New Employee Orientation Programs

In recent years employee orientation programs have taken on a position of importance in most successful organizations. All of the information in this process will facilitate the orientation of new employees. Most employers provide orientation programs for new hires and training programs for both current and new employees. These programs have different purposes. Orientation programs typically deal with the assimilation of employees into new working environments while training programs generally concern "hands on" job or functional skills development The orientation for new employees will provide the appropriate information regarding their job andThe topics addressed include should include: program evaluation, testing, certificates of completion, training records, equal opportunity for training, hours worked, harassment and discrimination training, safety training, repayment of training expenses.

All new employees should complete a new employment orientation program that is designed to assist them in adjusting to their jobs and work environment and to instill a positive work attitude and motivation at the onset.

A thoughtful new employee orientation program can reduce turnover and save an organization thousands of dollars.

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One reason people change jobs is because they never feel welcome or part of the organization they join. The most important principle to convey during an orientation is your commitment to continuous improvement and continual learning. That way, new employees become comfortable with asking questions to obtain the information they need to learn, problem solve and make decisions.

Preparing a checklist of subjects, which should be reviewed with each new employee, is imperative, as well as setting aside the appropriate amount of time for this to be done(Legge 2005).

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Time should be devoted to this new employee without interruptions to convey to the new person that they are the most important item on the agenda at the moment.

A New Employee Orientation Checklist is crucial to expedite the orientation process a make it as more productive one and the check list should include: Personnel file contents, verification of any licenses or certifications required on this person's job, Complete necessary paperwork, INS Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, Employment agreement if you use them, Receipt for their copy of your employee handbook, W-4 Form for payroll withholding. Personal data sheet so you will have the information necessary on emergency contacts, home address and telephone number, social security number.

Explaining the company's practice, policies and procedures to the new employees is important since it will clarify what benefits is the employee entitle to, as well as what will be expected from the employee such as: hours of work and attendance/tardiness policy, payroll periods, when paychecks are delivered and when first check will arrive, rates of pay, overtime rules, training or introductory employment period, employee benefits for which they are or may become eligible: medical insurance, sick leave, vacation, personal leave, jury duty, holidays, pension programs, savings programs and/or stock plans, life, disability and accident insurance, employee activities, other benefits you offer and how much the employer will pay for each. advancement or promotion opportunities and procedures and employee suggestion plan.

During orientation new employees should have the opportunity to know the corporate culture, and understanding of "how we do things around here." (Legge 2005)This is the best time for to create the attitude expected from workers to have in performing their jobs, setting the tone for the remainder of their employment with the company, making it positive to stress the things which are truly important the organization, and, giving the employee opportunity to ask questions along the way.

A well-thought-out orientation process takes energy, time and commitment; however it usually pays off for the individual employee, the department, and the organization. An effective orientation program - or the lack of one - will make a significant difference in how quickly a new employee becomes productive and has other long-term impacts for your organization. The end of the first day, the end of the first week, the end of each day in your employment, is just as important as the beginning. Help your employees feel that you want them to come back the next day, and the next, and the next.


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Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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