Negative Impact of Technology on Society

In today’s society, technology advancements are very prominent and used for things such as health research breakthroughs, special needs education, improving rural and urban construction, and so much more. Although there are many positives to a constant upgrade in technology, there are also many downsides. My goal in this paper is to provide information in support of how technology has negatively impacted society in numerous ways, using statistics and responses from my conducted survey, and information found during research. With constant upgrades in technology, communication is easier than ever, and at the touch of your fingertips.

Young people today stay in touch with friends, family, etc. through social media outlets, texting, calls, and apps designed for communication such as Snapchat.

Although these seem convenient, it has made it easier for children to be able to say and do things without having to take responsibility for their actions. Some apps even allow people to anonymously give their opinions and harass others.

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Although there are many forms of cyberbullying (such as negative/false statements, posting pictures without permission, etc.), one thing is true… it is taking a toll on the quality of life in many young children and some are taking their own lives because of it. According to the data in my survey, many people agreed that social media has a very negative effect on society as a whole. Participants of the survey responded to the short answer question on social media by expressing concern for topics such as self-image, comparing oneself to others, hateful commentary directed towards a certain person/s, drama, losing oneself, and competition.

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Although the majority of surveyors dislike the effect technology has, it is not likely that many will cut back or stop the use of it at all. Bullying is now an issue that is now coming to surface due to technology. This is an issue that many young people, and people of all ages have been forced to live through. Technology just adds gas to the fire. This has put children who are not usually confrontational on the front line, making it easy for them to hide behind a computer screen and say what they think rather than having to physically overpower their victim. It is important to teach young people today the effects of bullying and how technology, much like anything, needs to be used for good not evil.

Children who are bullied can experience negative mental health, school, and home issues. As a child already struggling to find his/her way in life, it is crucial that the privilege of technology is not abused because these issues are more than likely going to follow them through the rest of their life; making forming new bonds and relationships hard. People suffer from long term depression, anxiety, loneliness, decreased academic achievement, and even serious health complaints. Kids who bully are prone to engage in violence and risky behaviors in adulthood including being sexually active at an early start, and acting abusive towards their significant other or to children. Bystanders also have a higher risk of mental health problems along with the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. With this being said, bullying in general has an effect on everybody whether you are the victim, offender, or just a bystander.

By properly teaching our children how to respect others, social media, and technology as a whole, this problem may not be able to be avoided completely, but decreased juristically. Another abused aspect of technology is violent video games. There are new apps and games coming out every day with upgrades that allow an even more surreal experience of things such as war, robberies, gun violence and more. Aside from the violence, many gamers connect through microphones consisting of foul language, inappropriate commentary, and even bullying through competitiveness. Some game releases result in children and young adults camping outside of gaming stores to ensure that they will be one of the first to purchase and play the game. Aside from the unhealthy addiction, these games also show kids things they may not be prepared for.

By allowing them to see and participate in these activities, it could possibly be showing them that engaging in this sort of activity is okay. Social media is thought to make communication easier, but is it really doing that, or limiting our social interaction? My data shows that there are extensive hours of technology use through computer, tablet and phone usage. By staying on these devices, it limits the time that you are able to spend physically interacting with people and being able to form meaningful bonds. In relationships and families, many have to agree to have a designated time such as dinner, to stay off of their phones so they’re able to engage in actual conversation. Some even feel that they are being ignored or disrespected when the people they are with stay on their phones or are more worried about social media. The intimacy of dating has been lost. The days of handwritten letters and opening car doors have turned into Instagram posts and Facebook likes. Infidelity is at an all time high. When relationships are unable to work or hit a bump in the road, it is easier than ever for people to just message the next person.

After providing information on how technology has negatively impacted society in many ways, it is clear that young people are growing up in an era where it is much easier to access and be abused. From bullying, to communication issues in future relationships, it is shown that these issues can begin at an early age and continue to worsen or follow you through the rest of your life. At this point, there is no turning back. The chances of no technology use for children are slim to none considering it also has many positives for educational, social, and improvement in their technical skills, which they can one day take into the work place. We as a society need to focus on things such as technological moderation and using social media as an inspirational and motivational outlet.

Updated: Sep 17, 2021
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