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Pharmaceutical Industry Essay Examples

Essay on Pharmaceutical Industry

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Case Study About Ethical Conduct in Cipla Limited.

Cipla Limited has rarely been accused for Ethical misconduct. In the above mentioned case, the Drug Control General of India (DGI) agreed with Cipla that the clinical trials were conducted properly after investigating thoroughly. The code of conduct designed by Cipla Ltd., is followed strictly. As an outsider, I’ll say that the company has been ethical at all times as even after intensive resear...

Pharmaceutical Industry Analysis in Bangladesh

Traditionally, there is a common belief that herbal medicines do not have any side effect. A large majoirity of people living in rural Bangladesh are still traditional in their attitude. This segment of people demand natural products for all kinds of diseases. So, there is large potential market for herbal products in Bangladesh. The demand of pharmaceutical raw materials has increased in the rece...

Strategic Management

2. "Company Profile - Cipla Limited" www.indiainfoline.com. 3. "Indian drug giant Cipla slashes cancer drug prices - NY Daily News". Daily News (New York). 4. Michael Porter, 1979, Competitive Strategy. New York: The Free Press. 5. PESTLE analysis factsheet, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) 6. Quincy, Ronald. "SWOT Analysis: Raising capacity of your organization". 7. Harris,...

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Mercury Drug Research

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Analysis of Johnson and Johnson Company

Johnson and Johnson have built a reputable brand in the world and it is recommended they go deep down into the rural areas and poor countries to improve way of living. Provide free vaccination for children and help in providing affordable drugs to people that cannot afford mostly the under developed countries. Also it is recommended they help in making awareness of protecting the environment. They...

Sales and Inventory System in Pharmaceutical Industry

Sales and Inventory System- software-based solution used to simultaneously track sales activity and inventory Pharmacy- a store where medicinal drugs are dispensed and sold Data- fast and statistics collected together for reference or analysis Medicinal Drugs- something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease Pharmacist- a person who is professionally qualified to prepare and...

Evaluate the non medical influences on prescribing practice

Conversely the intricacy of nurse prescribing may make them more aware of what other members of the multidisciplinary team are doing and the unique skills and resources of other practitioners. (e.g. Pharmacists) Potentially at least, nonmedical prescribing is a powerful catalyst for change, enhancing collaborative working and promoting greater awareness of commercial enterprise among health profes...

The Business Enterprise Trust Case

Merck & Co should continue research and develop a formulated compound for river blindness. One of Merck’s philosophy is that “we try never to forget that medicine is for the people, it is not for the profits”, which makes sense ethically for Merck & Co to pursue in investing in developing a drug for river blindness. Merck’s value system is important here and if a company states th...

Teva Pharmaceuticals Case Study

Teva is a company that got to where they are by asking a billion dollar question. The answer to that question was taking the US’s generics market by storm, which is by no means an easy task to accomplish. Now they face a crossroads as a company and are in need of another big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) to achieve. I think that Teva’s recent acquisitions show that they are ready and willing to ...

Biocon's Next Management Strategy

BIOMAb is very important to this next phase of the company’s growth. In the past they have relied on their expertise and experience carrying over from the enzyme development background. However in this next phase they are entering into uncharted territory and as a result will need to prove they have the capability to adapt their expertise and continue to be successful in areas that are outside o...

Procedures Regarding Handling Medication in Pharmaceutical Industry

All medication must be handled following specialist training as it is in keeping with legislation and organisational policies and procedures. It also ensures that medications are administered correctly and safely to the right individual. By having the specialist training needed, the service providers concerned will know how to order, receive, store, administer, record and dispose of medication cor...

Rise of India's Drug Industry

Secondly, I learned that there are still opportunities to consider in India’s pharmaceutical industry. In the future, I can find an Indian partner who is in the business of pharmaceutical industry and form a partnership between me and him. That way, I could open a branch of the Indian drug manufacturer in Uzbekistan. There is a huge demand for pharmaceuticals in Uzbekistan and the supply is not ...

A study on Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited

To me, I do not find any discrepancy between the survey findings of MRC and all partisan approach In fact as Beximco Pharma is implementing the survey findings properly, they are acting as the market leader in this pharmaceutical industry. MRC department conduct the survey and prepare the survey report on monthly basis and send that report to CPM department. CPM department analyze that report and ...

