Participative Leadership

In taking the online quiz required for this assignment I found myself to be a participative leader. This type of leader fits me perfectly and I was not surprised to see the answer. I try to engage each team member in identifying necessary goals and developing procedures or strategies for reaching those goals .

Nursing management is a challenging and difficult task. The style of the manager can be important for employees’ as well as other members of the healthcare team’s acceptance of change and in motivating them to achieve a high quality of care.

From this view, participative leadership can be seen as a leadership approach that relies greatly on the leader functioning as a facilitator and mentor rather than simply issue orders or make assignments. Participative leadership theories recommend that the model guidance approach is one that takes the involvement of each member of the team concerned into consideration.

I encourage participation and contribution from members of the group.

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This helps them feel more significant and committed to the decision-making process. In participative leadership, however, the leader retains the right to allow the participation of others and eventually has the final say for the best interest of the group and entice teamwork. Teamwork is established through effective communication and a shared vision that reinforces an environment of collaboration with a constant free-flow of ideas. The leader must communicate a clear vision of where the organization is headed and how the team is going to attain this goal.

I find myself trying to take complete control and responsibility for the team.

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I have a hard time letting go and giving in to new ideas. I need to develop better listening and compromising skills. I am not a shy or quiet spoken person/leader. I do think I am fair, honest and take pride in maintain integrity. Taking a different approach and keeping an open mind would be a good place for me to start.

I most definitely will be watching for the leadership skills needed for advanced practice nurses in my clinical phase of courses. I am open to suggestions now as a leader in management in my current role. I feel it is always most important to do what is safe for the patients, the team and the organization. I am always watching the leaders of my organization and picking up skills I see as note worthy. Unfortunately, each organizations has leaders with attributes that should not be a part of leadership qualities.

The most important quality that a leader can possess is honesty. The process of becoming a leader starts with honesty and builds into a trusting relationship between leader and followers. If this quality is lacking no amount of team building will be successful. Honesty is the building block of any healthy relationship. “Honesty is the most powerful weapon in business” (Fralic, 2011, p. 447). “Leaders must have a sense of one’s own character and be able to accept no less than what is beneficial for the whole group”(Fralic, 2011, p. 447) In order to function with total honesty and integrity each leader must have the mind set of what is beneficial for the whole group not just the select few or the leader (Fowler, 2010).

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