La Estancia Resort Automated Billing and Reservation System

Lolini Balitaan started her business in the year 1998, located at Bayanan II, Calapan City the La Estancia Resort. She built this business because it is her dream to have a resort and to share this paradise resort to other to get another income. But since she was working in other country her resort was being manage by her sister Azalea Jimenez from the start since this resort was opened for customers. Their resort becomes popular especially during summer. As time goes by their business grow, every year they are improving their cottages and pools, they also offer reservation in cottages and selling drinks.

Now the resort is successful but yet they’re using a manual paying and reservation process. Introduction

Today, we are in the generation of high technology wherever you go, you will find technology rearing its face. These advances have brought both good and evil to the professional especially in business.

In resort, technology is very important especially in gathering data and computing the services that customers going to pay.

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 Manual operation consumes a lot of time and resort needs to records information about their customers for their entrance. The receptionist will exert a lot of effort in writing information about customer. It is hard to records information when the customers is in a hurry due to their excitement though they are responsible in giving information to resort, also in searching the name of customer, it is easy to search manually on book the name of customer already enter in resort.

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The automated system will lessen the work load, because of the database that will store all data about customers and the computation of the services they consumed.

La Estancia Resort on Bayanan II, Calapan City is currently using the manual log book system. So the proponents provided a study for it to be converted into automated. Automated Billing and Reservation System for La Estancia Resort system will take the customer’s information and give the total computations. The system will provide an easy way of inputting information, searching and convenience in computing.

At the end of the study, by the aid of user-friendly system operation of the log book will be improved. Fast assistance of customers will be provided.

Statement of the Problem

The current manual operation of the La Estancia Resort experience many problems. First, the resort has a scattered list of customers log, second is the time spending in recording information about customers; they consume too much writing records and information in a book. Third is the calculating of total payment for the rents in cottages and the entrance fee especially when there is a reservations they computing it in by listing the amounts and calculating it through calculator.

Significance of the Study

This study is designed to help customer, especially the owner/manager who is the one responsible for the managing system. It is expected that this program will be efficient and effective in recording customer information. It will be also beneficial to the following: Manager. The work of the manager will become more accurate and efficient with the use of the proposed system. Receptionist. The system will help them save and convenience in the recording the entry and exit of the customer especially in computing their entrance fee and rented cottages.

Customer. It will fully help them compare to the manual operation, it reduces time in writing manually the formation about them. Developers. They will benefit on this study in the sense that they can get more knowledge and further understanding in designing and developing systems. Future Researchers. This study will help as a reference to the next developers. The hardships on gathering data will be lessen. They can also easily know what further improvement they can make in this study.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective

The main objective of this study is to develop a well-organized Billing and Reservation System for the staff of La Estancia Resort. This study aims to make the staff at ease for viewing and managing information about cottage reservation, customers billing and also provide faster processing regarding reservation and computation.

Specific Objectives

  • Spend less time in recording of customer’s entrance information
  • Save time for searching customers information
  • Provide an easier, faster and secure records of all the customers
  • Calculate the total amount of customer’s rent in cottages
  • Serve customers better.

Functionality of the System

The function of the system is to have a database to store all information about the customers like their names, rents, for reservations and date where they entered in the resort. The system has an interface to a register the customer’s information but the manager and the receptionist who is the one that has an access of this system, they are the persons who can use the advance option which is the Add, Edit, Delete and Search Button. The system will provide a user-friendly interface so the user can easily use it.

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La Estancia Resort Automated Billing and Reservation System

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