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Natural child birth VS. Medicated child birth Essay

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Abstract: Natural childbirth and medicated birth are the two options practiced all around the world by the gynecologists, these days. However there are some issues related to both the birth process. In this paper we will discuss the pros and cons of both the natural child birth and the medicated child birth. Introduction Natural childbirth: it is a natural process with minimum medical intervention, specifically the use of pain relives medications and surgical interventions (Vernon, D (2005)

Medicated child birth: in this type of birth, doctor make use of pain killers and other instruments like episiotomies, forceps and ventouse deliveries and caesarean sections during the delivery process.

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Every woman during her delivery undergoes pain which is a normal physiological reaction. In a normal birth, pain makes the women to react against the pain by tensing and fighting it. Majority of women around the world prefers natural child births however in some cases the mother prefers to be medicated thus reliving pain.

Birth pain is sudden and intense. However, with every contraction the pain gradually fades away resulting in birth of a child. (Sakala, C. , M. Corry, and H. Goer. (2004) So for a mother there are both the options available either to select natural birth or a medicated child birth. Natural child birth is a natural process and there is now side effect except the mother undergoes sever pain. However in case of medicated child birth is artificial process therefore it does have some side effects despite it’s practiced very frequently all around the world

Here are some of the pros and cons of both natural and the medicated child birth: Benefits of Natural Childbirth Natural child birth is completely without any medication. Remember that medicine is a medicine and, and even the most secure medicines also have some side effects Mothers that go through natural child birth is able to move freely throughout labor and after as the new researches reveals that medicated birth makes it difficult to move during and after the birth. ( Anderson, G. , et al. (2000)

In natural childbirth women feel their body’s reflex, there how they can respond better by pushing faster, as the medication does affect the reflexes thus prolonging the pushing time. (World Health Organization Department of Reproductive Health and Research. (1999) Unmediated birth is natural process and the pain during the birth is also natural that guides the mother to seek specific positions that might help the child to move easily to get into right position of delivery. In majority of cases Mothers has fast recovery after a natural childbirth since they can move freely and easily.

Generally they eat immediately and their appetite is normal. In natural child birth Endorphins is secreted within placenta and umbilical cord of the mother. That secretion helps the baby to deliver easily and get adjusted to new environment comfortably. (Lieberman, E. and C. O’Donoghue (2002) Naturally delivered babies are better responsive and show more interest in pre-breastfeeding behaviors such as sucking and massaging the mother’s breasts, as well as the proper length of time they spend nursing during the first one and a half hour.

Natural birth also increases the possibility of a healthier and fast recovery because of better hormonal balance. (Righard, L. and M. Alade. (1990). This is because a woman who has given birth with minimal intercession does not need to recover from major abdominal surgery, instrumental delivery, and cut of the perineum, any damage from IV lines, or severe stomach pain, headache backache caused by the use of medication. Natural childbirth increases the natural delivery physiology and laboring progress of healthy, well- feed women and increases interventions in the normal course of natural childbirth.

Benefits of Medicated Birth Medicated Birth has a lot of benefits and is been adapted by the mothers all over the world. Some of the benefits are as follows: Women that experience a very long labor pain can benefit from using pain medication to get some relief prior to pushing stage. (Simkin, P. (1992) if the woman is finding the pain unbearable, it will definitely affect the delivery process, pain medication would definitely act as an aiding factor so that her body might not fight against the labor.

(E. Jones, Pregnancy, Contraception, and Family Planning Services in Industrialized Countries (1989) similarly if the woman is experiencing some sort of fear, medication would help her by reliving her from severe pain and anxiety. However on the other hand it does have side effects depending upon person to person. Sometimes it is found that Medication has caused the baby sleepy as the anesthesia can penetrate through the placenta. (Ransjo-Arvidson A. B. , Matthiesen. (2001)

Moreover pain guides the mother to adjust her position through which the child can adjust within if the child is posterior. However in case of medication the mother can not feel the pain to adjust herself thus may case certain complications in some cases. (Uvnas-Moberg, K. (1998) Conclusion Mothers have the ability to give birth naturally. Despite the women faces the pain but the pain goes away gradually. It is a fast process and has no side effects. The baby is normal and responsive.

Pain medication is a great resource in very difficult and prolonged labors when the mother loses her patience to deliver the baby. In such cases epidural is very much effective. Anaesthetics may increase the likelihood of complications ( Knapp, L. (1996) We can find variety of pain killers out there in the market. If the right medicine is used I can help the delivery. Most pain killers do not take pain completely away. It makes pain bearable for the mother thus can concentrate on the birth. However in medicated birth mother always need continuous assistance all through the process.

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