Pros and Cons of Bike Helmets Essay

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Pros and Cons of Bike Helmets

A walk through any sporting store will reveal a multitude of bicycle helmets. Still, some bicyclists wear them, while others do not. Here are the pros and cons of wearing a bicycle helmet. One of the biggest advantages of wearing a helmet is safety. Bicycle deaths were of people who were not wearing helmets. Helmets were designed to protect your head, as well as your brain, from injury resulting from an accident or a fall.

Wearing a helmet shields your head from impact and cushions the blow should you fall on your head as well as injuries to your eyes, nose, mouth and chin. Helmets with visors also keep debris such as dirt, rocks, insects and birds out of your eyes. The thickness of the helmet can also help to protect your face from scraping across the ground. While wearing a helmet doesn’t totally eliminate the risk of a head injury, it certainly is a safe choice. Helmets can do more than just protect your head in case of an accident.

Some helmets come equipped with built-in speakers and communication devices. This allow you to listen to music while you ride or talk on your cell phone. Another important reason to wear a helmet: It’s the law. In some states, bicyclists (especially minors) are required to wear a helmet. Whether you believe the advantages of wearing a helmet outweighs the disadvantages or not, you must conform to the motorcycle helmet laws within your state. A lot of people refuse to wear helmets because of how they look.

Their bulky, odd appearance may be deemed uncomely enough that some bicyclists prefer to ride without them. Other people complain that they are not comfortable. While some of the discomfort might be avoided with padding and a properly fitting helmet, the uncomfortable feeling of chafing from chin straps and a squished head may prevent some people from wearing them. Weight and shape of a helmet may contribute to a motorcyclist’s breaking his neck during an accident.

Your head and neck may also find the weight of the helmet hard to support. If you’re a new rider, you may find the helmet distracting, which could lead to an accident. Motorcycles often feel helmets take away their freedom to bike riding. You can’t feel your hair blowing in the wind and all the elements on your face. When you put on a helmet, you lose that sense of freedom. The helmet confines you, almost as if you were riding in an enclosed vehicle. Some people also argue that wearing a helmet interferes with visibility.

There is also the cost associated with wearing bike helmets. Though they can be purchased for as little as thirty dollars, not wearing one is completely free. And if you’re buying helmets for the entire family, the cost can certainly add up. Ultimately, a little chin chafing and the risk of looking bit goofy seem minor when compared to a serious head injury or even death. A look at the pros and cons suggests that wearing a bicycle helmet is inarguably the safest choice.

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