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My Senior Year and My Decisions

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (473 words)
Categories: Choices In Life, Choices We Make, Decisions, Education, Friends, High school, Interpersonal relationship, Psychology, Relationship, School
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I like my secondary school and senior year due to the fact that this is the duration I rediscovered myself. Though laced with a great deal of dispute in between me and the teachers and moms and dads I ultimately came to appreciate their efforts to design me to be the accountable citizen I have actually come up to be. In my senior class I pertained to like my good friends that we utilized to play basketball with.

The most amazing aspect of the game was not only the winning but also the appeal of the opposite sex that came along with the game. It was a crucial and exciting time that I needed to blend my work with sports, good friends and scholastic.

I had to be sober enough not to wallow in miasma of bad relationships with both girls and boys. We (basketball gamers) were basically the heroes in the school. Our classmates coveted us and hence we were their function models.

In addition, those people who manifested scholastic excellence were provided appreciation in all spheres- both scholastic and in sports. The senior year was similarly challenging and at the very same time very interesting. My moms and dads wanted me to build my career in medication while I wished to be a lawyer. They of course offered their recommendations however it was never an end by itself. The most amazing thing here was the truth that they treated me as an adult.

They did not command me (the way they used to) to take whatever they said but I had the freedom to take whatever I strongly felt was appropriate for my future. At last I was given the mandate to shape my entire future; this gave me a nervous sense of responsibility. Teachers too gave us work and let us plan for ourselves without making unnecessary follow up. They ensured that our responsibility aspect of life was built to a level that we could hand our assignments in time without failure and at the same time mingle with friends. Having been given freedom by parents and teachers I was free to choose what was right and wrong.

Some friends who smoked and drunk tried to influence me. Of course I had a puff once and found out that the whole thing brings about discomfort and even wondered why people enjoyed it. I decided to keep off from any of my friends that used drugs-though it was a painstaking decision. The most exciting thing that came up from this decision was that I was awarded the award of the most disciplined student in the senior class. This had a great impact in my future life since I recognized that indeed today’s decisions are tomorrow’s reality. These momentous experiences make my senior class year one of the most likable academic year.

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