Nowadays, computers and other technology are very useful in the fields of education especially in our daily activities. The importance of computers cannot be denied in the fields of education because as we all know, computers are very significant in terms of learning and working. With those technologies, we can save time for other activities. Computers connected with internet also serve as useful tools for communication. Through this process various types of descriptive information and measures of students’ performance are converted into grades that summarize students’ accomplishment.

Online Grading System is designed to provide incentive reward for achievement and assist in identifying problems of the student. Grading System is the most commonly used in computing and analyzing the performance, talent and skills of student? Grading system is an exercise in professional judgment on the part of the teachers.

It involves the collection and evaluation of evidence on students’ achievement or performance over specified period of time. Parents can view and updated on the performance of their children.

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While teachers work load can be lessen through computing the grades automatically. Online Grading System of Cauayan South Central School (CSCS) is design to provide the system where in the parents of the students of Cauayan South Central School (CSCS) can access the grades of their children. Originally, the school was opened in the year 1953 through the initiation and encouragement of the late Teodoro Cariňo, who was at that time the Division Academic Supervisor from Pangasinan who resided here in Cauayan. The Teaching Staff welcomed and embraced the growing enrolment.

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Though their sincere and dedicated service to the community, they begged for more school buildings to house the school children hungry for formal education.

From this point of view, the school will serve as a potent instrument because of the vast extent of outreach and of the size of the populace. To optimize this contribution to social, intellectual and cultural development, it has to maintain and accelerate its progress to be able to cope fully with changing world. It is believed that with the time tested, loyalty and cooperation of the school officials and teachers, the CSCS will surely be the best show window of the City Division. Thus, the above reasons drove the researcher to conduct a study regarding the Online Grading System, which aims to improve their present system.

Statement of the Problem

This study was conducted to assess the present of Cauayan South Central School Online grading system and aims to computerize the records of the students of Cauayan South Central School. Particularly the study attempted to answer the following questions:

To what extent are the problems encountered by the students and teachers in the present system in terms of:

  • Security of records
  • Efficiency of the present system
  • Economics

What is the respondents’ evaluation on the advantages of the proposed Online Grading of the Students Record System in terms of:

  • Security of records
  • Efficiency of the present system
  • Economics

Is there a significant difference in the evaluation on the problems encountered as perceived by the three groups of respondents in terms of:

  • Security of Records
  • Efficiency of the present system
  • Economics


The result of this study “A proposed Online Grading System for Cauayan South Central School, Cauayan City, Isabela” are very important to the following: To the school - The result of this study will definitely help the Cauayan South Central School, Cauayan City, Isabela no longer have to re-compute the grades of each student to check on their accuracy. Reports such as grading sheets and class records can be submitted on time via online.

To the faculty Teachers - Teachers would be able to record and compute for the grades of their students in any place or in any time with an internet connection and faster thereby lessening their workload and providing them with added time to attend to other functions. This in turn would improve their efficiency as teachers.

To the Students - Students can now look forward to better lessons since their teachers would have added time to prepare for them their lesson plans.

To the Parents of the Students - The parents can know the grade of their children through online. To the researchers - This study enhances the knowledge of the researcher in writing and programming. Furthermore, this study gave the opportunity to the researcher to learn and strive more to become competent in her field of interest. To the Future Researchers - this study will focus as an instrument for researcher related activities and will help them gain insights about the study and how to go about it.

Definition of Terms

Computer. It is any machine that does three things accept structure, process it according to prescribed rules and produce the result as output.

Computer Program. In this study, it is a set of instruction in some computer language intended to be executed on a computer to perform a useful task. Data. In this study, it is the plural of the Latin datum, meaning an item of information following classical usage, one time of information. Input. In this study, it is the information entered in a computer for processing. Information System. In this study, in programming it is a collection of routines stored in a file. Each set of instruction in a library has a name and performs a different, often very specific task. System. In this study, it is a collection component elements that work together to perform a task Software. In this study, it is a computer program, instruction that cause the hardware the machine to do work.


