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The story The Jungle Book is a collection of stories written about the ecosystems and everyones part in it. This book is written mostly from the animals point of view telling their feelings and their unheard laws. The book was written in a very simple form and was very easy to read, understand, and analyze. This story was broken up into seven parts. The first three parts were coinciding and had the same characters throughout. The other four stories were entirely separate although they all had the same theme.

Plot Analysis:

All of the stories from the jungle book are written about animals. The animals have to prove things to other animals, and their struggles and victories make up the stories. Stories of Mowgli This collection of stories is about a boy that lived in the jungle. Mowgli was raised by wolves after his family was frightened away by a tiger named Shere Khan. Shere Khan wanted to eat the boy but the wolves would not let him.

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Mowgli grew up in the way of the wolves and the ways of the jungle. He learned all these from a bear named Baloo. Shere Khan turned the rest of the wolf pack away from Mowgli and so he had to leave. Mowgli then went to live with the humans of the area for a while, but after Mowgli killed Shere Khan they also threw him out. Mowgli went back to the wolf pack and showed them all that he was boss and took over the leaders position.

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The White Seal

This story is about a baby seal that grows up in a nursery on St. Paul Island. This baby seal is the first white seal that has ever been born. His name is Kotick. After two years Kotick follows a group of seals that are being herded by men. The men chase them to a slaughter pen. Kotick sees what happens and goes to talk to his parents about it. His parents tell him that this has happened for hundreds of years and will happen for hundreds of more years. Kotick decides that he will try to find an island where all the seals can live without any fear of men. He swims for two years trying to find this island. He starts to ask around the sea people to see if they have ever heard of this type of island. The sea people tell him that the Sea Cow should know. Kotick finds the Sea Cow and asks him to where the island is. The Sea Cow does not say a word but swims off. Kotick follows the Sea Cow to a island. The island is perfect so he goes back to where the other seals are living. The other seals do not believe that there is an island that man cannot get to so they refuse to leave. Kotick then goes through the seal population and starts to bite the seals until they have to leave the island. The seals then follow him to the island and they hibernate there for the rest of their days. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi

This story is about a mongoose that is raised by a small family of three. The family thought that they were relatively safe. The family lived in a jungle in a little hut. Many different types of animals lived in the garden. The family did not know, however, that one of these groups of animals consisted of two Cobras. These Cobras were thinking of killing the family. They thought that if they killed the family they would be able to live in safety. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi was aware of these snakes and knew that it was his job to protect the people. When one of the snakes went into the bathroom and waited for the father he went in after him and killed him. The people then thought that they were safe, but they were not. The woman Cobra was then up set because Rikki-Tikki-Tavi had killed her mate. The two Cobras had laid eggs together so he decided that it would be very advantages to destroy these eggs. He destroyed every egg but one so that he would have some collateral. He then went to find the Cobra. The Cobra was under the humans breakfast table and was about to bite the little boy. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi talks the Cobra into taking the egg and leaving. She does and he chases her down her hole and kills her. Toomai of the Elephants

This story is about a little boy who grows up in India. The boy is from a long lineage of elephant trainers. All of the experienced elephant trainers had never seen the "Elephants Dance", but had seen the effects of it throughout the jungle. One night the elephants started causing a ruckus so little Toomai went out to see what was the matter. He followed one of the older elephants named Kala Nag. Kala Nag put little Toomai up on his back and the two walked through the jungle. Kala Nag met up with hundreds of other elephants and they danced through the night. Later on the next day when the two had returned back to camp Toomai told all the old elephant trainers about what he had seen and participated in. The elephant trainers didnt believe him so they had to go out into the jungle and see for themselves. When they saw how the elephants had trampled the jungle floor during their dance they were ashamed. They then raised little Toomai up and gave him the praise that he deserved. For little Toomai had seen what no other had seen before, and was therefore the greatest among the trainers. Her Majestys Servants

This story is about a group of animals that are used in the war efforts of India. These animals include a donkey, a yoke of oxen, a horse, a elephant, and a camel. Each of these animals go and meet after the camel heard has stampeded. The animals conversation is overheard by an officer in the army. Each animal describes what his life is like and how each is more brave than the next. Then as each animal get to talking about their duties they realize that they are all needed for the war because each of their jobs take a special talent which only their breed obtain. Character Analysis: Stories of Mowgli

