Pantene Pro-V vs. V05 shampoo Essay

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Pantene Pro-V vs. V05 shampoo

Many people who go to the grocery store usually always end up buying the cheapest brand of everything. This essay will cover and contrast two shampoos; Pantene Pro-V and V05. There are three differences in these two shampoos; price, quality, and guaranteed results.

Pantene and V05 shampoos differ greatly in price. In most grocery stores you can go and pick up V05 for about ninety-nine cents a bottle, Pantene Pro-V on the other hand may tend to be about five dollars on the average. This is the one of the very few disadvantages of Pantene Pro-V.

There is much more quality to Pantene than there is to V05. V05 is a concentrated formula that usually does not give the shine and the volume that Pantene does. Pantene has special formulas for different types of hair, for example, they have Hydrating curls for people with curly hair, Sleek and strait for people with strait hair, and so on. The makers of Pantene use the saying “Treat your hair like you treat your skin”. Would use watered down products to cleanse your face?

When someone reads the back of a V05 bottle it has no guarantee that your hair will end up shinier, or full of volume, nor does it have a guarantee like Pantene does. Pantene guarantees that if you try Pantene for ten days and do not see visible results, then they will fully refund your money back. Where was V05 when Pantene came up with this offer? They were probably trying to figure out a way to fit more water in the bottle and less shampoo, well they succeeded, now a special time offer-thirty-five percent more, and the best part yet, FREE! Thirty five percent more water and it even comes in a bigger bottle, which really is great quality!

In conclusion, Pantene may be a little more expensive, but it is worth the price. You get a great selection, picture perfect hair and visible results in ten days, plus a money back guarantee. So that cheaper brand may not always be the better one, which goes to show, you get what you pay for, thirty-five percent free water for everyone!

MLA- “Treat your hair like you treat your skin” Seventeen Magazine June 2000 p.53

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