This study was conducted at Cauayan South Central School involving the pupils, teachers and parents during the School Year 2014-2015

This study focused on the assessment of the student’s grades of Cauayan South Central School and the development of the Online grading System. This study is limited only to the student’s grade and does not cover the other transaction of the school. It cannot be used for conversation. If the instructor submitted wrong grades of student, the online system is not reliable in human error. The grade encoding process relies on internet connection

Review of Related Literature and Studies

To be familiar with the study, the researchers gathered some information through surfing the internet and scanning text book to improved their related literature and studies.

Local Literature

According to Torall (200) think with all the tough times were facing, having a website now is very important among small and medium enterprises and use it as medium to sell product and disseminate corporate information. Having a website communication where one can join.

Foreign Studies

According to Moreno (2000), School is now in their own website but they got to effectively utilize this technology to bring real benefits to their audience: students, parents, teachers, and school officials. The World Wide Web is one of the most effective communication technologies today. A school website can expand opportunities for parents to communicate with the school and become more informed about the education their children are getting. Teachers can use the school website to share ideas with other teacher and make them available even to everyone else.

A school websites can also allow parents to voice out there concerns to school officials. Some parents avoid communicating with their children’s school because they do not feel comfortable talking to teachers or they think their concerns will not be heard while others are simply burned out by their work. When the need arises, many parents and teachers find themselves unable to contact each other. School websites can greatly eliminate barriers in involving parents in the school.

Foreign Literature

Castro(2000). The World Wide Web is the Gutenberg press of our time. Just above anyone can create their own web. Web site and then present it to the internet public. Some web page belongs to business with service to sell, other to individuals with information to share.

Randall(1996) an English professor at the University of Waterloo Canada, heist the author of several books about the internet. Thousands upon thousands of companies, organization, and individuals are looking to the web as an important means disseminating information. If you’re not part of it, you’re already somewhat behind. Jumping onto the web is like jumping onto the biggest stage ever designed. When you put your page in the web, you’re inviting the world become take a look. Most internet user won’t bother, either because they’re not interested or, more likely, because they never get to know your contribution (it’s a huge stage).

Realizing that the average person, when they begin to look into CCTV, has little way of knowing where to find expert advice at reasonable cost, we have set up this website to bring together some of the top people and organizations working in this field. The companies and individual found on this web site are those who do not just talk about excellence, but both believe in it, and make sure that it runs through every fibred of there organization and dealing with costumers.

Local Studies

Guidance for Government Webs site Issued ( The National Computer Center (NCC) recently issued memorandum curricular 2002-01, “Guidance on Creation of the agency’s official website and compliance to the E-commerce law and stage one of the UN-ASPA stage of E-Government”. The circular further states that the computer agency will coordinate and provide technical assistance to national government agencies (NGAs), Local Government Units (LGU) and state universities and collage (SUCs) to ensure that they have website that will provide basic public information. The basic information includes the following; organizational aims structure and responsibilities of each unit.

Mangulit (2001) Book Store Inc. According to Mangulit, Website now number by the millions. There are personal Website, corporate website, small business Website, and so on. And the number of website just keeps on growing each day. Website provides two real value-adding services. Website allows companies to either make more money or save money. Business can make more money by selling their product and services through the website. The website also to save money allow business.

According to Ducusin, Many Business School, Individual, and Government agencies at all levels have rushed to establish a presence on the internet. The attraction is the ability to quick and inexpensively provides information to a large number of people. The website can provides the public with information about government agencies also provide about agencies mission, service offered, office hour, and email add for correspondence. Eventually users of the WWW will be able to submit request to an agency for document or other inquires directly though the webpage. Also provide information about the government agencies and the service that they offer. Many of the interactions between citizens and government that require visit to government office could be handling through home page in the internet. Request for permits driver’s license record, documents and forms could all be handled through the internet.

