Practicum: Students Essay

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Practicum: Students

Basically, practicum which is synonym to the word “practical” is defined as Students’ Industrial Training Program or an Internship Program which aims to fulfill the needs and requirement of every undergraduate degree program in Universiti Utara Malaysia. It is a obligated condition for all students in order to complete their Degree in Bachelor of Decision Science Program. Student who has already completed their courses are compelled to undertake this practicum program which they will then conduct a project which contributes 60 percent of the marks for the practicum grading system.

This project will also help the organization to overcome any problems that they are facing. The purpose of the practicum program is to expose the students to the working environment and also to familiarize them with industries that they will probably be working for in the future upon their graduation. Besides that, it also attempts to train thee students to nurture the necessary skills before they enter the real job. Practicum programme is handled on a partnership basis between UUM and various industries.

In this regard, inputs from the industries are significant to UUM in nurturing quality graduates. This programmed could also see as a method to integrate theoretical knowledge with hands-on knowledge. In this way, the students would have the opportunity to apply their understanding of theories into the real working environment within industries. Students are qualified to join industry training after they have completed their study of 123 credit hour courses. Students also depend on the practicum program rule that will go on within 16 weeks or 4 months. This

approach was arranged between two-side party of UUM and the industry training organization. All of Faculty of Quantitative Science’s students from College of Arts and Sciences are required to go for practicum training after their Final semester. It is necessary for them in order to graduate as a Bachelor of Decision Science with honors [B. Dec. Sc (Hons)]. This practicum training will help them to gain their knowledge about organization/industry that they are interested in and will give them challengeable tasks in order to survive in the real working world.

The purpose of the practicum programme is to expose students to the knowledge and experience on real working situation at any company provided. It also aims to familiarise students with industries they would possibly work for upon graduation. Besides, it can also be regarded as a programme, which attempts to train the students (to nurture necessary skills) before they enter the job (market). This program could also be seen as a method to integrate theoretical knowledge with hands-on knowledge.

In this way, the students would have the opportunity to apply their understanding of theories into the real working environment within industries. Their skill not only focuses on the courses, but also in conversation and communication with the organization staffs. So that, the company will gain the suitable experience and expertise from the students in term of achieve quality professional worker. These conditions will give the benefit for the students and the organizations themselves in handling problem solving now days.

These also could give a response direct to UUM to study on what organizations demand by university students and to produce the quality of UUM students to fulfill the requirement in their career field and to strong two-side parties beside UUM and the organizations. Students also are expected to participate in group discussion and task by delivering ideas and suggestions, and solve problems faced by the organization. Practice good work ethics in performing tasks also important as students need to follow instructions and work schedules as stated and willing to receive and performing instructions efficiently.

Practice safety procedures will be the most important to ensure the safety at the work place. So that, students are needed to observe safety, steps and procedures and act as required by the organization. Throughout the duration practicum, each student are supervised by 2 supervisors namely a supervisor set by Faculty of Quantitative Science and a supervisor from organization. Both that supervisor preparing assessment will affect grade achieved student.

Each student should refer to respective supervisor if be any problem or any uncertainty of a thing. Practicum training focus on a few objectives which are: i. Reveal students to real job natural. This is some introduction to students on job environments would go through. ii. Raise awareness and increase students interest in further education to pursue in future time. iii. Cultivate positive attitude and able to take wise action. While undergoing this practicum training, students should know how to manage all works that was given to them.

This can build positive attitude for them and can train themselves so that more responsible to duty that had been trusted. iv. Students can gain more knowledge either in academic or technically. They may learn about planning techniques which are never learned before during their study. v. Widen socialization with society crew industry. This could give opportunity to students to learn socialization among way employee, employer and etceteras. Students can assess their ability in job natural after end learning later.

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