My tree planting experience

In the tree planting in Eden,Toril I was so excited, but it’s drizzling that day and we have to walk on the way to the site it was muddy and walking through the muddy path was a new experience for me, I was thinking that time if only I brought my slippers but I didn’t and so we walk to the “kubo” where we wait for the next instructions. Then after that a long walk through a muddy path again they said to group into four but our group only consists of three but we still go on.

And there on the planting site another new experience for me is planting the guyabano seedlings it was tiring but fun, the way we look for persons with seedlings and they let us plant it by ourselves. I’m having so much fun that I didn’t notice that I already planted four seedlings and still planting some more, but halfway I felt very tired already and was only walking along with the others, a thought came to me “I should’ve brought my water”, that time I was just walking and following the people in front of me on their way to get to the “kubo” but still planting on my way there.

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This time I was really tired I can say that I’m almost out of gas and I have only one thing on my mind… to get to the “kubo” of course to get cleaned, failed to mention that we’re so unclean that time, I have mixed feelings that time – happy because I became a part of this tree planting, and scared because this time I’m just walking and not planting thinking if it’s okay to just walk to the “kubo”, and last but not the least hungry and thirsty because of the hard work.

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In the end I was able to plant 12 seedlings and I got to the “kubo” safely, after seeing others accidentally slide I became cautious. There at the “kubo” we got cleaned up and get ready to eat, it was a boodle fight! Even while eating I was having fun. Then it was time to go home going through the muddy path again, and reaching the van, we had a stop over to clean the mud, and then on the way to Saint Benilde again this time I drift to unconsciousness and when I woke up we were already in school, that day I go home with a new experience, an unforgettable experience.

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