Private and Public School in Pakistan

Schooling from the very beginning is the first priority of every parent. Private schools in Pakistan have increased their number in no time, because the parents have completely inclined themselves towards the private schooling. Numerous reasons are there, but the few prominent ones are the quality of education and security. It is obvious that when a teacher is teaching a class of ten to twenty students, they can easily give time to each and every individual; this is what every parent is looking for.

Second most importantly is the issue of security, as Pakistan nowadays is having terrorism allegations, and we have been a victim of terrorist activities since a very long time. So parents do have an issue with the security. Private schools take It as an advantage and provide more security guarantee as compared to public so they easily attract parents. I have personally seen guards and ayas taking care of children during recess and the time they leave for their rides.

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This is thing which every parent is looking for, that their child is in secure hands.

On the other hand private schools assure healthy, neat and clean environment, which again forces the parents to incline towards them. My team paid visits to the some of the well reputed private schools and we witnessed the hygiene there and other stuff well managed. Every parent has a wish to groom their child in such a way that, when they grow up they make them proud in front of everyone.

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Private schools, with the help of their environment and teaching standards fulfill this dream of parents very effectively.

Because of this parents don’t even hesitate paying expensive fee to the private schools, as they feel satisfied that they will have a fruit as yummy as they want. Government schools are present in abundance in our country. We see it as positive aspect that we have this much schools but don’t feel that we are lowering down the quality of education all by our self. Public schools lack quality education because the teachers their have to manage a class of more than fifty, which is already a mess.

Adding on to that they have their job security with them so they are least bothered about the future of a child. This large chunk of students enrolled cause the student teacher interaction to lower down and thus they fail to produce good quality education. The teachers in public schools are least bothered about personal grooming of a child, again because of the job security given by the government. Moreover the class environment is not healthy at all. Visits by our team witnessed that there is no such thing as learning in a public school.

The class environment, behavior of the teacher, students. Each and every thing was a mess. Some of the class rooms were having furniture issues. The class rooms were dark and not airy at all, which leaves a bad impact on a student for life. The security there was near to zero. The cafeteria was unbelievably murky. Nothing there in a public school was appropriate. So why parents would opt for a public school when they have a better choice. Only because they are cost effective. The fee there is almost nothing in front of that of a private school.

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Private and Public School in Pakistan
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