Oliver Twist Essay

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Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is the second novel written by Charles Dickens. It is all about Oliver who was an orphan living the world of crimes in London. The novel was published in Bentley’s Miscellany in a monthly basis. George Cruikshank was the illustrator of the said novel. Criticisms and opinions were gathered y Dickens as introducing the world of crimes. He exposed to the world the life of criminals and prostitutes. With this criticisms and comments, he took the opportunity of presenting a good view of his composition. He did not take the critics in a negative way.

Among the works of Dickens, Oliver twist is the presented in a dramatic form. Oliver twist appears in series of novel in 10 theaters in London. The novel was also made with 25 numbers of versions since it started in 1906. The Famous Roman Polanski was the also made his own version of Oliver Twist. In the Oliver Twist, Oliver was an infant born in a workshop. After the adaptation of Oliver, he the came to an infant farm where he came o develop himself and then get back to the working place. Orphans were put to the workhouse to get their selves a home to get into.

In the workplace, the orphans were experiencing the inhumane and mistreatment. With these mistreatments, the orphans were put into starvation. Oliver was asked to stand before his comrades to talk with their masters about the issue. Troublemaker is also named or recognized after Oliver. He does some job for other person who wishes to take him (Dickens, 2003). Oliver outside the workplace life was uneasy at first. He was so tired and hungry. He didn’t expect that life was also misery. Jack Dawkins is one of the persons who help Oliver by giving him a place to stay.

Even though, he was recently together with thieves, he was still finds people who help him. As he stays with Dawkins, he also works with him. He came to the world of pick pocketers. With his work with Dawkins, he was also accused for some crimes. With the crimes being accused for him, he came to experience the world of criminals and prostitutes. He had himself put into a world where there are many negative insights. The life of Oliver really became a misery when he came with the criminals and do some criminal works.

His life was also nearly put to death when he once put into criminal work when he was shot. With this misery life of Oliver he came to know about his family roots. He came to know who his brother is. He talks with Maylies and Doctor Losberne about his misery life. He had a brother who is a monk and he was claimed to be an inherited to a monk. Oliver was also an inheritor of an estate which his father wrote in will before his father died. And because of this they wanted to have the inheritance of Oliver. In the end, Oliver made a life of good after he had also got the inheritance.

Oliver Twist is of the great novel of Dickens. The novel presented a story of humor and wit. The novel is of poverty mode and of cruelty. Oliver Twist may e given recognition for his thoughts about the world and its great creativity of story. With this Novel of Dickens, he used some world views. He relates the Novel with religion world view. He uses some facts with the monks when tackling about the religion. He discussed that eve though the family of Oliver was of different religions, they were still putting the peace on their heart.

With respect to the political view, the politics in the novel represents some deficiencies of the true form of politics in the whole wide world. It was presented and explained on the novel how the politics is some sort of injustice. The real politics and politics in this novel are neither really similar nor different. In the geographical view, the novel was situated in way that the geographical mode is of the same way with the time of the novel was presented. It was situated in a community where people experienced difficulties with respect to community of criminals ad prostitutes.

The people in the novel were creating a way that the geographic position of the community is essential. Tackling with the social view, the author speaks for the truth about the social community. It is explained in the novel that people need other people to survive in the community. People are born for other people. No man is an island. In order to survive the cruelty of the world, one person should have great communication and social interactions with other people. And last but not the least, about the economic view. One of the great topics in this novel is about the economic view.

It is presented here that in life of poverty and scruelty; people were doing unnecessary things just to make their life into fulfillment. People may do some crimes and other illegal works just to survive in the low economized community. The use of providing great world issues in the Novel is a way to provide creativity with the said religion, political, economical, social and geographical ways. The author, Charles Dickens have very wide thought about the current issues I his time that he came to develop a novel with story that relates to the whole wide world.

I is necessary for him that he even does not have good experiences in writing had no acclaimed awards for his works he still make it expressive for him to provide meaningful Novel. The Novel in particular was really fascinating for the story it provides is viewers or readers, it catches most of the reader’s attention. It does not need o make some more great speculations for the story to make it interesting. It was interesting in many ways. With its thoughts and ideas, it is still interesting. List of Reference Dickens, C. Oliver Twist. New York. Penguin Books; 2003.

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