Effective Communication in The Front Office

The front office plays a key role in promoting other hotel services as they are a main and considerable point of communication with the guests. Guests must go through the front office for check-in and check-out; this is the greatest opportunity for front office staff to engage the guests and inform them of other services the hotel offers; for instance, food and beverage, spa services, guest shop, room upgrades, and more.

For a brainstorming session for an effective point-of-sale front office I would include the front line employees that interact with the guests on a daily basis, department heads from across the hotel, definitely including marketing and sales, human resources, and food and beverage, as well as hotel management.

Some ideas to discuss to improve the point of sale office could be making realistic goals for the front office staff; implementing a motivational incentive plan, and identifying and specifying products and services that can be upsold or offered.

Management cannot know what goals are attainable until they know the capabilities of their staff; by starting with small, seemingly realistic goals, and increasing them based on the performance of the staff they have a better chance of being effective from the beginning.

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Motivating employees using incentives gives them additional reasons to want to go above and beyond; and knowing exactly what they are selling allows them to be efficient, direct, accurate, and informative in the short period of time they may have with the guests.

Front office sales can truly increase the bottom line by informing guests of other hotel services and placing the idea in the forefront of the guest’s awareness.

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Guests will then be more likely to take advantage of services they may have otherwise over-looked or dismissed during their stay and in the future.

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Effective Communication in The Front Office

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