The Place Of Motion Graphics And Visual Effects In Fashion

In contemporary computer age, the use of 3D or 4D studio program editor to create visual effects and motion graphics has impacted greatly in the marketing of business across the fashion industry. Motion graphics make use of animation, using advanced 3D or an advance 4D visual software in creating real life scenarios, as those utilized in cartoons for film movies. With the advancement in motion graphics and visual effects software near- real life effects are easily developed.

These graphic effects and visual displays are designed with video and animation technology to bring about illusion that reflects motion.

Motion graphics are joined with audio to be used for multimedia project presentations. In the fashion industry that is highly dynamic, with constant changes in fashion trends and designs, the use of motion graphics and visual effects goes along way in brining about creative designs that would be replicated and transformed into layout for modelling clothes and other clothing designs.

Motion graphics is also germane to the fashion industry as it gives photographic film display of clothing designs that replicate the designers’ innovations and creativity.

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Fashion is all about an individual expression and ideas. Through motion graphics and display the nursed idea is coordinated and brought into reality. By the creation of a media art environment from the technology in motion graphic and visual effects the imagination of the fashion designer is brought to be through effect and continuous editing.

The use of motion graphics and visual effects for fashion gives ample alternatives regarding different design pattern to adopt and develop.

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This is made possible by the ability to utilize motion graphic software in calculating and randomly changing the image and design patterns through illusion motion and transformation sequences. Also, in the aspect of shaping clothes designs for different people the use of motion graphic technology comes to play. As people have different shapes, with the help of this technology cloth are easily shaped to match and fit different users’ shapes.

The approach of cloth shaping is done in two phases using a motion graphic technology. “In the first phase, garments are planned out and displayed in two dimensions. After this is achieved, they are sewn around the body and animated in three dimensions” (Werner, et al 1993) Fashion is an artistic display of design, thus through motion graphic and visual effects the projection of the image which people wants in clothing achieved. For instance, clothes for sportsmen, children and those for models are projected through graphic designs and visual effects.

Another aspect of fashion that motion graphic plays significant role is in colour separation and colour mix. Clothing becomes very attractive when colours are rightly mixed. A designed cloth may have good cuts and shapes, when the colours are not properly mixed and having the right choice this would make it not too appealing. Though motion graphics colours are mixed and tried on clothing designs until the best and most appeal colours are generated for the final material designs.

Fashion designers are in the habit of predicting colours that would be in trend for a particular year, through motion graphics the right set of colour would be choosing for cloth designs. In the aspect of marketing and advertising fashion, the technology in motion graphics and visual display is useful in slides presentations and video film advert displays. Websites for advertising fashion can be designed using animation and visual effects to replicate how trendy and the good shapes for a designer cloth. Thus, motion graphic also helps in website designing for fashion shows and adverts for video /television displays.


Werner, Martin H, et al (1993) “User Interface For Fashion Design” (7-10-08)

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