Gucci vs. Louis Vuitton Brand Comparison

Louis Vuitton, a leading fashion house in the entire world was created in 1854 is notably known for their leather handbags. Being a top tier luxurious high-end brand, the brand originally produced traveling cases and trunks, which are still manufactured today. The quality assortments have carved themselves in the fashion industry by blending craftsmanship that is handmade with necessary but very least mechanization (Bhasin, H.2018).

This has resulted in unique and with concentration on the designs and the authenticity of its traditional brand image.

They are also notable for the LV monogram on all of its products. In the manufacture process, Louis Vuitton uses computer programs to help leather workers identify flaws in the skin they receive, reducing earlier the number of defects and the amount of faulty products returned (Louis Vuitton: Luxury handbags coming off an assembly line). Gucci on the other hand, founded in 1921 in Florence, Italy by Guccio Gucci. All about exclusivity, quality and craftsmanship. Alongside, in the 1960’s the GG logo was created.

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Today, Gucci is striving to redefine luxury for the 21st century, as of 2017 they have worked with Kering on a 10-year sustainability plan “Culture of Purpose.” Working to find sustainable materials and find the least invasive processes.

Looking back at LV, in 1858 the first item created by him was the Canvas trunk. With such a success in Paris, the creation of different styles of trunks were developed. The brand extended towards handbags with the monogram canvas. Today in LV, you will find products such as clothes for both men and women, shoes, perfumes, watches, fine jewelry, accessories, fragrances, sunglasses and even books.

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Gucci’s products include accessories, clothing, including children’s clothing, handbags, shoes, etc. The brand is notable for the striped webbing that appears on many of its products.

The trademark was developed in the 1950s. One of the first products made was the bamboo handled handbag created in 1947. Moreover, Louis Vuitton over the years has created campaigns that have both elite and new models, such as Emmy Rappe or Xavier Dolan, as well as celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie, Sean Connery, Mikhail Gorbachev, Pharrell Williams, and Kanye West (Ivanova, A. (2018, January 26)). LV has incorporated celebrity brand endorsements/ brand ambassadors as well as, taken part in sponsoring mega sporting events like motorsports and yachting (Bhasin, H. 2018). The attendees are a wealthier society, using this as a tool to link to their target audience. The brand does not advertise their newest collections via television, due to their exclusivity, they are distinct with their presence in newspapers and fashion magazines. These ads are all about exclusively handled images that are distinct, which gets consumers to feel like they are a part of this exclusive group.

Likewise, Gucci has focused heavily on social media by collaborating with artists and influencers. For example, I remember their photoshoot with Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto. Gucci publishes driven content on their internet accounts that have an aura of elite and luxury. Through their website it features their campaigns and brands collections. Many celebrities collaborate with Gucci for the pop culture. Such as, Beyonce in her famous video “Formation” the video featured Beyonce with an array of female dancers clad in similar custom-made Gucci crop tops, leggings, and high waist booty shorts. Another campaign that has surfaced the internet is the hashtag #GucciGram which are series of artworks inspired by Gucci’s house prints created by insta famous best visual artists. According to Alesandro Michele,  GucciGram is a starting point to tell different stories, which are all united by a great freedom. Today creativity is often born and finds its voice in digital media, a vital source of visual culture (Danao, M. (2018, January 26)).

Gucci has also used controversial strategy from their advertising to give them a social media presence. For example, in the ad for its perfume called Opium it went on to post a naked image of the model Sophie Dah (Bhasin, H., (2017, December 31)). Many of their advertisements are placed in fashion magazines that they know their target markets are going to read. Also, work with celebrities and clients. Furthermore, Gucci’s heritage lies in Florence where its high-quality leather goods are produced since 1921. By 1974, Gucci had 46 franchised stores and had granted a wide range of product licenses. Under LVMH, rescued Gucci from oversaturation by buying back hundreds of licenses from licensees that were damaging the brand’s image by placing the Gucci logo on keychains and umbrellas (Geib, C., & Donnellan, J. (2014)). The Louis Vuitton leather goods collections are produced in their workshops that are located in France, Spain and the United states (Vuitton, L. (n.d.).).

As a result, after researching both of these world famous high end brands, I have come to the conclusion that they both have characteristics and brand identity that they try to follow in order to stay true to themselves. I think that Louis Vuitton’s consistency and revenues knock Gucci yet Gucci is not that far off from LV. Both brands being known for similar items, their price points and target markets are the same. They are trying to reposition themselves to a younger audience, even though us students can’t afford these types of luxuries we tend to feed into these brands.

We stay up to date, and follow their every move. Both of these brands have high social media presence through brand endorsements, celebrities, collections, runway shows, fashion magazines, etc. I feel like anyone who owns any type of high-end item are going to flaunt it on social media, believe it or not that brings in major brand awareness that benefits them even though you are not getting paid we are so unaware that these brands get us to do this for free. It was interesting to read about both of these brands creations from the beginning to the empires they have built to today.

However, I think that Gucci has faced more backlash on their products than LV has which I believe is because they are trying to stay at the same level as their competitors, their revenues aren’t up to par, and reading an article they use their scandals as an advertisement. In my opinion, shopping from either brand depends on your taste, Gucci is very innovative and edgy with their designs meanwhile, Louis Vuitton has a timeless touch with a better investment in quality. Furthermore, I think that Gucci’s sneakers and clothing are far more popular on certain platforms than LV’s but Louis’s handbags and suitcase trunks are big winners for them. However, both brands are continuing to stay true to their brand identity while creating amazing pieces, I am looking forward to seeing the reach of both brands as I continue my career in the Fashion Industry.


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