Combatting Global Warming: Planting Trees as a Solution

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Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century that started in England, the people during those times were already writing down the blueprint for a problem that the succeeding generations will have to face - the increasing problem of Carbon Dioxide emissions in our atmosphere. Carbon dioxide (C02) is released in tons, millions of tons everyday in every country – released from various factories and cars most especially. This buildup of toxic gases such as the carbon dioxide heats up our planet thereby increasing the possibility, and the danger of global warming – this is what we call the greenhouse effect.

Naturally, our planet exhausts its own share of carbon dioxide; however, our reckless actions only hasten this process and adds up to the statistics of emissions every second, every minute, of everyday. The immeasurable amount of greenhouse gases, such as the carbon dioxide, builds up in our atmosphere, as these greenhouse gases build up in our atmosphere, it traps the heat from the sun that is reflected back to the atmosphere from the earth’s surface.

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As the heat is trapped inside the earth due to the fact that it cannot escape brought about by the thick buildup of the greenhouse gases, heat builds up inside our planet. As the heat builds up inside our planet, the temperature the world over increases, as the heat increases, it threatens the lives of species everywhere especially the ones that are very sensitive to heat, such as the corals. The temperature increase also threatens to melt our polar icecaps which are home to a countable number of species such as the polar bears and the penguins.

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These species by themselves are already in threat of extinction and because of the melting of their home, the polar icecaps, the threat to their lives are becoming too close for comfort. The dangers are faced by everyone on earth and not only by some. We cannot deny the fact that this threat is real and dangerous. Now that we know the real dangers of global warming, what can we do to lessen its effect? What can we do to dampen the buildup of the greenhouse gases?

By answering the problem stated above, we need to realize what the natural way of absorbing these greenhouse gases are, such as the carbon dioxide for its amount in our atmosphere to lessen; and that is by the help of trees. We all know that trees absorb carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. What hastened the threat of the greenhouse gases is that, our dwindling number of trees in our forests cannot keep up with the incredible buildup of the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

If we are to plant more trees, without a doubt these additional trees planted can help very much to absorb the mass buildup of these greenhouse gases. Second, greenhouse gases are emitted from factories that burn fossil fuels and oils; this burning in turn emits greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. What we can do is to use renewable resources that are healthy and friendly for our environment. If we are to use renewable resources that are harnessed from the energies from the wind, the sun and the oceans, surely we can be able to lessen the emissions of these toxic gases.

Lastly, let us recycle. As cliche as it may sound, the help of recycling is factual. Instead of throwing garbage that is put inside the incinerator where it is burnt, and by burning it will only emit greenhouse gases, we can re-use these things in different ways; through this, we are not only lessening our carbon footprint, but we are also able to deal with the problem of waste management. If we are to do these practices, we will be able to lessen our emissions of greenhouse gases and in effect, lessen the threat of global warming brought about by these greenhouse gases.

The best solution in my opinion is for us to plant more trees. If we are to plant more trees, we are not only answering one problem in our environment but numerous dilemmas. If all of us cooperate and plant additional trees, we will not only be able to lessen the harmful effects of global warming through absorbing the increasing number of greenhouse gases, the carbon dioxide for one, but we are also addressing the problem of the dwindling number of trees in our forests. We all know that our forests are home to millions of species that give vigor and life to our planet.

By reforesting our bald and burdened forests, we are giving back the life and the home our threatened species needs. By planting trees, we are hitting two birds in one stone, so to speak. By reforesting, we are able to address not only one problem but a number of it - the carbon dioxide emissions are absorbed naturally; consequently lowering the global temperature, and we are giving back the home our species are in dire need of. The best thing about it is that it can be done by all of us. Planting trees need not be done by only the people who are influential for us to follow.

We can start right now, in our own backyard, through this; we are lessening our own carbon footprint thereby addressing the problem these greenhouse gases are throwing at us. We must not forget that the global issue we are facing right now needs cooperation among every one of us, among societies, and among countries. There are a number of ways by which we and our country can do to save our planet from slipping into imminent danger. What we can do is we must plant more trees, use renewable resources, and recycle.

We must not forget that our forests are more important than what it may seem to us, our forests are the lungs of our mother earth. If all of us are to follow these, we will be able to lessen our carbon emissions and consequently, increase the life of our planet. We must not forget that these greenhouse gases are a threat to our lives – it is a real danger affecting every one living on this planet of ours. To answer this growing problem, we all must change our habits that we know can harm our environment. The change must start from us. Let us do it now.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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