Job analysis, job description and job specification

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The X restaurant is looking for an intelligent individual who is self motivated to hold a position of restaurant manager. The person should be willing to work in socially challenging environment (Armstrong, 2003). Thus, he or she is expected to be socially intelligent. The person must have high organizational skills, which are required in the daily coordination of different activities in the restaurant. The person should have the ability to work independently under minimal supervision (Mathis & Jackson, 2007). The individual should be able to integrate different information in the field of restaurant management to ensure profitability of the restaurant.

The person should in addition have basic skills in accounting and budgeting (Pynes, 2004). The person should be able to work for long taxing hours and be able to meet tight deadlines in his duties. The person should be highly innovative and creative in decision-making process in this dynamic industry. The person should be ready to be in charge and be responsible for all business decisions that he or she will be making on daily basis.

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The person needs to have a passion to lead and be exemplary in all his or her duties. The person is expected to have strong analytical ability of the prevailing market of restaurant business. The management is looking for a person with business sense who will be able to juggle between administrative tasks and other daily business activities geared toward success of the restaurant. If you are creative in the process of marketing and leadership and meet all the above description then you are the person we are looking for.

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 Job description

Tasks and duties of restaurant manager will include:

1.      Planning of menus which are flavorful and which are liked by most customers. This will be done in conjunction with chefs and cooks. Thus the restraint manager will be expected to monitor trends in the eating habits of most customers to be able to identify the best menus (Armstrong, 2003).The restaurant manager will also be involved provision and purchase of effective supplies through coordination with the chefs. The restaurant manager will be expected to make cost estimates for beverages and food. In addition, the restaurant manager will be expected to be in charge of supervision, controlling, portioning and quantifying all food preparations in order to reduce wastes of supplies. The manager will ensure that preparation of foods and beverages and services to customers are of high quality consistently through continuous monitoring of employees involved (Landy & Conte, 2009).

2.      The manager will be tasked with ensuring that the profits of the bar are maximized, the activities of the bar are in line with the law to reduce legal liability and all activities concerning alcoholic beverages are in line with the regulations. Therefore, the manager should have prior knowledge of all rules and regulations governing the restaurant business. In addition, he or she should be innovative enough and creative to ensure increase in sales and subsequent returns (Brannick & Levine, 2002).

3.      He or she will be expected to liaise with other managers in planning for activities such as the marketing of the restaurant, any advertisement that will need to be undertaken and any other functions that may require cooperation between different personnel management (Bohlander & Snell, 2009). For better planning, the manager is expected to posse’s outstanding analytical skills on the past events of the restaurant and the expected future activities of the restaurant. The manager will have skills of designing to assist in the advertising process.

4.      The restaurant manager will be expected to be involved in the process of hiring new staff involved in food service, ensuring they are trained well on job and schedule them for various tasks (Mathis & Jackson, 2007). Thus, the manager will be involved in designing training courses for new employees and refresher courses for old employees to have well trained staff, which has up to date skills and knowledge of running restaurant business.

5.      He or she will be expected to carry out thorough investigations concerning any complaints by customers related to service and food quality and resolve them amicably.

6.      The person will ensure that food is handled with high standards of sanitary practice, all departments maintain high standards of cleanliness and that all dining areas and the kitchen are well maintained (Armstrong, 2003).

7.      The person will ensure that all workers are compliant with the regulations governing health and safety as they deliver their services (Liebler & McConnell, 2004). To do this he or she will need to be involved in educating the employees of what is expected of them by the law governing restaurant business.

8.      The restaurant manager will be expected to work with the person in charge of finance in monitoring and reviewing expenditures in order to conform to the set budget.

9.      The person will also be involved in the analysis of sales and their planning (Landy & Conte, 2009).

10.  The restaurant manager will be expected to prepare reports on the process of controlling staff, controlling food and the sales of the restaurant (Nilson, 2003).

11.  He or she will be in charge of coordination of all operations of the restaurant when the shifts are scheduled.

12.   The manger will be expected to meet and greet customers and also to be involved in the organization of table reservation for customers (Bohlander & Snell, 2009).

13.  The manager will be expected to offer advisory services to customers concerning the menu and choice of wines.

14.  The manager will be expected to carry out any other tasks and duties that he or she may be tasked by the management.

Job specification

The job specifications for the restaurant manager’s position include:

1.      Be a holder of restaurant management bachelor’s degree, a business bachelor’s degree, or a degree in any related field.

2.      A minimum of two years work experience in the management of a restaurant is required.

3.      The person should have hands on experience in the operation of a restaurant.

4.      The person should have high ability of interviewing, hiring and training of newly recruited staff members (Brannick & Levine, 2002).

5.      The person must be able to work any time of the day and any day of the week including nights, holidays and weekends (Liebler & McConnell, 2004).

6.      The person must be able to communicate fluently verbally in addition to having high writing skills.

7.      The person must have demonstrated organizational skills. To coordinate different departments and write reports, the restaurant manager will require organization skills. There will be also many activities to be performed within limited time and this organizational skill will be essential (Armstrong, 2003).

8.      The person must have demonstrated ability to drive the sales of a restaurant and its profits. The person is expected to build a strong sales team through recruitment and training in addition to their motivation (Weiten, 2008).

9.      The person should have the ability to promote initiatives aimed at increasing the restaurant’s brand loyalty.

10.   The person must be a strong team player who has proven successful record of accomplishment in cultivation of strong working relations. The restaurant business requires teamwork to be successful and therefore the position holder is expected to demonstrate leadership skills in building and cultivating these teams for the successful running of the restaurant (Landy & Conte, 2009).

11.  Computer literacy in Microsoft windows, Ms Excel, Ms Access and Ms Word are a must. This is to provide faster report generation and analysis of business and market trends (Liebler & McConnell, 2004).

12.  The person should be able to drive profit growth of the restaurant and at the same time ensure that the satisfaction of customers is continuously improved (Nilson, 2003). Thus, the position holder should be creative enough to build a positive picture of the restaurant to customers to avoid cases where the restaurant is seen as exploiting their customer in the name of increasing profits. The quality and prices of the foods, beverages and services should be in tandem with their respective prices as guided by the restaurant manager (Brannick & Levine, 2002).

13.  Demonstrated strong leadership skills are required. The person is expected to motivate the employees through his or her leadership skills to increase their output, which will be translated into profits. The ability to cultivate relations with the restaurant’s customers, suppliers and associates is an added advantage. This is expected to build on regular customer base and increase the returns from the restaurant business (Bohlander & Snell, 2009).

14.  The person should have demonstrated skills in controlling of costs and assuring high standards of quality. Cost control is an added advantage for it will enable budget management and subsequent increase in profits (Liebler & McConnell, 2004).

15.  The post holder is expected to be aware of Performance Management. This is expected to be instrumental in his or her running of the restaurant (Weiten, 2008).

16.  The person should have demonstrated knowledge and skills in employees training and disciplinary actions. This will enable him instill discipline among the employees and teach the values of the restaurant. This will also help him or her to motivate the employees (Bohlander & Snell, 2009).

17.   The person should have the ability to learn new skills quickly and be passionate on developing his or her profession through higher education (Pynes, 2004). Thus, the person is expected to be ambitious.


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Updated: Apr 13, 2021
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