The Power of a Mother’s Love

The aforementioned statement may sound funny but it may ring true for some daughters. Others may take the opposite view as each woman has her own unique love story or experience to tell. Nevertheless, there are mothers who are involved in their daughters’ love affairs. These are mothers who seriously take time to monitor their daughters’ love life and romantic pursuits. Ever heard of the resounding cliche mothers know best? As they say, mothers seem to have the instinct to know.

It can be attributed to the inherent female gift of intuition.

Whatever it is, mothers do have the maternal instinct to find out and check on their children’s lives- especially the romantic aspect. Mothers are creatures filled with overwhelming love for their children. They exert great influence on their children. They prepare their children for the future by teaching them solid values, rear them in the proper way and send them to good schools. A mother would lovingly do anything for her children- be it sons or daughters.

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Likewise, there is a special connection between a mother and daughter. It is a special bond that transcends love and respect.

And for most mothers, a wonderful marriage life is what they desire for their beloved daughters. Since time immemorial, this desire has been the heartfelt and spoken wish of every mother. A daughter’s great and beautiful marriage is a dream come true. For some mothers, marriage is a sanctuary; a source of security and happiness. In other cultures, new-born daughters are given into arranged marriage to ensure their future.

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And there are still many mothers today who are willing to give up anything for the sake of their daughters’ blissful and solid marriage. Marriage is bedrock of security for daughters and sons alike.

Two beautiful stories encapsulate this maternal desire. One is a classic book by Jane Austen entitled Pride and Prejudice and the other one is a 2007 film, Because I Said So. On Pride and Prejudice In Pride and Prejudice, readers are introduced to the Bennet family. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet have five daughters who are unmarried. The Bennet’s properties or estate is entailed to a male relative; for this, the daughters have no share of any inheritance. This troubles Mrs. Bennet much as she worries greatly for her daughters’ future. She ardently desires that her daughters find their true love and be wed.

For her, marriage is the solution to her personal woes over her daughters’ status. For this, she is on the hunt for prospect husbands intended for her five lovely daughters. However, Mrs. Bennet is an ill-mannered lady who lacks the grace and etiquettes required in social functions. This can be explained by her family’s social status. She is regarded as foolish and she earns the annoyance of people around her especially the affluent ones. From the novel, wealthy bachelor men namely Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy are the clamor of single ladies in and around the Netherfield Park.

Their coming became the buzz of the whole place and they held a ball as a celebration. The Bennets attended the ball and Mr. Bingley was immediately attracted to Jane, the eldest and prettiest among the Bennet sisters. The two danced throughout the occasion and hit it off. A romance between Mr. Bingley and Jane started to blossom. Mr. Darcy, however, was repelled by Elizabeth’s (the second eldest Bennet child) firm character. As the days passed, Mr. Darcy is soon pulled towards Elizabeth’s wit and intelligence. But then, Mr. Darcy is disgusted with Mrs. Bennet’s unlovable attitudes and convinced his friend, Mr.

Bingley to severe his ties with Jane. Afterwards, the two men went back to London. Jane was heartbroken and Elizabeth, seeing her sister’s agony, became mad. To cut the long story short, the story ended happily with Jane marrying Mr. Bingley and Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy. The marriage of her two daughters delighted Mrs. Bennet much. Earlier in the story, the youngest daughter, Lydia, eloped with Mr. Wickham and the couple married causing exceeding happiness to her mother. Lydia is the favored child of her mother. Austen’s novel highlighted the need for young women to marry.

Aside from love, marriage is depicted in the novel as a way of escape from poverty. This is reflected in Mrs. Bennet’s only goal in life. The Bennet maternal figure may fall short of good graces and personality but her incessant longing for her daughters to be married is perfectly normal. She may possess unacceptable mannerisms which turn people off yet she has a genuine and sincere heart that goes out for her daughters. She wanted them to be prosperous, well-taken cared of and in a joyful relationship. She is not the embodiment of a perfect mother but she supports her daughters in their respective romantic life.

She is not portrayed in the novel as someone choosy or picky of men. Further, she graciously gives her approval for marriage. Her love for them has fueled her to willingly let go and release her daughters in marriage. On Because I Said So The 2007 film starred by Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore, among other actors, tells of a story of a frantic mother who wants to make sure that her youngest daughter will tie the knot. Daphne (played by Keaton) has three daughters whose youngest child, Milly (Moore) remains unmarried. Daphne considers Milly as the most unfortunate in love among her daughters.

Daphne is a divorced single mother wrapped in loneliness. She fears that her Milly will become her clone in unsuccessful relationship. Determined to take Milly out of her same predicament, Daphne secretly posted an ad in search for a man for her daughter. She interviews the prospect guys in a restaurant and screens them. Milly ended up dating two guys – Johnny and Jason. In the end, she chooses Johnny who is much more like her. She also found out from Jason what her mom did. When is about to confront her mother, she discovers that her mother and Joe, Johnny’s father are into a serious relationship.

The film ended with a wedding- Daphne and Joe’s. Daphne is a groovy mother who is keen on saving her daughter from the prison of loneliness for which she is captive. She proved it by doing the odd and unimaginable- posting a personal ad in a dating site. She used the power of technology and cyberspace in hopes of finding Milly’s knight in shining armor. Milly was aghast at first but later realized her mother’s strong love and concern for her. Without her mother’s effort, she would have not known Johnny who appeared to be her promising husband. In addition, her mother found her great love in the course of finding one for Milly.

A Mother’s Heartfelt Wish Motherhood is a tough and noble calling. With it comes great responsibility stringed with much love and concern. A mother’s love is so powerful that it even seeks to secure the future of her children. It is an unselfish kind of love. A mother immediately thinks of what lies ahead for the unborn child in her womb. She thinks of the future and how she could give the best of the bests for her children- even at the expense of her life. A great future for her children is every mother’s heartfelt wish. It is the good future that she bears in mind when she gives her children-especially her daughters- in marriage.

Some mothers even go beyond their calling and play the role of Cupid, patiently looking for possible husbands or wives for their children. Mothers would dare to move the heavens and earth in order to locate the perfect match for their children, crafting and revising strategies. Those who are successful in this pursuit demonstrate the power of mother’s great love. That, even in their respective romantic lives, their mother’s concern and intervention can turn into magic. After all, finding one’s great true love with the help of a mother is exciting and sweet.

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