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Peer Review Analysis

Team A reviewed the papers of Crystal Thomas and Valerie Sanchez for our final team review. The previous two reviews provided the team members being evaluated with constructive criticism and acknowledgements of their success. The review process also provided the team members giving the reviews with insights into how to improve their assignments. This final review will accomplish the same goals.

Crystal Thomas

Crystal’s paper was well written, and she did an excellent job explaining the importance of using a balanced scorecard.

The team feels that the paper should include the balanced scorecard to provide the reader with a concrete plan and additional information on the company itself. Crystal supplied an outstanding communication plan that was well thought out, and very concise. It was noted that there were some grammatical errors that should be corrected before final submission. The paper flows well, and Crystal effectively conveyed her thoughts.

Valerie Sanchez

Valerie did an excellent job highlighting the importance of using a balanced scorecard. The scorecard provided as a part of Valerie’s paper contained metrics along with specific measurement goals for each metric. The team did note however that the minimum of three metrics was not met. The additional metrics would give the reader a better understanding of how the company will accomplish their goals. Setting goals for each year would further demonstrate the progression of the company. Valerie did an outstanding job with her communication plan. Overall the paper did an excellent job conveying how the new company will operate, and what their expectations will be.

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The feedback that Team A has provided will give Crystal and Valerie the opinion of their peers on their assignment. This feedback has both positive and negative aspects that will help the team as a whole in all of their future endeavors. Possessing the ability to give and receive positive as well as negative feedback is an essential attribute in our professional and personal lives. Team A has learned the importance of accepting and providing accurate feedback through the peer review analysis.

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