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Plato's The Allegory of the Cave: The Experience of Reality

The Allegory of the Cave In the Allegory of the Cave it is explain how reality is different for everybody. Not all of us have the same view of what reality is, most of us believe in what we see and that is the reality we know and the one we believe in. In this allegory we hear the story of prisoners who are chained in a cave just looking at a wall in front of them, behind them there is a fire and between that fire and them there is way, here is where people pass by and when this happens, the prisoners are able to see their shadows and this, for them is the reality.

Then a prisoner is freed, and he is allow to go out of the cave and see the real world, here is where they learn that the shadows are not at all the reality, they learn more things about the world and then he goes again into the cave to tell his friends but they don’t believe this, because they only see him as a shadow and the stories they heard from him they are not even able to hear them.

I believe that everybody has a different point of view of what reality is; everybody has their own theory of how they see life and how they experience it. In my opinion I think that most people believe that reality is what they see and that there is nothing else beyond that, but of course there are people that believe there is something beyond than what we see.

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Plato's The Allegory of the Cave: The Experience of Reality
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