Observation and Reflection Essay

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Observation and Reflection


My partner, Jude, and I were partners and we decided to observe the volleyball game at the gym. While watching the game, there was a group of PNUan girls that caught my attention. So I decided to let them be the subject of my observation. That group of girls was really wild and loud as opposed to the rest of the audience watching the game. They shouted and cheered for the PNU team. Whenever the team scores, they stood up and cheered at full volume. They even had this jingle that goes like this “ P-N-U FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! ” and sometimes mentioned a name of one of the players. But, I noticed that when the game started to reach its climax, those girls booed the opposing team every time they scored .


Maybe those girls are just really fond of watching volleyball games. Maybe they just want to show their support and encouragement to the PNU players that is why they were acting somewhat wild and loud. Actually, they are such good adherents of our Men’s Volleyball team because they were really at the top of their voices in cheering for the team. They also showed effort and commitment in supporting the team. But I find it ill-mannered when they started booing the other team. For me, it is good to support our players but supporting them does not include being rude to the others. They did not only humiliate their selves, but they have given shame to our school.

In that simple action, they just showed that we PNUans are no better. But that is just my point of view. I learned from this experience, that simple actions can really affect your character. That even if you do a whole lot effort in doing something, if you stepped on someone’s dignity while on the way, it will never matter. We should always consider those people around us while performing our actions . We should practice thinking twice before we decide and do something. At the end of the day, what matters is on how we treat and associate with the people around us.

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