Poetry - Pablo Neruda

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1. The speaker in this poem is the personality, due to the fact that very first individual is utilized (“I”).

2. The character of the speaker changes from the start of the poem to the end. At the beginning the character is unsure in his words and actions, can’t find a response to his concerns: “I do not understand, I do not understand where it originated from, from winter or a river. I do not know how or when”, “I did not understand what to state”.

The character has actually likewise lost his identity: “there I was without a face”, “my eyes were blind”.

By the end of the poem, the speaker ‘discovers himself’ as part of something, part of the “void”, “mystery”, “part of the abyss”. He finds himself going with the circulation, wheeling “with the stars”, “my heart broke loose on the wind”.

3. a) The sort of images utilized usually after the line, “and unexpectedly I saw” in verse 2 are gotten in touch with the nature and its flow: “palpitating plantations”, “shadow perforated”.

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They are likewise connected with how the world opens for the speaker: “the heavens unfastened and open”.

b) This imagery contributes to our understanding of the speaker’s thoughts and feelings when he first encounters poetry, because the reference to nature helps the reader to understand the idea of the poem. Nature is something everybody understands regardless of nation or education.

4. The speaker’s first lines of poetry could be “pure nonsense, / pure wisdom”. They could be nonsense because he is not guided by his thoughts, but the poetry simply flows in him and he writes it.

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The lines can be wisdom as well because of the way the poet receives his ideas and puts them into words.

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Poetry - Pablo Neruda

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