Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde’ book ‘’Picture Of Dorian Gray’’ points out a question concerning the balance between the concepts like morality,narcissism, manipulation, strategy, beauty, and tactics. Wilde combines these concepts harmoniously in the human nature itself. The personality of Dorian Gray is controversial. His goodwill is hidden under the fulfill the infinite need of pleasure.

The term ‘’The Picture’’ is a metaphor for the obligation to rebuild the stability between the ethics aesthetics and refusing to acknowledge the fact that they are both exclusive.

In the life of Dorian Gray there are two conflicting concepts. Ethical decisions and the desire to live a life that he won’t forget. Wilde observes two contradictory ideology as seeing Dorian Gray as a base. The human itself driven by the desire and live the fullest life and the human itself living a more spirituality based life. The moral and social character is argued in the book.

Dorian sees woman as objects that amuses him. He sees woman as amusers.

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This is the part of Dorian Gray’s character. Part of his amusing life. Book argues the concepts such as both beauty of the soul and the beauty of one’s appearance.The portrait of Dorian Gray which is painted by the painter Basil Hallward is a way to show the idea of the spoiled human and spoiled spirit.It shows that how art can have a horrible influence over a person.Dorian allowed himself to be influenced by the painting. Artist Basil met Dorian and immediately ispired by the beauty of Dorian Gray.

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He painted countless amount of paintings of him.An example of what may happen to a person if they choose the correct path. Gray has some narcissistic need and he tries to fulfill them, not thinking the consequences it may cause and how damaging it could be to a troubled soul.In this paintings the painter Basil portrayed Dorian as mythological figures and heroes. The beauty of Dorian was very inspiring th Basil. The compliments he gave to Dorian kept Dorian alive,young and powerfull. But the feelings of Basil was a little bit more than art. He was in love with Dorian. He painted Dorian in his true likeness.

Basil showed his art to his friend Lord Henry Wotton because he was worried if he had revealed too much of his feelings toward Dorian. Lord Wotton appreciates and admires the beauty and the youth of Dorian as well as Basil did. He tells Basil that this portrait is his greatest masterpiece and the most perfect, flawless thing he has ever seen in his life. After all of these compliments Doriand thinks that beauty is the only iportant aspect of life and he will trade every single thing for a life long youth and beauty.While Dorian is living a self-centered life and seeing himself the most flawless human being Wilde shows us Dorian still cares how he lookes in others eyes and care about his image.The double life he is living he even has to attend a party after commiting a murder. He enjoys his double life because it contains good and evil at the same time and gives him the pleasure he is trying to fulfill.This double life style is actually mirroring Oscar Wilde’s real life.

Dorian Gray is kind of the fictional character of Wilde. Aestheticism can only be beneficial when accompanied by the morally acceptable and correct behaviour.Wilde critic one of the biggest flaws of our time.Valueing the beauty of the outside regardless of receiving any bad consequence for the morally lacking behaviours. The main idea of the book can be seen as the importance of aestheticism has gone far to a point thhat when one can’t observe the consequences of the self destruction. Book doesn’t deny the importance of joy and the importance of beauty and moral behaviours. The book states those are mutually exclusive. When writing yhe book and creating the character Dorian Gray Wilde was talking about the society and criticise the controversy on morality and living styles.

This book is a hard criticism among the society. Wilde is disappointed i the society. The character Lord Wotton is a stone to the devil. He tricked Dorian in to becoming haan half monster. He destroyed Dorian in every single aspect.The description Basil makes about Dorian is ‘’never says anything good but never does anything bad either.’’ This is a full rock thrown at the society. The book ’'Picture of Dorian Gray’’ states the importance of morality and morally right behaviour as the right and only way to find balance between ethics and beauty but jmost importantly find the stability between good and bad, right and wrong.Beauty on the outside isn’t enough unless it is crowned with inner beauty, good morals,manners and ethics.

Updated: Feb 27, 2024
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