Travel and Tourism Management Practicum Report

By executing my duties and responsibilities in observance with the rules and regulations, I could wrap up that my performance is great and that I so far display the qualities of an outstanding worker. Every individual in our office could see my hard work and willingness to accomplish a certain task. I always go to school on or before the time and show my colleagues the finest smile I could ever bestow.

Frequently, I make myself busy by searching for something to do such as updating the files and manuals of our department; creating barriers and dividers necessary for the documents we compile, offering some help from our bosses; and even little things that will make my day a productive one.

Compared to the other practicum trainees, though each of us is very much competitive when it comes to work, my effort and willingness is undeniably unbeatable. Several specialists in our area would usually look for me to seek for some help with various computer programs.

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I get to be of assistance to the some advisories ISSD release. This is for the information , guidance, and strict compliance of the domestic and international crew as well as the flight pursers.

In this period of my training, I haven’t noticed or encountered any difficulties with my fellow OJT students yet. We work as one and with camaraderie. We share our tasks and help each other with our responsibilities. I am very happy and grateful having them as my colleagues. We always aim for magnitude and finest therefore; we execute our duties and responsibilities with passion and dedication to our work.

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We might have some minor problems however we consider those as challenges we have to surpass to make our errands successful.

When I first go to office, I’ve met different people from various universities like, Far Eastern University and Lyceum University of the Philippines. I found them very much sociable and welcoming having us warmly received in our office. They taught us the necessary things to do in the office. We were taught how to assist the cabin crew regarding their concerns. We learned how to distinguish domestic cabin attendants from international cabin attendants and flight pursers by just looking at their clothes. We’ve also taught how to scan and photocopy using the different machines. And we’ve been trained how to distribute safety bulletins and advisories to the cabin crew which they consider as necessary requirements they have submit before having their flights.

In my stay in PAL ISSD, I could say so far that almost everyone in the place is very approachable and welcoming. They would always greet us with their warmest smiles and display a very friendly atmosphere. Employees in our department are very easy to get along with. We don’t hesitate to ask questions and concerns for they are very much sociable and very willing to answer our apprehensions. It made me feel comfortable and satisfied working in my new setting.

I never fail to bestow them my greatest smile since they’ve always been good to me. Unfortunately, because of the conflict of schedules, they had to leave the office in a short time having their OJT started early. They had to go to their respective schools to have their courses taken. I will surely miss their company.

In a short period of time, I have observed distinctive personalities and dispositions of the practicum trainees from other schools. Some are competitive enough and of course every school has a share of laziness and silliness. Some don’t take their OJT seriously. But they are all very friendly indeed. They talked to us and cracked a certain topic for a conversation. We get along so well and find time to bond with each other while we’re in work.

When it comes to advantages, I think I have a lot that will make me such an asset in the company over other practicum trainees from Benilde and other schools. First of all, I am a very competitive person. I consider myself as the most competitive practicum trainee among others. I always long for the best. I remember when we had a quiz about different advisories in PAL, I really studied hard which made me the person who got the highest score against all the practicum trainees. I got overwhelmed and as a price, I was given a one day off or equivalent to one day, no work but with hours. We were given another competition; a race on which group would be the fastest to submit a soft copy of a certain manual. Our group with my supervision got the first rank. I was given the top price for having most of the work.

Furthermore, I have numerous talents and skills that will benefit my company. I am not bragging, but I’m stating fact about what had happened in our office works. Several of our bosses or what we called specialists, would ask for me to help them with their works. I may be in Microsoft word, execel, or PowerPoint presentations. In return, they will give me some chocolates without me asking them for one. They were just so thankful to have me in their office. I gained a lot of praises and compliments from my bosses. Given that situation, I will always feel better and motivated to do ordinary things extra ordinarily well. Moreover, besides the skills and abilities I have for my company, I’m also a friendly one and a smiling face person. They would give me a name for Miss Congeniality; plus the fact that I always make myself presentable.

And the last but certainly not the least, I know my priorities. I would always prioritize my work and assignments than any others unlike other practicum trainees. “First things first”. I believe and I live with that statement. I know how to identify right from wrong and I am determined when I conclude a testimony.

On the other side, I actually have no idea what particular advantage they have over me. For the boys, I think they’re more advantageous knowing that they have the looks and confidence which strikes our manager.

My fellow Benildeans are very much dedicated to their particular duties and responsibilities. We are representing the name and image of our school that’s why we’re very careful with what we’re doing and what we’re saying for we know that Banildeans are the bests!

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Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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