The main character in this group of stories was Mowgli. He was a quiet, well tanned, strong, long haired boy who was quite intelligent and was able to learn anything he put his mind to. He was kind, gentle, loyal, honorable, and brave. We can see this in the way he deals with the jungle animals, and also in the way in which he deals with his enemy Shere Khan. Some minor characters were Shere Khan, Bagheera, Baloo, Kaa, The Bandar-log, King Louis, Tabaqui, Raksha, Akela, Chil, Messua, Grey Brother, Buldeo, and Rama. Most of these characters are animals except for Messua. Messua was Mowglis biological mother. She looked after him when he went to live in the settlement with the humans. The minor characters were very important to the story because without them Mowgli would not have been able to prove his character qualities in the way he dealt with the people. The White Seal

The main character in this story was Kotick. Kotick was a young, white seal who was always curious about what laid beyond the horizon. He wanted to find a place where the seal population could live without being harmed by humans. He was courageous, honorable, devoted, and determined. We can see these qualities portrayed in this story by the way in which he administers himself to the job at hand. He also does not quit even though he is four years old and should be settled down and raising his own pups. Some minor characters were Sea Catch, Matkah, Grampus (Killer Whale), Sea Pig (Porpoise), Kerick Booterin, Patalamon, Sea Vitch (Walrus), Chickies, Gooverooskies, Epatkas, Burgomaster, and Sea Cow. Most of these characters were needed for the plot developement of this story. I think that the most needed was Kerick Booterin because he was the reason that the White Seal became so important. It was he that made Kotick go in search of an island which men could not harm the seals, and also it was he that made his men not kill Kotick. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi

The main character in this story was indeed Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. He was like a weasel in appearance yet had the temperament of a cat. He was a quiet little mongoose that only tried to please the people who were taking care of him. He would walk around through the garden and try and learn new things which would be useful to him. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi was loyal, trustworthy, and brave. We can see some examples of these in the way in which he deals with his dilemma of the two cobra snakes. We can also see these qualities portrayed when he has to make the choice of whether he should stay in the house of just leave the family. Some of the minor characters were Darzee, Nag, Teddy, Nagaina, Chuchundra, and Karait. The most important minor characters were the family and the two cobra snakes. These were the most important because the snakes represented the challenge to Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, and the family represented the responsibility that he had to the humans that had looked after him. Toomai of the Elephants

The main character of this story was Toomai. Toomai was a quiet, strong lad of about 10 years of age. He only wanted to grow up and be the best elephant trainer that he could be. The older elephant trainers often made fun and jokes with him. They said that he was too small to be a smart elephant trainer and that he would have to wait to grow up to become as seasoned as they were. Toomai was curious, brave, and knowledge seeking. We can see these qualities portrayed through the entire story, because of the way he approaches his destiny. We can also see these characteristics because of the way in which he was not afraid to follow Kala Nag into the jungle. Some of the minor characters in this story are Kala Nag, Radha Pyari, Black Toomai, Peterson Sahib, and Machua Appa. All of these minor characters were needed in this story because without them Toomai would not have needed to prove himself. Without this challenge he would probably not have become the great elephant trainer which he has become today. Her Majestys Servants

The main character in this story is a soldier. The soldiers name is never really mentioned but he is the main character I think. The soldier is telling his story from what he overheard from the animals. The soldiers characteristics are not visible although one of them seem to be observation. Some of the minor characters are Vixen, Dick Cunliffe, and Billy. These minor characters were not really needed for the unfolding of the plot because any other characters could of been used for this documentary type of story. Symbolism/Imagery: The only symbolism which I can see in this book was Shere Khan as a symbol of evil. Theme:

The theme of this entire collection of stories was one of great importance. It was that each person should learn to live and cooperate with their neighbors, and also learn to appreciate the animals. Style: The authors style was very easy to read and follow. Some of the stories were however quite childish and lacking in adventure. The author could of put a little more excitement into this collection by perhaps putting more thought into them. Also a bit more imagination could have been used in the description of the characters in this novel. Personal Reflection:

I like this novel mostly because of the fact that it is a classic in our literature. The stories were easy to read and follow although much more excitement could of been added. The stories included in this novel are something which an every day person could whip up on a weekend yet still be able to send a distinct message through. Rudyards purpose, I think, was to let the world know that we must get along with our brothers in nature instead of trying to tame them and conquer them. He must also in the back of his mind had a fascination with the mindset of animals and what some of their unheard laws must have been.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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