stores are always available in open.
  2. Shoppers can shop sitting in one place with a computer. Customers can purchase items from their comfort dress, place etc. Mainly convenience is there in online shopping.
  3. No need to go to shop in traffic and no worries for parking vehicle. There is no annoying noises and crowds.
  4. Saves time and efforts. Customers need not stand in queues in the cash counters to pay.
  5. No Pressure shopping – In traditional stores, the sales representatives try to influence customers to buy a product. There the customers may felt some pressure. Whereas in online shopping no such frustration is there.
  6. Wide variety of products are available by just clicking. We can compare various models/brands. Compare prices between various retailers for the same product.
  7. Discounts/Offers we can get. When they give discount we can buy products in lower cost also.
  8. Online tracking – Customers can track the order status and delivery status, tracking of shipping etc.


Some people prefer to use technology in a limited way. They just want to know the information about the product online but prefer to buy only personally in shops. Some people may afraid that they might addict to online shopping.

  1. Delay in delivery– The delivery takes 1 to 3 weeks. This makes the customers frustration.
  2. Lack of touch and feel – If we want to buy a product we can touch and see. In case if we want to buy a dress we can trail wear and buy. But in online mostly dress will need to give for alteration. It will not fit properly as we expected.
  3. Lack of interactivity – Communication dissatisfaction is there. Problem solving face-to-face with local store employees is comfortable and gives satisfaction.
  4. Lack of shopping experience – Traditional shopping provides good atmosphere, sounds and able to see different people and we can see the products in front of us. Those will give pleasant feeling whoever loves shopping.
  5. Frauds in online shopping – Sometimes there is disappearance of shopping site itself. Online payments are not much secured. So it is must for e-marketers and retailers give special attention to boost the growth of e-commerce. Nowadays cyber crimes rate is increasing and customer’s credit card details and bank details have been misused.
  6. Online stores have hidden charges. They shows the product cost in lower price but increased in shipping cost.
  7. Another point is how to repair and handle the products being purchased. It will be easier to return a faulty product to the local store for repair, rather than going through the trouble and expense of shipping it back to an online store.


Nowadays everybody are changing into go green, eco-friendly practices. Through eCommerce we cut down the use of paper as everything through online, no need to keep records on paper. They are using sustainable packaging materials like Cardboard and paper, biodegradable plastics, bubble wrap, foam peanuts etc. These are all biodegradable so there is no need of any chemical or method to dispose of these packing items. Particularly if internet uses renewable resources then eCommerce will be completely green sustainable practice only. Nowadays more and more companies are getting into eco-friendly, go green slogan. Through eCommerce we saves on paper, by stop cutting trees. They are promoting the use of recycled cardboards, recycled plastics, eco friendlyfurnituresetc. This eco-friendly approach not only help the environment, they also focus on employees well being by understanding them how they are also part of eco friendly, go green movement.


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Updated: Dec 28, 2021
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