Parents Make the Best Teacher to Their Children

“Nothing is secure when you become a parent, except the love you have for your children” Dr. Samuel Caddish. As a personal opinion, I would agree on that, parents make the best teachers to their children because they are the ones who begin the whole education, from the first word to the first steps, they are the ones who love them the most so they’d give their best as teachers. According to Pablo Riba (missionary in India) many Indian parents sell their lands and other kind of things with the desire of giving to their children a better education than the one they had.

People are really interested in their children’s education because every parent knows the importance of studies; all of them want to give the best education to their children so as teachers they’d give their best. Teachers are not as interested on their students’ education as parents are, some teachers don’t really care about the student’s education instead they’re only interested on a good salary, there are some teachers that are not that way but parents would focus even on details.

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Parents care about the behavior and the way their children express, when I was little I always got nervous when I had to perform a presentation, but when my mummy helped me I became a little bit more relaxed because she even showed me how to move, and that is something that a teacher could never do. Parents even take care of how their children are felling.

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Some parents can be too impatient with their children. People love their children but some don’t have enough patience, so if the kid doesn’t get the lesson fast, they might punish them.

My grandfather used to teach my dad and every time my dad forgot the lesson my grandpa hit him with his belt until my dad says the right answer. Nowadays some parents try to teach their children but they get tired of it, so they would rather hire a tutor and some others get frustrated about themselves when their own children can’t get it, for example those kids who are kinesthetic intelligence but their parents teach them in a verbal way, so their learning becomes really slow, some get disappointed about their kids for being “too slow” but the truth is that they need other way to learn.

Kids admire their parents; they are constantly learning from them, admiration is something that moves them to even imitate their body language as well as their words. According to Dr. Salvador Sanchinelli, specialist on children’s behavior, kids imitate their parents unconsciously and as a necessity. When kids have a doubt they would go and ask “daddy” or “mummy” so the little one would trust their answer and take it as a fact.

Kids often want to know whether you studied hard or not and why you did it, for them your answer is going to be the way they want to do it. From my point of view there are many people who can teach your children, but no one can do what parents can. Nowadays parents have to take their roll, and realize that whether they want it or not, they are teachers. I have a teacher that always says “monkeys see, monkeys do” I would like to ask you ?what kind of education do you want to give to your children?

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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