Our Toughest Struggles in Life Can Be with Ourselves Essay

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Our Toughest Struggles in Life Can Be with Ourselves

In our life, struggles are everywhere. If we want to be successful, we will have to strive hard. Just as an old Chinese saying goes, “There won’t be the fragrance of calyx canthus if the flower doesn’t go through the chilly winter.” Only after we undergo different kinds of hardships, can we achieve what we aim at. Therefore, we must get ready to face the toughest struggles and try to deal with any ups and downs calmly and bravely.

When I was a little boy, I always dreamed of getting a nice toy like the one my friend Henry had. One day, I told my mother about that, hoping she would buy me one. However, she just ignored my idea, encouraging me to save money and buy one for myself. At first, I was so disappointed and frustrated that I got very angry with her. Later, I calmed down and thought what she suggested might as well be a good way to accomplish my wish. So I spared every cent I could in my daily life until finally one year later I accumulated enough coins and got that fancy stuff. During that year, I overcame numerous difficulties like killing the desires of buying candies, pulling myself back from snack bars, restraining myself from watching too many movies, etc. It was really too much for a ten-year boy. Nevertheless, my mother was right – I achieved what I had always wished for and trained myself the ability to handle any tough struggles in my later life.

Two years ago when I first came here, I encountered another unimaginable problem in my life – I understood little in class just because of my poor English. I was depressed and sighed in despair all the time. It was my mother and teachers who inspired me and gave me a lot of encouragement. They told me that difficulty was everywhere and it could accompany anybody anytime. As long as we got ready and took actions, nothing was impossible. From then on, I got up early every day to practice speaking English, listening to English and reading English. Besides, whenever I was free, I went to various markets to practice speaking English with native speakers. Success always shows appreciation for those who make great efforts. Nowadays, I am able to understand most of the lessons in class and express myself in English most of the time in my daily life.

What I get from my own experience is that life is not always filled with flowers and easiness. The road of our life is made up of struggles and success. How successful we are depends on how much endeavor we are willing to undertake. Accordingly, we need to prepare for any toughest struggles in life as they can come up anytime.

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