Oprah Winfrey Commencement Speech

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Oprah's audience was really responsive of her primarily because she is a reputable icon known all over America. The audience was a group of diverse professors, personnel, graduates, friends and family. When Oprah started her speech welcoming the audience, she provided them an icebreaker saying she wished to let them in on a secret to personalize her speech. She lets the audience understand that her god child Kirby attends Stanford and she is very happy with her. Oprah uses humor throughout her speech as she says the name "Stanford" engaging the audience as she speaks.

She offers individual experience in her speech to show her audience that she too had experiences throughout college that might have prevented her from being the icon she is today.

Oprah utilizes terrific eye contact throughout her speech. She did not check out word for word what was on her paper since the majority of her speech was based off her experience as a trainee in the past at the start of the speech.

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She gave quotes of her daddy and B.B. King about discovering that is stunning. She lets the graduates understand that your education had simply begun. Her speech lead on to elaborate on how the world has a lot of lessons to teach. She lets the audience know that earth resembles a school and our lives are the classrooms. Life will have detours and roadway block but the trick to discover to be open up to the lessons. Self enhancement will assist progress as humans.

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Oprah consults with a welcoming tone keeping her audience engaged. Despite the fact that the speech is prolonged, Oprah was not repeated. She described a couple of life lessons of her own journey but still gave humor as she discussed the main lessons of her speech. The audience was still engaged throughout her speech. Oprah was extremely knowledgeable about her speech content. She spoke as if she was finishing herself and speaking like she would wish to be spoken with as a graduate. Oprah's posture was appropriate and the gestures she utilizes with her hands and tone of her voice made the speech stick out more towards her audience.

The overall tone of the message was exciting, funny and receptive. Oprah’s speech was spoken to relate to those who were not graduates also. She wants the audience to understand that a degree is important and you can not allow yourself or others to defer you of a goal or dream. The speech Oprah gave was ethical. She realized the majority of her audience was of the white race and she included her own racial experiences in her speech with the stories she shared. Her own experiences made up the entire speech. The graduates seemed like they were listening and understanding the speech based off the feedback they gave after she spoke. There were interactions from the audience when Oprah spoke about how she made it as the icon talk show host.

Oprah conveys to her audience to learn that life is more than just making money. You have to earn it and making money has to have meaning. If you do not have meaning in making your money and making a difference to the world then money doesn’t matter. Oprah shows much inspiration in her speech that should make the audience aspire to be like her or even more. Overall, Oprah did a great job catering to the diverse audience with her speech. It did not seem rehearsed, she gave eye contact and her audience seemed engaged in her speech for the 30 minutes I analyzed it. She did a great job and kept me engaged myself.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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