Eli Lilly in India

Negotiating and Designing an Alliance. Retrieved July 18, 2010, from http://www. sagepub. com/upm-data/12290_Chapter_3. pdf - Powered by Google Docs Ranbaxy. (2010). Ranbaxy World. Retrieved July 18, 2010, from http://docs. google. com/viewer? a=v&q=cache:Nrn9UEPrl5AJ:www. ranbaxy. com/annualreports/newsletter-2010-ranbaxy-world. pdf+assessing+alternatives+to+Eli+Lilly+Rabaxy+Joint+Venture&...

Overview of SQUARE pharmaceuticals LTD

Due to the customer complaint and the lack of guidelines to prevent untrained sales staff from serving customers, we recommended that square pharma should take dynamic sales strategies for higher customer satisfaction. Foreign market: Though SPL captured Asia, Africa, Middle East pharmaceutical market but the Europe market till now un-captured. So square pharma should concentrate more in Europe ma...

Knowledge Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The use of a universal framework to engage pharmacists in assessing their own practices is an essential tool in making firms acknowledge their own level of knowledge as well as keeping them up to date with the most recent information. The fact that there is still competition and huge sums of money invested into R+D shows that all across the industry people are still challenging new ideas, however ...

Case analysis of Big Pharma’s Marketing Tactics

Such reputation does not make good PR headlines yet the marketing practices by Big Pharma has generate tons of profits for them, which possibly explains their nonchalance about it. However, a word of caution is the power of consumers should not be underestimated and it is not known how long more they will tolerate such aggressive marketing tactics. As such, Big Pharma is potentially facing a consu...

Direct-to-Consumer Advertising

Direct-to-consumer advertising. (2010, June 11). Retrieved March 4, 2012, from Sourcewatch: http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Direct-to-consumer_advertising Anderson, K. E. (1978). Persuasion: Theory and practice. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. Baker, S., & Martinson, D. L. (2001). The TARES test: Five principles of ethical persuasion. Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 16(2), 148-175. Evans, ...

Barriers to Entry and Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Only by securing a patent that can be defended against imitators can the value of all this R&D be recouped. The industry is subjected to rigorous regulatory scrutiny. Also, the government agencies usually examine all of the data to support the purity, stability, and safety of a new agent. The time taking for this averages 12 months. Until the new entrance has built up equivalent experience ove...

Square Pharma

Cultural environment: Incase of cultural environment, a company should think about following considerations (1) People views of themselves, (2) People views of society,(3) People views of organization (4) People views of nature,(5) People views of universe. Square strives for the achievement of millennium development goals for the human civilization. Square strives for an environment free from pol...

Financial Analysis for Pharmaceutical Industry

Abbott Laboratories: Abbott Laboratories is a diversified pharmaceuticals health care company. Abbott Laboratories was founded by Chicago physician Wallace Calvin Abbott in 1888. Abbott has a broad range of drug portfolio, medical devices, diagnostics and immunoassay products as well as nutritional products. Abbott's main strategy is product differentiation. Its core businesses focus on pharmaceut...

A Pest Analysis Of Pharmaceutical Industry Economics Essay

Product patent government will extinguish all this. Now, a patented drug would be manufactured utilizing the same chemical path and would be manufactured by the discoverer or his licentiates utilizing the chemicals with same specifications. Therefore, all the trade names of the same active ingredient would non hold any difference in pureness and drosss. The different trade names would hold to vie ...

The Nigerian Pharmaceutical Industry

In as much as the OTC market is motivated by self - treatment, the market is best classified according to therapeutic groups. In Nigeria, fifteen therapeutic groups have been identified, with dressings and medical consumables constituting the 16th group as shown in table 3. 1 (Erhun et al, 2005). The total market size from the demand point of view was about $900 million (MAN Pharm, 2006). Out of t...

SWOT analysis of indian pharmaceutical industry

Product patent government will extinguish all this. Now, a patented drug would be manufactured utilizing the same chemical path and would be manufactured by the discoverer or his licentiates utilizing the chemicals with same specifications. Therefore, all the trade names of the same active ingredient would non hold any difference in pureness and drosss. The different trade names would hold to vie ...

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry And Pfizer Company Economics Essay

As per the industry analysis and economic factors every bit good, drug companies industry is bound to turn in a rapid mode in the close hereafter. Therefore, puting in a stock like Pfizer, which has one of the best operating public presentations across the industry with greater R & A ; D disbursement, therefore presenting an optimistic hereafter in front, will be a wise determination. I, herewith,...

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