Nutritional Assessment Essay

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Nutritional Assessment

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Kristine Davis June 9, 2013 NameDate JW is an 86 year old man who lives at home with his wife of 31 years. He is in fair-good health. He has a history of prostate cancer, angina, and coronary artery disease. He has had 5 stents put in his heart over the last 10 year. He recovered well from the surgeries. He has always been athletic and fit. He played racquet ball and soft ball until he was 68 years old. He had his first Angina attack at 68. He had radiation seen implants in 2010, which successfully eliminated the prostate cancer.

His vital signs are as follows: 130/82 blood pressure, 72 pulse, 20 respirations, 98. 4 oral temperature, and 96% oxygen saturation. JW weighs 178 pounds and is 5 feet 11 inch in height. His BMI (Body Mass Index) is 24. 7. JW is alert and oriented. He seems very sharp for his age. He lives with his wife and 2 dogs. He attends to his daily living needs without assistance. He has a routine of preparing his medications and meals daily. His current medications consist of a multivitamin, Omega Fatty Acids, Asprin, Nitroglycerin, Coumadin, and stool softner.

JW’s nutritional assessment is as follows: he maintains a regular diet, eating 3 meals a day. JW wears partial dentures, but does not require any assistance with feeding himself. He has a balanced diet with all essential food groups. He said that he drinks 8 glasses of water daily as instructed by his physician. He also enjoys a glass of wine every night. He has had a 3-5 pound weight loss in the last 3 months. He said he changed his diet regime to frozen dinners because his wife had surgery 3 months ago.

She was unable to make his meals on a regular basis until recently. JW is ambulatory and self-sufficient. He said his wife keeps him active and on his toes. He enjoys going to dinner once per week. He admits that he is happy that his wife is recovered from her surgery and back to cooking for him. He tries to stay active and assist her with house work and folding laundry. JW lost his dog of 14 years, two months ago. She had to be put to sleep due to cancer. He said the loss of his dog had a significant impact on his emotional state, and his daily routine.

He said he would walk with his dog, “Lucy”, every morning and night if the weather permitted. After several weeks of grieving, his wife surprised him with a new puppy. JW feels that this puppy has brought back a sense of the companionship and joy that he lost when he lost his dog. He is back to his daily walking with the puppy. JW seems well adjusted to the new puppy. There are no psychological concerns noted. His cognitive functioning seems up to par. He spends several hours a day reading and working on crossword puzzles in order to maintain his cognitive functioning.

JW’s skin is dry and warm. His mucous membranes are moist and pink. There are no visible lesions or pain noted. He does not report any difficulty chewing or swallowing. He said he moves his bowels 1-2 times daily without discomfort. JW’s MNA (Mini Nutritional Assessment) reveals that he is at risk for malnutrition. His score was 11. He was informed of the importance of consuming adequate portions of the foods from the basic food groups including fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and proteins. He knows that he must avoid the unhealthy fats and cholesterol in his diet.

However, he was encouraged to eat a heart healthy diet including more vegetables and fruits. JW will continue to drink the 8 glasses of water per day and take daily walks for exercise. He was encouraged ask his physician if the evening glass of wine was permitted, especially considering his medication regime. JW’s goal is to be at adequate weight and BMI for his size, as well as maintain good nutritional status. He continues to be monitored by his primary physician, Cardiologist, Oncologist, and a nutritionist quarterly. He maintains yearly dental exams.

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