Pros and Cons of Self-Study Essay

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Pros and Cons of Self-Study

It has recently come up as a controversial issue whether students should study alone or not. Some people stand for the idea that self-study helps them become more independent. Others point out that this way of learning put them in certain difficulties. This essay will give us a chance to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the issue in more details. On the bright side, the supporters of self-study have a thought that studying alone benefits students in terms of becoming more concentrative as well as more independent.

To begin with, it has been proven to be true that self-study helps students find essential silence to get high concentration. As the master of fact, when students study independently, there is no one can disturb them so that they usually focus on their lessons. For example, anyone who study alone at home doesn’t meet friends to talk about irrelevant matters such as an upcoming performance of a rock star that might make students tend to lose their attention. In addition, it is also evident that learners who are self-study, are more independent than others.

As far as I am concerned, when nobody can help, it has better to do it myself. For instance, in the face of not understanding their lesson, students learning alone manage to achieve knowledge by themselves through finding source of books in the library or looking up information on the internet. This proves that they are more active in their studying. On the dark side, the opponents of this issue come up with an argument that students are more likely to encounter certain disadvantages when they study independently.

These students are not only short of ideas to cope with a big assignment but also find it a bit hard to master their presentation skills without group support. First of all, one’s mind could not think many ideas because of their limited imagination. This causes they always find it difficult to getting on their assignment. To illustrate, if one student could find out three ideas, a group with ten students would increase this figure to thirty. Another point is that learners studying by themselves will probably be lack of presentation skill.

Hardly can anybody deny the fact that when learning alone, students cannot practice to present effectively. For example, they do not have anyone who comment or give them advice for their performance. They will not figure out where the problem is to fix it and they have to do everything on their own. In brief, I absolutely agree with the saying: “every coin has both sides”. Self-study also has its pros and cons. Students should use their way of learning alone as a foundation to launch their group study.

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