Technical Background

At present, Cauayan South Central School, Cauayan City, Isabela are using manual system in grading of student’s. They are using forms to track the student transaction in the school and then keep it in drawer or cabinet for safe keeping.! PHP platform was used in the development of the program. Since the project is designed as a client server program, two or more networked computers are needed in the school for the implementation of the project. The program will be used by the teachers. The teacher’s and student’s must registered if new and has no record yet in the website.

Once the students is already registered in the website and wants to have their grade, the student or the parent will just search student’s record, and then input his or her findings and recommendation in the website for the update of student’s record. Below are the technologies used in the development of computerized medical and dental record system.

Platform used in the development of program
Microsoft Windows 7,8,XP
Operating system (minimum requirement)
SQL Server Database 2005
Database (minimum requirement)
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, RockMelt, and Safari Browsers (recommended use of Google Chrome)

Computer Unit Specification (minimum requirement)
1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
Internet Connection

Ink Jet Printer (for report printing)

Hub and UTP cables were used in networking the computers.

System user must be knowledgeable in using computer.


The methodology chapter provides the details of the step by step procedures used in developing the Online Grading System. The project procedures will be explained in detail. Requirements Specification

The proponent used the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - a structured analysis concept in developing a system.

The proponent performed preliminary investigation to the school where we able to identify the process and flow of manual grading.

After the investigation, the proponent build logical model for the new system based from the user requirements.

At this stage the proponent design the user-interface and identify all necessary outputs, inputs, and processes. In addition the proponent design internal and external controls including computer based and manual features to guarantee that the system will be reliable, accurate, maintainable and secure.


I this phase the proponent constructed the new system. Program is written, tested and documented and system is installed. Phase

At this point, the clinic staff maintains and protects the system.
Based on the phases and deliverables of the SDLC, Figure 1 shows the timeline of the researcher undergone. The entire study is accomplished in 2014

Data Gathering Procedures

First, the researcher prepared a letter seeking for the approval from the principal name

After seeking approval, the researcher prepared the questionnaires, have them checked and approved by the Research Instructor and then administer the questionnaires to the respondents.

Data Gathering Instruments

This study made use of the Questionnaires as its main instrument in gathering data. It also made use of interview to support the data and information gathered from the questionnaires. This will also be supplemented by observations and documentary analysis.


The researcher used the questionnaire method in collecting data in a large number of people. The questionnaire undergone different kind of approval; first, the questionnaire was checked by the adviser to make sure that is related to the statement of the problem. Second, the English Critic made sure that the grammar and spelling were ceorrect.


The researcher interviewed the principal to obtain pertinent data and accurate information that would help in improving their manual grading.


Observation was done by the researcher to get more information about the current process.

Internet Researcher

The researcher used the internet to collect additional information about Online Grading System.

Library Reseacher

Library research was done in defining terms in the study and served as a reference in making document analysis from similar studies and procedures. The method helped the researcher and served as a guide on how to organized data that is needed on the study.

Figure 3: Input-Process-Output (IPO) model

The proponent used the IPO model. In the input column is information or ideas used by the researcher. Processing column are the actions taken upon using input. Output is result of the processing, which is the development of the proposed system.

Data and Process Modeling

Figure 4: Proposed System Context Diagram

The context diagram illustrates the structure of the Online Grading System of Cauayan South Central School. It shows the relationship among the Administrator, Teacher’s, Students. The system has inputs like the student information, teachers information, and user information. To access to the system, the user enters the correct username and password. After the username and password validation, the user can add, delete, edit and view depending of the transaction desired. The system output is the Grade of the Student’s.

Data Flow Diagram

The researcher used the Data Flow Diagram to understand the flow of the project and at the same for future study. DFD demonstrate the external entities, data storage and the to be performed.
In the Lon in process, the user needs to enter his username and password.
When the username and password were entered, the system will look for any information matched in the database. As soon as the system confirms that the information given is valid, the system will show the user’s interface. There are different views for the administrator, the student and the teacher.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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