OJT Monitoring System

The research study aimed to present the advantages of automating the tracking of on-the-job trainees’ records, and the following will be the system’s benefactors: OJT Coordinator. The OJT planner will not have a difficult time verifying/monitoring the hours rendered by the student. He/She will also be devoid of bulk of journal notebooks, month end and terminal reports, and there’s no possible way of losing them. The organizer will likewise have the possibility to communicate with each OJT Manager online.

Recovering of info and files would be more practical. On-the-Job Trainees. Less expenditure because of paper less passing of requirements because all the requirements will be passed online. They can have a precise record of their rendered hours during the training. They will be notified every time the OJT Organizer have something to announce. OJT Manager. He/She can have a chance to interact with the OJT Planner online. Designers. They can enhance all the skills and understanding they learned with their picked course.

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Scope and Delimitation

The research study will have the ability to compute overtime and demerits of the trainee in real-time, it will likewise instantly produces a certificate of conclusion after the trainee has completed the overall training hours, generates a printed variation of the list of students, course, area and consisting of the overall hours of the student. It will also function as a daily time recorder for the student. The daily time entry will also be verified first by the OJT Manager from the company prior to the system pass it to the OJT organizer.

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Checking of journals, month-end report and terminal reports can be done by means of admin panel. Evaluation/rating type to be filled up by the OJT Manager online. Editable entries were only in the part of the trainees like the journal, month end and terminal reports. It will also consist of messaging between OJT manager and OJT organizer and notifications for the students. The system will also supply a portfolio for keeping trainee’s files, like images during the training and files.

The system will not let the OJT coordinator edit the given evaluation form by the OJT supervisor.

  • Characteristic of the Current System
  • The College of Communication and Information

Technology OJT Coordinator verifies the trainee’s official time entries via a traditional daily time record. She also let the trainees pass their journal written in a notebook, and month end/terminal reports were printed in bond papers, that is why bulk of requirements were stack at the office. Loss of some trainee’s files would be possible. Also, the OJT coordinator have to visit the trainees even those who were far just to monitor them or check their performances.

These are the characteristics that the researchers would automate for better monitoring and more accurate records with regards of the daily time entries.

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OJT Monitoring System

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