Office Memorandum Analysis

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About this essay
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This memo is being written to not only equip the reader with an appropriate knowledge of office romance but is also meant to provide an insight into how scenarios leading to office romance can be avoided. It is essential to comprehend that a significant degree of socialization takes place in the work place. In certain cases, a professional affiliation can lead colleagues to establish relationships that can serve to cause damage to the work environment of the office.

It is therefore recommended that all professional affiliations that are established in the office are maintained at a strictly professional level.

Office romances tend to cause distractions which lead to deteriorations in employee performance that the modern day economy can do well without. Even though situations may arise where professional associations may develop into informal acquaintances, it is imperative that they are kept in continuous check so that they do not evolve out of hand and into a relationship.

In this regard, it is recommended that an avoidance approach is adopted so that no such situation arises where an office romance takes root.

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As a part of this avoidance technique, it is essential for all employees to remember their responsibilities in the office and the degree of importance they hold to the company through their position (Voo, 2007). When assigned to a task where team work is required with a co-worker who the subject employee may be attracted to, it is critical to ensure that behavior is kept in check.

This is because of the fundamental fact that the office is meant to be a place where trade can take place and it should be considered to be nothing more but the same.

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