My Role as a Military Officer Essay

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My Role as a Military Officer

Ever since the 9/11 attacks in the US, Americans have found a new sense of nationalism. This tragic event have invoked the sentiments of the people and intensified their love for democracy and freedom and their aversion for terrorism. As a result, thousands of able-bodies of men and women joined the US Armed Forces in order to retaliate from the terrorists who deliberately killed thousands of innocent lives in a nation that advocates independence and social equality.

Also, these brave soldiers have willingly sacrificed their lives to protect and guard their beloved country. Like those many courageous soldiers, I have opted to join their ranks and be of service to the United States of America. Enlisting in the Armed Forces was not a part of my plans. I wanted to pursue my college education so that I can set a better future for myself. But due to the turn of eventd in 2001, I was motivated to do something in return to avenge the honor of my country. The 9/11 attacks really made an impact on my perception about the world.

It had opened my eyes to the capabilities of people to propagate evil in the world for personal gains. All the while, I thought that people have grown out of greed and discrimination but I guess I was wrong and naive. Despite the tragedy and the demonstration of immorality and violence, Americans still proved that they can rise above this appalling situation. They did not sulk about their losses but they did something about it so that it would never happen again. More so, they tried to resolve the problem in order to directly confront the root cause.

As a US citizen, I decided to enter the military so that I can be a part of the US effort to restore peace throughout the globe. In line with this, I have aspired to become a military officer. I believe that this position is crucial in safeguarding the country and its citizens. In addition, being a military officer entails many responsibilities and tasks which can help me to develop further my skills and knowledge. Ever since I was a kid, I have always taken the initiative to be in charge whether in school activities or simple domestic activities.

Because of this, I have developed the competence in fulfilling the duties of a military officer such as guiding, designating, organizing and supporting team members or subordinates which will aid in the achievement of an objective and eventually its success. By using these experiences as a training tool, I know I can become a great and effective military officer. My desire and dedication to be of service to my country and my countrymen are my inspiration to do the best that I can do to carrying out this challenging position.

In order to become a good military officer, one is expected to possess an impeccable judgment and outstanding valor. The public perceived military officers as leaders, organizers, strategists and managers who are all directed in protecting and upholding the sovereign power of the United States of America. Furthermore, they are expected to train and guide their subordinates so that they can properly execute their respective tasks in military operations and battles. The military officers are the ones who give instructions and think of ways on how to execute the plans without casualties.

Meanwhile, as people, officers are expected to be disciplined and always have a presence of mind because they represent the valiant image of the Armed Forces and as well as the authority of the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States of America. Moreover, if I will be given the chance to do the duties of a military officer, I will be ensuring the safety of my comrades, protecting the interests of my country and promoting peace and order across the globe.

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