Online Management System for Yeha Hotel Reservation


Currently the World is going to be come in once. The introduction of modern computers since 1940’s changing the way people live, learning their environment and the way they gather information, process, and store data and communicate accurate and timely information in their daily activities. Therefore without using recently technological products especially computers, it is impossible to think about social, cultural and economically development. So in this century using information and communication technology especially the sophisticated and amusing machine known as computer and modern information handling in any aspect is a question of survival.

The group member will try the best way to make the complicated process of Online Yeha Hotel as simple as possible using Structured & Modular technique & Menu oriented interface. The members are going to design the software in such a way that user may not have any difficulty in using this package & further expansion is possible without much effort. Even though the group members cannot claim that this work to be entirely exhaustive, the main purpose of our exercise is perform each employee’s activity in computerized way rather than manually which is time consuming.

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Yeha Hotel is one of the business units managed and controlled by BT Digital Business Bridge PLC. It was established in 1993 G.C at Tigray Regional State, Aksum town. The Hotel is a three star hotel located in the outskirts of the city of Aksum on the historic route.


Currently the management system of Yeha Hotel is computerized.

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But, the system is not well developed .It doesn’t include all function like; from where the customer comes, amount of payment for reservation ,what they are doing currently .It the hotel is under several problems that negatively affects the reliability, performance, efficiency and effectiveness of day to day activities. Some of the major problems are:

  1. User cannot reserve things (bed rooms on line) well that they want.
  2. The hotel cannot well advertise the service that they give.
  3. Users cannot access hotel information.
  4. Difficult to insertion& retrieve data faster.
  5. Difficult to generate report.
  6. Delay of information in collecting & processing of customers’ data.

To solve the above problems the group members are going to develop a computerized system to manage the hotel service effectively and efficiently.



The general objective of this project is to solve the above problems by designing and developing an automated dynamic website that can enhance online in case of Yeha hotel.


To change the manual file handling system in to advanced method of computerized system To reserve bed rooms and other services online

To access the hotel information
To solve complicated problems that faced to record the manual system To solve the time, cost and man power needed to job performance To provide efficient service to the new customers
To solve data redundancy
To keep data security and reliability
To need fast data insertion & retrieval



The team members use waterfall approach since it provide great opportunity for user to participate in the development process, has extensibility feature.

Programming tools

  • HTML (Macromedia Dreamweaver 8)
  • JSP (Net Beans IDE 7.1.1)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Notepad
  • Microsoft windows7
  • Different browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome and internet explorer) HARDWARE USED
  • Computer
  • Digital camera
  • Flash disc


During information gathering the group members have used a number of techniques that helps us to get full information about the system. These techniques are:


The team members have observed physically by going to the place. Also the team has seen that there was no any well-developed computerized system in the hotel and also information about the hotel and the service that the hotel provides were not available easily. The team also observes that reservation is only by face to face or by using phone.


The other most important method that helps us to get most important and critical information about the general view of the hotel is by interviewing manager of the hotel and receptionist of the hotel. (Example:-how do you work currently?


The form that is used currently has significant importance in crating easiest way of analyzing the newly developed system.


Yeha hotel gives several services like, generate report, employee payment, making reservation, and give guaranty for the customer property, food order, and employee selection, introduce hotel service, security for the garden, check availability. But for now we only focuses on making reservation, Check availability, and reserved, room information, introduce hotel service and register customer.


Due to different reasons like shortage of time, lack of materials (hardware and software), and others, our project do not implement the whole services. These services are:

  1. Employee selection
  2. Don’t include branch hotels
  3. Employee payment


After finishing the project it will give a lot of advantages for the hotel as well as the customer and the society. Those advantages include the following things:

  • Well organized documentation for the hotel
  • Well-developed web site


The outcome of the project can be seen in many directions as:

  • The society able to get fast and better service
  • Well organized administration
  • Easy to access information from the hotel
  • Introduce the hotel as internationally
  • Avoiding conflict between workers



Our project is feasible because there is no lose of collections of data To reduce number of employee or worker in the system as result it reduces the outcome (money) in the system.

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