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My Relationship with Mother

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Essay, Pages 2 (413 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (413 words)

Gentlemen/Fellow Classmates, I’d like you all to start thinking of someone who loves you to the point who accepts your annoyance. Please feel satisfied if that person is still beside you. I feel lucky because I have my mother besides mother, who shows an understanding of my repeated annoyance and I am going to introduce the top five things that are done to annoy my mom.

First off, I often fail at my chores. A lot of times, I always forget to do simple chores, like hanging up my backpack or my coat.

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I also complain it’s hard when I get a chore and I ‘forget’ every time when I’m asked to do something, like taking out the trash or walking my dog. My mum is often annoyed and furious about my laziness but she is often able to make me move at last.

Second of all, it is annoying for my mum when I try some sabotage.

It is quite frequent for me to infuriate my mother by setting her alarm clock to 6 o’clock in the morning on weekends. It is the most annoying when I make her drive me to school and say I forgot something when we almost arrive. Nevertheless, she is willing to calm herself down finally.

Thirdly, my mother is annoyed the most when I embarrass her in public. Last time, she was irritated when I suddenly jerked back and asked if she had been eating garlic loudly in a shopping mall.

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Also, I am quite perennial in making fun of her when I put a spider to freak her out in the public. She is exasperated when I do so.

Besides, my mother doesn’t like me to be loud. She will surely be provoked when I turn up my music loud and when I suddenly burst out a song, singing really badly at the top of my lungs. She will also be maddened when I chew with my mouth open and slurp when I drink.

Last but not least, being weird also annoys her. She will feel incensed when I suddenly acted weirdly such as talking to imaginary friends. My mother vexed when I moved around all furniture, stacking them in weird places last time. In conclusion, though I often annoy my mother, she still loves me the most. She never complains and accepts my chagrin selflessly. I hope everyone has somebody in their life as superb as my mother. Thanks to my mother and everyone.

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