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Oscar Wilde Essay Examples

An Ideal Husband

Thesis statement: Human defines the ideal husband as the one that is kind, the one that care, and the one that has as only devotion the success and happiness of his family. In the book “An Ideal Husband,” Oscar Wilde, the author, presents Robert and Goring as two men who were ready to do everything…

Literary Analysis of Dorian Gray

To describe the walking dead all of the following apply: soulless, insatiable hunger, actions based purely on instinct; these qualities combined, with or without the rotting flesh, make a zombie but also can be readily applied to the main character of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. The novel analyzes the value of…

The Importance of Being Earnest: A tale of Victorian mockery

“Every word and every part of an individual was expected to be in accordance with the rigid moral and behavior rules, and each, even the slightest deviation from the rule was considered an offence which made the delinquent publicly disgraced. Even literature and art had its cannons which were to be respected” (Mathews, 2009). In…



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Modern english literature

The purpose of this course is to encourage students to gain an awareness of, and insight into, the evolution of modern English literature. Students will become acquainted with writers, poets and playwrights such as Thomas Hardy, William Somerset Maugham, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Virginia Woolf, George Orwell, Henry Williamson, John Betjeman, Ted Hughes, Charles…

The Influence of Corruption in the Picture of Dorian Gray

In The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde demonstrates the corruption of youth by taking the initial innocence of Dorian and turning his values completely immoral under the control of Lord Henry mainly through the use of symbolism. Even though he looks as though youthful and innocent his portrait reveals his truly aging and corrupt…

Is the Importance of Being Earnest a Satirical Play?

With the definition of a satire being, ‘the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity’, it is ludicrous to even propose that The Importance of Being Earnest is anything other than a satirical play, as the characters relishing in the upper class of the Victorian period unknowingly mock their…

Life of Pi Analysis

A. Example one In the early stages of Life of Pi, Martel mentions a place that Pi and Ravi had gone to visit while on vacation. While looking aimlessly through the window, they noticed three hills. On top of one hill was a catholic church, another a Hindu temple, and the other a Muslim mosque….

How do Victorian attitudes to marriage and respectability underpin the comic elements of the importance of being Earnest?

Marriage is loveless, wealth and background takes priority over most things, Algernon supports this with a quote (once again hes the rebel) Marriage is the end of freedom, Cecily wants to break free, very curious woman who looks at society differently. takes a liking to Algernon because of this. Quote below Secret lives of the…

The role of narcissism in ‘Dorian Gray’

Dorian goes from innoncent, pure, almost christ-like man without sin to a filthy, disgusting sinner who exploits everyone. The original sin pride, which usually is said to be the source of all other sins, gives birth to this new man. In this essay I will discuss how this sin leads to other sins; wrath, lust…….

The selfish giant

Oscar wilde ( 1854 – 1900) was born in Dublin, Ireland, the second of three childrend born to a well-known medical specialist and a prominent poetess, prose and nationalist under the pseudonym Speranza. In 1871 he enterrd Trinity College, then he went on to study the classics at Magdalen College, Oxford, England from 1874-1878. In…

Gender in ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’

Dramatic comedy originated in Ancient Greece in 5th century BC, centred around loose plot lines and exploiting certain situations through parody, farce and mockery. Comedy started developing in 4th Century BC where intricate plot lines were introduced, commonly based around love and romance and usually culminating in a satisfactory and happy resolution. This is much…

Gender Roles In The importance of Being Earnest

In The Importance of Being Earnest, the question of each gender’s role in society often centers on power. In the Victorian world men had greater influence than women. Men made the decisions for their families, while women worked around the house. Wilde raises interesting questions about gender roles in The Importance of Being Earnest, by…

MWDS : The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde was born on October 16, 1854 to Sir William Wilde and Jane Wilde, the second of three children. Wilde studied at Oxford, and joined the Freemasons in 1878 after failing to join the Oxford Union. After graduation, he went home to Dublin and began writing poems. The Picture of Dorian Gray was his…

The Canterville Ghost

The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde is a hilarious and playful look at the spirit world. It takes place in an 1800 British Castle, known as Canterville Chase. Residents in the area think a ghost haunts the castle. The story has an unexpected ending as Mr. Simon’s ghost eventually befriends Virginia, the daughter of the…

Aspects of comedy present in pages 1-10 of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’

Numerous aspects of comedy can be found in pages one to ten of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’. The aspect of servants and masters is one that presents itself immediately in the play, through the relationship that exists between Algernon, the ‘master’, and Lane, the servant. The first thing that is spoken about between these…

The Top 10 Oscar Wilde Topics

Modern English literature does not exist without the name of Oscar Wilde, the author of such prominent novels as: ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’, ‘An Ideal Husband’, ‘The Selfish Giant’ etc. His posture is inevitable for argumentative essay examples on literature. The usage of exaggeration, humor and irony are highly recognized means of expressing a thought by Oscar Wilde. His acquired taste of writing is exposed in good essay topics. The following persuasive essay topics would be useful for you and assist in understanding Oscar Wilde’s exquisite style. Select the most exciting theme which will attract reader’s attention from the very introductory sentences.

  1. How is Wilde’s personal life reflected in his works? What personal traits of character does he reveal through the main characters of his literature?
  2. The use of symbolism is typical for Wilde as an author. What is symbolic about Dorian Gray, a Wilde’s character? Use examples from the work of his, ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’.
  3. Some literary critics find Wilde highly critical? Do you agree with it if speaking about his satirical play ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’?
  4. What is Wilde’s attitude to family values and marriage? How does he show it his works? Do you personally agree that marriage is the end of freedom?
  5. What is narcissism and why is this neologism associated with Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray?
  6. Usually Wilde depicts men and women in all his novels as examples of average citizens? Why does he confer them with minor roles? Does the epoch reflect this tendency?
  7. Most of Wilde’s works are described as evocative and challenging not only in content, but also in meaning. Analyzing the work of his ‘The Happy Prince’, confirm or deny this statement.
  8. What is hedonism? How is this concept developed by Wilde? Compare his ideas with Robert Louis Stevenson’s.
  9. Can you claim that in our modern-day world there are a lot of ‘Dorian Grays’ in the society? If so, what are the typical patterns of their behavior?
  10. How is desire for youth described by Oscar Wilde? How do you think what pushes people to go under a knife of a surgeon to preserve beauty? Do such people possess Gray’s traits of character?

There are a lot of controversial aspects of Oscar Wilde’s works, that is why, it is good to try to concentrate on the most worrying issue for you. In this consequence you will be able to resolve evoked questions and become acquainted with the author itself.


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