One of the Most Successful Gucci Campaigns

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Gucci is a luxury brand from Florence, Italy that is known best for it’s high quality fashion as well as it’s leather goods. In an effort to broaden the scope on “popular” Gucci products, Gucci brought in new creative director, Alessandro Michele, to create not only a perfume that is pleasing to the senses but also brings the consumer a feeling of peacefulness. In August of 2017, Gucci globally released the newest perfume to their fragrance line, “Gucci Bloom.” To successfully advertise this campaign, Gucci created a commercial that was aesthetically pleasing and created a scene of peace, tranquility, and freedom in the viewer.

Throughout the entirety of the short film, each setting is completely filled with beautiful pastel-colored flowers and women who in a soothing state to portray a sense that would otherwise be difficult to capture. This campaign film reached over 3.5 million views and received thousands of comments with incredibly positive feedback, making it one of the most successful Gucci campaigns ever released.

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This campaign was different than previous Gucci campaigns in the way that consumers felt after watching it. Many Gucci campaigns are known to be very abstract and difficult for the viewer to relate to, but in this case the viewers hoped to reach the level of tranquility that the women in the film possessed, and they were led to believe purchasing the perfume would do just that.

Gucci released the “Gucci Bloom” advertising campaign in the summer of 2017. Gucci’s advertising objective was to advertise their newest perfume at the time, Gucci Bloom.

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This advertisement was enacted to generate a high number of sales of Gucci Bloom and hopefully other products of Gucci, by creating a visually appealing commercial of their newest perfume.

With this advertising campaign, Gucci is trying to appeal to their audience by creating a commercial people will want to watch, instead of skipping through it or changing the channel. The target demographic Gucci is aiming towards are females, since this is a floral-scented perfume. These women are most likely upper-class due to the high price of Gucci products.

The age of consumers ranges between around 30 to 45 years old because in order to be able to afford a product of this expense, it is more likely the consumer is an older demographic rather than a younger one who would be more likely to only be able to purchase cheap or generic fragrances. The psychographics include women who are concerned with social status and favor quality over economy. Gucci is a high-end designer brand, and owning Gucci can bring about social status among others by owning products of this caliber. People who are concerned about grooming, scent, and cleanliness will be predisposed to buy this, as well, since it is a good-smelling, strong perfume.

Gucci’s “Gucci Bloom” campaign portrays the tranquility and beauty associated with not only the new floral perfume, but also the women wearing it. The main goal of this campaign is to express the freedom and diversity of women thriving in their element and show the power and strength women acquire as a gender. Gucci alters their brand image to portray a bigger message and showcase their support and respect for women as a gender by creating such a heavenly campaign.

The perfume has a very flowery-smelling fragrance, so Gucci’s advertising objective was to portray the perfume in a visually pleasing manner that pertains to what the perfume actually smells like. Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci says “I wanted a rich floral fragrance that transports you to a garden filled with many flowers and plants.” Gucci depicts the scent of the perfume by using lots of colorful and beautiful flowers, stimulating the various senses of the viewers. Michele says “Scent can be a way to travel somewhere that does not exist, that is purely imagined,” and this campaign truly shows that.

The Gucci Bloom advertisement received lots of positive feedback. Viewers’ comments on YouTube range from “Best commercial I’ve seen in recent times. So aesthetically pleasing” to “I have never been so affected by an advertisement before.” The creativity of the advertisement was greatly commended. Viewers raved about how this was an “advertising success,” and also praised the campaign for including well-loved actress, Dakota Johnson, as well as her performance.

Signified in the endless positive feedback and wide reach of this campaign, it is obvious that Alessandro Michele’s “Gucci Bloom” campaign was an absolute success. A company best known for it’s fashion products has made a huge leap in the fragrance world with this campaign, and the positive feedback will create a strong example for what kind of campaigns consumers are looking for from Gucci. Gucci successfully instilled the consistent quality and desire of their world-renowned products in this unforgettable campaign.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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