Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy as Theoretical Orientation

From all the different types of Theoretical Orientation that emerged and evolved from the time of existence until this contemporary world, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy interests me more than the others. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is one of the types of Theoretical Orientation from the field of Psychotherapy.

            According to Thomas Richards, Director of the Social Anxiety Institute, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy can be use to cure the Social Anxiety Disorder. According to research, Cognitive Therapy is demonstrated to modify human’s pattern of thought. Cognition is used to ratify one’s thinking.

This therapy is applied to anxiety and depression disorder. On the other hand, Behavioral Therapy focused its attention on human’s behavior. It is more on the feelings and thoughts of human perspective and ideology.

            Because Cognitive Therapy is on human thought while Behavioral Therapy is on human activities whether intentional or unintentional, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy focused its attention on both individual thought and behavior that is connected to sociology.

This is the reason why I like this kind of theoretical orientation.

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It opens the door to heal the anxiety and depression disorder of many people in this world. It means that it is applicable not only for few people but for everyone. It also shows that Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is the basic theoretical orientation that we need because it overcomes the feeling that we have whether in personal or sociological interaction.

            The topic about personality that intuitively important to me that my selected theory does not cover is the theoretical orientation of existentialism that tackles the mortality and existence of people that we need to personify ourselves to reality.

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It is important to justify our way of living and realistic point of view. Existentialism is important to the topic about personality because it covers the historical perspective of human mind and behavior that needs to descend in different kinds of disorders.


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Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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